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On My Way

Who should we love? Everybody Always. This is the title to the book by Bob Goff. In Everybody Always, Goff details when he was able to love everybody always and a few times when he didn’t quite have the experience of that mastery.

The quote that stood out for me in this book of practical wisdom was when Bob said, “He speaks to me loudest on the way.”

Many of us have periods of time, maybe even months, where it doesn’t feel like we are accessing wisdom from our guidance. We feel paralyzed by indecision and confusion. We judge ourselves that we might take a wrong step and therefore judge that we may access a lower version of “the plan.” Or we fear that our actions will lead to punishment. These fears lead us to inaction, feeling stuck and ultimately like we are a victim. We feel like we are victim to our circumstances and possibly a victim to our guidance – questioning our worthiness because we were not able to access the wisdom of our guidance.

Goff’s quote of “He speaks to me loudest on the way,” encourages us to take action steps, even if they are baby steps in order to create the momentum that will help with accessing the guidance and hearing the wisdom. Your action steps may be inner work like meditation, filling with resonances or spending time with friends to increase your frequency. The action steps may be to make a phone call, find out some more information or do some research. If you are stuck, the action step may be to seek help from a counselor or likeminded friend. Maybe you are guided to join a reiki circle or other event to help you move through the blocks that are keeping you stuck. Taking the baby steps will help carry you forward.

There are lots of phrases that could be used here to help illustrate the need to persevere until you are able to access the wisdom of your guidance. “Fake it till you make it.” “God helps those who help themselves.” “Never give up. Never surrender.” “A journey of a 1000 miles starts with one step.” “He speaks to me loudest on the way.”

Perhaps the phrase that will help the most is to know: “When you take action steps, you are not alone. The wisdom, power and love of the universe is with you on your way.”

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