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Learning to trust my antilocking brakes

Learning to trust my antilocking brakes

How do you drive in the snow and ice? What is the standard come back? Very carefully.

I learned to drive on country roads in Kansas. My dad shortened a snow shovel handle for me to fit my petite height in case I didn’t quite manage to keep my Gremlin (with Levi Strauss blue jean interior) between the ditches. I only had to use the shovel a few times! More than once, my mom and I parked at the bottom of our 10-acre plot on the main dirt road and walked because said Gremlin might not make it up the side dirt road to our long dirt driveway in the Kansas snow and ice. None of this was a burden to me. Just prudent and self-sufficient.

Back in the day, we were taught to drive in snow and ice by pumping our brakes and turning into the direction of the skid to stop more quickly and safely.

Fast forward 40 years, the brake technology is different but the instincts and old patterns are hard to break. Modern brakes are antilocking on snow and ice. If you pump them, you actually are negating the whole “antilock” aspect of the brake. The way the new brakes work is that you put firm steady pressure on them and let them do their thing. Presumably, that is the safest way to navigate snow and ice.

I had occasion to use the antilocking system two or three times in the last week. Every time the brakes worked as advertised but it was really hard in the 15 seconds or so that we were still sliding to feel like I was at the mercy of the procedure that has changed since I first learned how to drive. In all three instances, the car stayed in its lane and stopped appropriately. For my own piece of mind, I was quite glad that the roads were not overly busy and I was not in danger of running into anyone else.

The mirror for being willing to change my ways when I have new technology and procedures that I can use was not lost on me. Am I as equally willing to give up ideas, beliefs and cultural mores that I was taught as a teenager forty years later when they no longer serve me or there are more evolved methods that I can rely upon? My answer is “for the most part.” Although I do not trust 100% of the time the information and guidance I receive from my Higher Self / Soul, I am making progress. I am still in the “trust but verify” position with more reliance on “trust” with every day that passes. Once I feel like I am aligned and connected to my guidance, I am willing to take the leaps of faith and step into that wisdom more and more.

Just like the antilock brakes, I try trusting the guidance with small items and when I am feeling safe. This allows me to gradually rely on the guidance for bigger or seemingly more important situations.

Ask your Soul, what techniques and beliefs do you need to upgrade to 2022 version vs. the blue jean 1980’s version? What small steps can you take to be more willing to trust your inner wisdom? This will help you weather any storm.

May you know and trust who you truly are. Namaste.

Gratitude to Theresa McGee from for the cute image.

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