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The Power to Heal Ourselves

The Power to Heal Ourselves

Studies show that many people slow down or even stop altogether on progress toward their New Year’s goals by February. We might feel stuck or over-whelmed or just fall back into the comfort of the familiar and routine, even if those habits don’t serve us well. I’ve been reviewing areas that feel stuck in my own healing intentions for this year and one big message came up for me – part of me doesn’t want to heal because of fears of the power and responsibility in fully healing myself. This is good news because having identified the piece, I can now focus on what I need to do to clear it.

When we think of blocks to healing ourselves, many of us immediately think of issues like lack of worthiness, feeling loveable and blocks to accepting help or care for ourselves. It can be more challenging to identify power issues related to healing because the mental body often doesn’t make that connection as easily. And for many Lightworkers, there are layers of fear, guilt or shame over misuse of power or lifetimes of being abused by power. But when we stop to consider it, fully healing ourselves requires us to access and be willing to use divine power confidently, masterfully and free of fear.

So, if you are feeling stuck in your own healing process, you might consider asking your Soul whether blocks to power are part of the issue and which specific blocks you need to clear. Some possible questions to ask your Soul might be:

What is my level of commitment to healing myself?
What is my level of belief in my ability to heal myself?
How on track am I to heal myself on this issue? (name whichever issue you are working on)
How on target am I to heal myself on this issue? (name whichever issue you are working on)
What is my level of willingness to use my Divine Power in my process to heal this issue?

These are just starter questions to help you get a sense of where you may need to focus. Of course, always follow your guidance on where you should be focusing your energy and which action steps to follow next.

You are masters who are just in the processing of remembering and experiencing yourselves in that way. You can and will heal yourselves! You’ve already chosen to heal at the Soul level. The only question is when and which steps you’ll be taking to get there. There aren’t even prizes for being first across the finish line because everyone is moving in their perfect divine timing. Have faith in yourselves and be thorough in your healing work. You will get there and all that will matter will be the experiences and wisdom you gained along the way.

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