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Personal Spring Cleaning

Personal Spring Cleaning

As we move past the winter season and prepare ourselves for society opening up again post-pandemic, we may be asking ourselves whether it’s time to clear some things out. I often do an inner spring cleaning check with my Soul to see if it’s time to let go of some old aspects of my personality or habits. Sometimes we get stuck on the parts of ourselves that we’re still healing and forget that what we see as weaknesses are our strengths if we look at them from the divine perspective rather than the third dimensional paradigm.

The aspects of our personalities that we struggle with are just the parts of ourselves still operating in the illusion. It is the fear and self-judgment that causes these traits to express as the shadow side, vibrating at denser frequencies. Once we stop resisting those traits and see the higher frequency truths underneath, they are transformed into gifts and talents that can serve us and the world.

Maybe it’s time for a little spring cleaning of your personality self. Rather than trying to scrub out the parts of yourself that you dislike or believe are useless, ask your Soul to help you see the hidden gem within. Create a list of resonances that will help you to evolve those aspects of yourself into the higher frequency version of expression.

Seen from another viewpoint, stubbornness can be turned toward focus, commitment and determination when aligned with the Divine Plan. What was once anger bottling up can become the passion and strength to create change. The neediness of the past can be used as building blocks for compassion and understanding for others going forward.

The path to true wholeness is not to remove parts of ourselves, or our lives, that we believe don’t work well. The path of healing is to love those parts of ourselves back into wholeness so that we see their true value and allow them to shine in their perfection.

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