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The Disarray of Unity

The Disarray of Unity

It is almost impossible to look at the world around us and not see general disarray.

In the United States, the political left and right are fervently trying to appeal to the middle that their candidate is the better of the two most disliked candidates in our country’s history if the opinion polls are to be believed!

Whether in religious, social, or international dealings, the standard for tolerance and compassion appears to be not taking violent action or refraining from verbally insulting those with different opinions or beliefs.

And one wonders whether Lady Justice is wearing her blindfold to hold the energy of non-judgment or because she can’t seem to see a solution for all the strife and divisiveness.

These are examples of how things might look in our outer world currently.

However, I know we are capable of turning the divisiveness and separation we feel into Unity for all. We must abandon the idea that the order and way things were done in the past – whether economic, political, social, or religious – is the only model for us to follow now. There is a reason we see so many systems breaking down. It is because we need to break through with new ideas, new techniques, and new processes that fit the circumstances we find ourselves in now.

The answers that worked in the past may still be valid, but only if the facts and circumstances are the same. Most of us realize that this millennium, this century, even this decade has new challenges that need to be met with ideas that we were unable or unwilling to see in the past.

We need to be willing to work toward unity.

We can start our journey toward unity with working with the energies of harmony and cooperation with our fellow humans and with our environment. Harmony and cooperation are good goals for the majority of us.

Many people are willing to strive for harmony and cooperation even if simply because these energies are the polite ways of getting along in a civil society. At a four-way stop, it makes sense for us to take our turns moving through the intersection. In a ski lift line, more people will get on the ski lift without empty chairs passing by if we line up orderly and move through the line more efficiently.  Harmony and cooperation are logical in these situations.

The energy of unity is definitely a lofty goal. Unity must be experienced to be fully understood. Most of the time in our society, individualism is what appears to serve us better than unity.  However, just like in the example of the ski chairlifts going by empty, individualism can lead to waste in one arena where more unity would have allowed for that resource to be utilized more beneficially for the whole. When we are coming from the energy of individualism, we may hold onto something longer than we need to because of a fear of scarcity. When we work with and strive for unity, we are trusting that our needs will be met in accordance with the highest plan. The highest plan for unity leaves no one behind, assuming each is willing to commit to the unity of the whole. You will want to check with your guidance to see if the energy of unity is a goal for you right now.

In our society, those of us who strive for harmony, cooperation, and eventually unity may be viewed by others as being in disarray and being out of sync with “reality”. You might even hear others say, “why aren’t you taking sides,” or “if you are registered as an independent, you aren’t doing anyone any good.” When you hear statements like this, you know that the person saying it is allowed her or his opinion, but it doesn’t stop you from having the long-term goal of tolerance, harmony, cooperation, and unity.

Following your guidance, you will be able to stand in your power and stand in the disarray of unity.

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