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The Beauty of Faith

The Beauty of Faith

Father John LaFarge once remarked, “For those who believe in God no explanation is necessary. For those who do not believe in God no explanation is possible.”

I’ve always loved this quote about faith. Faith is not something logical we can explain to anyone nor is it something we can talk ourselves into. It is not something we can pass along to another and it is not about following doctrine. At times, we may be guided to act on faith but we cannot do faith as an action step to make faith happen for us or anyone else.

Divine Faith is a state of being which comes from within. It is a deeply heart-centered understanding of ourselves and all beings as Source. For most of us, it will take time to expand to that level of consciousness and the best approach is to love and allow ourselves with as much patience as we need to grow into our full faith.

So, be at peace and go gently forward as you move into Divine Faith. Give yourself space to more fully remember yourself as Source and support yourself in ways that will help you stay in the resonances of peace, calm, patience, understanding and trust. A soothing bubble bath, a soft chant or a walk in the sunshine may not seem directly related to practicing faith, but they might each be the perfect way to help you hold the wisdom that you are divine and that all is well and in perfect divine order.

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