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Surrender to Your Transformation

Surrender to Your Transformation

I was meditating recently on my own blocks to allowing true transformation and I was given some insight into how our unwillingness to fully surrender blocks us. We might be able to shift a bit here and there, make some smaller changes in our lives, but not completely transform. Until we truly let go, we are still anchoring pieces of our old selves, our long-held lower-self identities, which hold our energy in place so that we cannot move in the way we need to move in order to create anew.

Many are familiar with the example of the caterpillar spinning itself into a cocoon and emerging, completely transformed, as a butterfly. What some people may not realize, is what actually happens inside that cocoon. The caterpillar does not simply go to sleep and grow a pair of wings. It dissolves into a liquid state, a primordial ooze, and then re-assembles those basic building blocks of life into a new form: the butterfly. In order to do this, it must completely surrender itself to the process. To the caterpillar, this is instinctual and natural. To humans, it often feels more daunting!

The full and complete surrender of our old selves is the key to this transformation. This surrender includes parts of our 3rd dimensional identity that we deem as “good” as well as aspects we admit aren’t serving our highest good. It is not that we will lose our gifts and talents as we evolve, but we will need to release our attachments to those qualities and our belief that those traits make us who we are. Who we are is Source. We choose to reflect certain aspects of Source in each lifetime for our own learning and as our service, but if we allow those qualities to define us then we are blocking ourselves from the true inner change necessary to manifest them in ever new forms. The pine tree cannot both hold onto its pinecones and also spread its seeds to create new trees! It sounds simple, but that is often what the lower self’s ego tries to accomplish.

So, if you are feeling stuck, work with your Soul to identify what it is that you’re still holding on to which is blocking your transformation. It might be a restrictive idea about what your new creation should look like or how you believe it must come into form. It might be fear of trusting your inner, divine self to guide your process of metamorphosis. Or it might be some false belief about who you are that it is time for you to release and heal. Work with resonances to support your trust in your own innate wisdom and you will find yourself emerging from your chrysalis in an exciting new form! May you believe in your own brilliance in creating your new butterfly expression.

image courtesy of Garoch on Pixabay

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