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Something New

Something New

We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”   ~ Albert Einstein

We would update that from the spiritual perspective to say that we cannot solve our problems with the same consciousness that created them.  In order to make our shift as a planet into the new paradigm, we must allow ourselves to transition into new ways of thinking, doing and Being.  When we are coming from a higher consciousness, we are able to understand and know from a completely new perspective; a perspective that is more expansive, all-encompassing and inclusive.  This is where brilliant insights and miracle solutions come from.

There is a poignant scene in the movie, A Beautiful Mind, which illustrates this point.  Russell Crowe plays real-life mathematician John Nash Jr, who struggled with schizophrenia much of his life, and Jennifer Connelly plays his wife.  After his diagnosis, he is trying to find a way out of the delusions he has created in his mind and he asks his wife for more time to figure it out.  He is trying to solve his mental illness the only way he knows how, through analytical thinking.  His wife suggests to him that the answer lies not in his head but his heart.  The way for him to get back in touch with reality is by focusing on his connection with the people who literally touch his life through his heart.

As a country, a society, a planet, we are experiencing a lot of change as the break-down of old systems becomes increasingly visible while the new systems have not fully grown to take their place.  We tend to want to come up with solutions in the way we’ve always done things, by thinking about them and what we’ve done in the past.  But in order to move into the new paradigm, new solutions will need to come from entirely new places.  We will each need to reach into deeper places within ourselves to create this new paradigm.

Ask your Soul where you are guided to be looking within yourself for your next steps in your evolution.  Be open to an answer that may surprise you because you may be called upon to draw on a part of yourself that you haven’t worked with much or even trusted before.  Allow yourself to see yourself in a completely new light.  Allow yourself to try new things from a new place of being, from your beautiful Soul.


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  1. Rita

    Thanks Ginger and loved the change piece in SITL newsletter as well

    • Ginger

      The acceptance and embrace of change was a great reminder for me, as well.


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