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Seek to Understand

Seek to Understand

As I try to make sense of everything swirling around me – all the vitriol and posturing going on – I heard from my guidance that if I see vitriol and posturing then I don’t understand the situation. Oh, it isn’t that I don’t understand the human behavior to justify one’s position. My guidance is making the point that I don’t understand that my beliefs are still coloring what I see in the world.

I don’t need to agree with a certain position or any position. But, I do need to understand that everyone is choosing their position because of their beliefs, just like I am forming my opinions because of my beliefs.

It doesn’t matter if I think the other person is sincere or insincere in their beliefs. Underneath all of it – sincerity, insincerity, altruism, manipulation – is still a belief system. It could be a power-over belief system, a fear belief system, a wounded belief system or a belief system that the “other side” is always wrong. It doesn’t matter what the belief system is. The belief system is what dictates the actions and reactions of whoever holds that belief.

Just like my belief system dictates my actions and emotional responses.

I need to understand my beliefs and I need to question my beliefs. If my beliefs are not 100% in non-judgment and 100% in the energy of love of everything I see and experience – which of course is not the case, yet – then I need to seek understanding of the divinity in everything swirling around me.

Some might say that seeking to see everything in its divinity is not realistic or that it is naïve. But seeking to understand the divinity of everything is the only way to truly know ourselves because we are divine. If I am not willing to see myself and everything else as divine, I am giving my power away to the outside world. I am allowing the outside world to tell me what my beliefs should be. That may be realistic by some definitions but it is buying into the illusion of our separateness, the illusion of our limitedness. Instead, I seek to understand the true nature of myself and the true nature of you – our shared divinity.

Seek to understand and know yourself as the Master that you are.

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