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Releasing Judgment and Holding more Serenity

Releasing Judgment and Holding more Serenity

Do you ever wonder, like me, about the sound-bites you hear in the media, from politicians or even from your own guidance? Sound-bites like “we need to do something about income inequality” from our politicians on both sides of the aisle. And from our own guidance, “hold more serenity and release judgment of self and others?” You usually don’t hear anyone arguing that the sound-bite is invalid. You also don’t hear the next 10 sentences beyond the sound-bites that might actually give you some ideas or some action steps to work on these “universal good ideas.” When I heard from my guidance that I needed to have and hold more “serenity” and to “release judgment of self and others” in 2015, I was thinking, “tell me something I don’t already know!” So – my guidance told me more! Here are some excerpts from our conversation.

Our Lower-self looks out at the world and judges a situation. Is the situation good or bad? Does it affect me or my loved ones? Does it affect my livelihood and my way of life? Does it challenge the way I look at myself or the world? Whereas, Our Souls look inward and discern, “what is my truth? What is the universal truth regarding this situation? What is in the highest good of all in this situation?” These are the type of questions that concern us at the Soul Level.

Next, the Lower-self looks out at the outer world situation and judges who is to blame for the situation. Can I be viewed as the victim and therefore, blameless? If it isn’t my fault or “they” started it, can I be viewed blameless or justified, if I retaliate? Again, Our Souls look inward and discern, “what do I need to do to raise my vibration and the vibration of all to heal the situation?” Our Souls aren’t concerned about keeping a scorecard, who may or may not have started it, who may or may not have dirt on their hands. The Souls are concerned about returning to when all we felt was love. There is no scorecard. We aren’t playing for keeps. We are just playing. Life on earth is a grand experiment and illusion.

Finally, the lower-self looks out and asks, “How can I save face?” The Soul isn’t concerned about saving face, it is ONLY concerned about learning all that can be learned in the experiment zone, wrapping up the experiment and recognizing the Love and the Light in Everyone and Everything.

I remember visiting a resort town in West Virginia. My husband and I were eating lunch next to three families who had been skiing. One table had all the kids and one dad at it. The second table had the rest of the adults. The kids were playing a board game where the goal was to get to the center of the board first and then, the game would be over. The first girl to get to the center of the board said, “Let’s play until we all win.” That is how our Souls feel about this grand experiment and the board game we call Life on Earth. There is no loser, there is no scorecard, we play until we all win. No one is left behind.

If we can start to look at everything from the perspective of Our Souls and The Spiritual Hierarchy with discernment about what we can learn from the situation instead of looking with judgment as to who is to blame, we can start to tailor our actions and beliefs to be more in alignment with universal truths and hold less judgment. That is how you hold more serenity. Eliminate judgment of self and others and what is left is serenity.



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