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The Coyote Way

The Coyote Way

A lone coyote has been visiting my neighborhood on and off for the last few months. He doesn’t stay long, checking for easy food before running off, but he has certainly gotten comfortable enough around humans that he will show up during the day instead of waiting for twilight to hunt. My neighbor and I have been sending him energy to help him find a safer place to go, but he keeps popping back around every few weeks. Meanwhile, I’ve been pondering some of the messages in coyote energy.

Many Native American cultures feature Coyote in their myths as a trickster figure who can be vain and foolish. But Coyote is also playfully inventive and adventurous, not afraid to try something new and willing to learn from his mistakes. He is frequently irreverent and holds the energy of breaking custom or tradition. He will not do things a certain way just because “that’s the way it has always been done.” Wild coyotes are also extremely adaptable to changes in their environment, as shown by their willingness to live and thrive in increasingly urban areas as their natural territories shrink.

Coyote energy reminds us that we, too, are extremely resilient and capable of changing course with ease. Instead of fighting change, we can accept it, create with it and remain in our mastery. Our creative divine selves are infinitely resourceful and constantly draw to us what we need, often in unique and unexpected ways.

I invite you to ask yourself if there is any wisdom for you in the coyote way. Your Soul may recommend some creative projects, playful activities or comedic entertainment. You may be inspired to try something new to get out of your comfort zone or to follow through with an activity that you’ve tried before and dropped because you judged yourself as not very good at it. Or, you might try out some laughter yoga. Sit down and have a big, long belly laugh at the mystery of it all. Life is sacred but it doesn’t have to be serious.

image courtesy of Mathey on Pixabay

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