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Next Step

If the path in front of us is not clear, we each need to ask our inner wisdom for just the next step. We may not know what step number ten is on our path. The view might be hazy or obscured. Because the highest plan for each of us is part of the unity of the highest plan for all humans, we really cannot know what step number 10 on the path is anyway. The highest plan for us changes with the influx of energy and decisions that those around us also take. The highest plan for us changes with the decision to take the next step now or whether we wait until next week to take it.

Work with the energy of divine discernment to help determine the next step for you and when to take it. Trust your inner wisdom. Find the strength to be who you truly are in every moment. Find the determination to take your next step with the wisdom and grace that is your quintessence.

Much gratitude to Free-Photos for the image.

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