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Sowing Our Creative Seeds

Sowing Our Creative Seeds

The other day, my neighbor and I were standing by some common green space as we talked. She pointed out a mountain rose bush that was valiantly pushing up through another very dense, more established bush. I told her that I’d noticed it and couldn’t figure out where it came from since there were no mountain roses nearby. She said simply, “Birds”, and I was reminded of the power and efficiency of nature in being fruitful and multiplying. It inspired me to ask myself the question: Am I allowing myself to sow my own creative seeds?

When nature sows seeds, it is free of expectations about where those seeds will plant themselves and free of judgments about how those plants will grow. It may not look elegant by some standards, but the mountain rose poking up through the yew bush near my home is bursting with life and some very pretty blooms. If I were choosing, I never would have planted it in that location, but it landed there just the same and still gives me great joy to look at.

We can all be as wildly abundant as nature if we truly detach and allow our creative seeds to land and flourish as they may. When we try to control the outcome, we cut ourselves off from any number of options for how a creation might come into form or flourish. We are not responsible for what others may do once our words, ideas or resources float out into the world. We are responsible for the energy of our intentions in spreading them. When we give freely in loving service, possibilities are limitless, for ourselves and others. But we have to trust in the creative flow of Source.

This is not a principle I’ve mastered, yet, but I’m enjoying continuing to work with it. The more I let go, the more gratitude I feel for the unexpected joys I receive when my creations return results that I didn’t consciously anticipate. I am learning to love the divine mystery of being in the Awe and Wonder of creation.

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  1. Lori Rock

    Thank you for this message, especially the third paragraph. I believe Master Jesus and the other Ascended Masters definitely embodied this level of mastery and detachment. They spoke their truth and stood in their power no matter how it was received by others, then or now! Namaste.


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