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Right On Target

Right On Target

I am endlessly fascinated by the messages and mirrors that I receive from my Soul. Sometimes lessons come to us in ways that we may find frustrating, sometimes joyful and sometimes humorous. Each of those energies have the potential to get our attention if we allow them, free of judgment. Recently, I had a very humorous message from my Soul about the importance of being in alignment that most definitely got my attention!

I was out walking on a trail and was about to take a route branching off in another direction when I got a nudge to continue on the main trail. I kept walking, enjoying the sunlight and the sounds of the birds caw-ing nearby. Suddenly, a strong gust of wind stirred the air and I felt a light splat. I looked down and saw that a bird had relieved himself down the front of my top. The first thought that popped into my head was “Right on the mark!” If I’d been a second earlier or later, there would have been no impact. If the gust of wind that had just kicked up had been a little bit softer, there would have been no impact. If I hadn’t stayed on the main trail, it wouldn’t have happened. There were probably innumerable factors that went into the timing of this noteworthy event!

As I headed home, I realized that every one of our creations is a result of this same precise mix of timing, actions and intent. Much of it seems ordinary and familiar, so we don’t always take note or we feel like nothing is really happening. But we are always creating this actively! There is always dynamic change in progress, though it may not be in our conscious awareness yet. Our energies are shifting and changing from moment to moment, lining up for the next creation and the next and the next.

The key is to continue to be aware and conscious of how you are resonating and be responsive when your energy shifts out of alignment with the divine plan of Love and Light. Is it time to take a pause in the stillness? Did you miss an action step? Are you allowing your thoughts to pull you out of your center? There is nothing we can do in the outer world to change our experience unless we first create a change in our energetic alignment within. Ask yourself: What can I do right in this moment to bring myself back on target?

image courtesy of MasterTux on Pixabay

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