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Loaves and Fishes: A Modern Parable

Loaves and Fishes: A Modern Parable

Many are familiar with the miracle of the loaves and fishes that Master Jesus performed when a large group gathered to hear him speak.  There were five loaves of bread and 2 fish but thousands to feed.  The disciples were concerned, but Jesus invited them to trust and believe so that every time they handed out more, there was more available to distribute until everyone was fed.  This is such an old story that it may seem like something close to myth that is hard to hold onto.  How do we, as creators in our mastery, create such miracles in our everyday lives?

We are living in a challenging time right now, with fears of safety high and basic supplies low.  I was at the grocery store when the concern over coronavirus was just hitting, and the shelves of toilet paper were already low in stock.  I order my toilet paper in bulk, and it was a bit sooner than I would normally replenish.  I wanted to buy more to stock up because I could see that it was flying off the shelves.  My perception at the time was that I would go through my remaining stash very quickly.  Surely, I didn’t have enough!  I reasoned with myself that I would probably be ordering more in the next couple of weeks anyway, so why not plan ahead and buy more now?  But I heard from my Soul not to buy what I didn’t need and to trust. If I bought more now, I would be coming from fear.  So, I left without extra toilet paper.  I was really putting myself to the test!

As my supplies got lower, I began to wonder what I would do if I ran out.  It seemed I didn’t have enough after all, and the grocery shelves remained completely empty of this item.  Yet, what I discovered is that when I was mindful and remained in trust, a single roll lasted me far longer than I had ever imagined.  Suddenly, what had seemed to be dwindling supplies was actually an abundance of this essential commodity!

I continued checking in about what supplies to buy at the grocery store and did not stock up any more than I was guided each trip.  Food and other household supplies continued to last me quite well so that I never felt like I had to buy anything in great bulk or in a rush of panic.  In other words, my shopping cart looked much like it normally did every week.  When I truly needed something, it would be available.

I share this story with humor because of the importance that’s been placed on something so mundane as toilet paper.  It has become a symbol of the normalcy and security many are craving.  But I also share this story in genuine seriousness and humility.  It doesn’t matter whether this was literally a manifestation of extra toilet paper rolls in my bathroom cabinet or whether it was simply a shift in my perception that allowed me to experience such calm because the key is always the experience we’re creating, not the actual situation or event itself.  I was thankfully able to maintain my trust, and so I was able to create the experience of deep peace and healing during a time of great uncertainty.

We are faced with this choice in every moment of our lives: “What am I creating right now?  What is my state of being right now?”  We don’t need to wait for a crisis or a challenging time to touch in with ourselves.  Small moments create big ones.  If I focus on remaining in absolute trust and abundance every time I use up more of my precious toilet paper, not knowing when I will be able to replenish, then I am that much closer to remaining in absolute trust in all of the other, seemingly bigger moments.  We each have the capacity within us to create our own personal miracle of the loaves and fishes (or toilet paper!)  Let this be your experience in each and every moment.


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  1. Marsha G Hankins

    Great post. Trust and ye shall receive.

    • Ginger

      Truly a daily practice with new opportunities to be in trust each day.


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