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The Courage of Responsibility

The Courage of Responsibility

While I was running errands the other day, I needed to use the facilities in a grocery store at which I infrequently shop. Their restroom is through the employee breakroom. As I was washing my hands, I read the decal that was on the mirror which was probably there to remind the employees about safety issues. The decal said, “You are looking at the person most responsible for your safety.” Like all signs, the employees probably don’t even notice it any more.

As with most motivational signs, the saying could be used for almost any situation or quality. We are most responsible for our safety, our health, our wisdom, our power, our love, etc. Like the employees, I probably get complacent about the signs around me. I probably need to remember the wisdom of knowing my responsibility now more than ever. Spirit is reminding me that I am the creator of my reality and I am being encouraged to tap into the courage of my responsibility, too!

It is very easy in our meditation chairs to know and quote the words that we are responsible for our own creations. It is sometimes harder to believe it when all our good intentions do not seem to be creating the desired result, or even 90% of the desired result, that we believe our actions should attract. When we look out to the world, we may see, not just slightly less desirable results, but a mess or even a disaster as viewed from the lens of our third dimensional world.

Spirit encourages us to look at the outer world through the lens of the inner world. Look at the outer world with the courage to know and believe that all of our creations are our responsibility without the judgment that the word responsibility conjures in the third dimensional sense. We can ask to have the courage to forgo judgment or blame for what we have created. We can have the courage to persevere in the face of moments of hopelessness. We can breathe in courage and fill with the strength that comes with that. Then we can ask for the action step that is next on our path and ask for the courage to take that action step, no matter if it feels like that action step is just more of the same.

The action step may be filling with courage, strength and perseverance every three hours for 24 hours to counteract the fear that comes to us as we go through the day. If we try doing this intentionally for a week, maybe that will help to clear the fear of asking for and taking the next action step. Remember that slow and steady progress is progress. Slow and steady can win the race. Slow and steady helps to integrate the higher frequency energies in order to BE the higher frequency energies in a sustainable way.

Just like the advice in the employees’ restroom, none of the ideas in this blog entry are new. Just because an idea feels like a cliché doesn’t mean it isn’t valid. The ideas behind the clichés work. It is our intention that works. It is our courage and perseverance to remind ourselves that we are the creators that works. Know your courage. Bask in your responsibility. Know yourself as Source.


  1. Marsha

    We all need to remember this now more than ever. Thank you, Lori.

  2. Amy

    Thank you so much for these thoughts, Lori. I appreciate your comment on the difference between the word “responsibility” in the third dimensional world versus in the higher self. My mind went immediately to the hard-on-myself interpretation, and I began to prepare myself to ‘buck up’ and try ever harder to be a grownup. Your delineation helps me see myself and my efforts in a more kindly way.

    For me, the most powerful concept you explore in your writing here is: “Slow and steady helps to integrate the higher frequency energies in order to BE the higher frequency energies in a sustainable way.“ I’m always impatient with myself when I can’t fully integrate what I’m learning all at once. It’s a lovely luxury to consider that growth is happening all the time, and I’m moving in the right direction for me. 🌷

    • Lori

      Hi Amy, I am glad this spoke to you. Yes, I remember us joking with each other all those years ago about “buck up, little buckaroo.” So – yes, we all need to be more gentle with ourselves! Namaste.


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