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Robo Calls

Robo Calls

Are Robo Calls – those annoying unsolicited computer driven phone calls and texts – bothering you daily? Do you use your caller id to screen out all of them? If they are legitimate, they will leave a message, yes?

Thinking about these calls got me thinking about the automatic and unsolicited messages that I get from the universe, from my soul. I may be assuming all messages are going to be annoying and just trying to sell me something. A brief conversation with my soul tells me that I unlike the Robo Calls, I do need to listen more closely and be open to what my soul would like to impart to me. I especially need to listen for the opportunities that my soul IS trying to “sell” me. These opportunities may be a key piece of wisdom that has been eluding my conscious awareness that will help change a behavior or a belief about myself and my evolution.

I need to remember that the message may come to me during meditation, while I am dancing or in nature, through sensations in my body (good sensations and the sensations I would rather not experience) or through the opinion and wisdom of another human. I just need to be open to see the beauty in all the messages.

Ask yourself what might be blocking you from identifying the automatic messages that may be an opportunity of a life time! You might even have a conversation and agreement with your soul for a sign that this is a message you should really pick up. This could be similar to your “yes” / “no” signals where your soul tugs on your right ear or gives you the “listen” signal so that you don’t overlook important information because it is diluted with all the real noise in our lives.

Be willing to open to all the wonderful guidance that is available to us 24/7. If you don’t get the message the first time, never fear. Our souls are willing to be as persistent as any Robo Call!


Thanks to GerdAltman with for the image.

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