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On a Jet Plane

On a Jet Plane

Back in 2002, when I first started having I AM SOURCE™ private sessions with Kris Duffy, the first major issue I remember working to clear was my claustrophobia. Kris and I checked with guidance regarding all the reasons and causes that I might be claustrophobic in this lifetime. All of the reasons and causes were based on other life traumas. We identified them, started the clearing process and tracked whether the issues cleared. Kris mentioned (as is taught currently in the Standing in the Light® classes today) that this was a layer of the onion and the same issue would probably come up again.

Fast forward to this morning, 19 years later, I awoke from a dream where I was just starting to be in a panic from claustrophobia from being on a commercial airplane. Based on my desire to travel and not yet being able to bilocate, it seems like this would be a good sign that I still need to clear the issues around being claustrophobic! (Actually, it would be a good sign that I still need to clear issues around being claustrophobic regardless of a desire to travel, but this is an incentive not to put it off.)

Instead of bemoaning the fact that I have been working on this issue for 19 years consciously and probably in other lifetimes unconsciously, I am aware that clearing the issue is the goal not chalking up on some score sheet whether I managed to clear the issue wholly and completely the first time it came up for me, the first time it was mirrored back to me.

I started my clearing process, asking for all false beliefs, discordant emotions and old patterns of behavior to be cleared. I asked that any vows, contracts, etc., that I had to keep my claustrophobia in place be eliminated. Then, I asked for the freedom energy, the spaciousness energy, the security energy and the trust energy to be felt in every cell of my body starting at my feet and working up. Within about 10 minutes, I felt at peace, ease and was once again, ready to step on that airplane metaphorically and literally.

If I had judgment that I still hadn’t cleared the issue that I first recognized 19 years ago, well I just needed to clear that too. It does me no good to be angry about something that is still in my energy field. The anger hampers me being willing to look at the issues and move on.

I want to accept where I am now and be willing to move forward regardless of whether I believe I should be further along than I am. I am where I am. I am what I am. I must accept that before I am willing to experience myself as the Full Living Master.

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