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The Simplicity of Pulling the Taproot

The Simplicity of Pulling the Taproot

All of the rain showers over the past two months have kept me busy outside weeding. I have a semi-wild patch of ground right next to my home which is becoming overrun with an invasive species of prickly weed that is painful to the touch. These weeds grow very quickly, putting down a single, thick taproot into the dirt which can give the plant a significant hold in the ground, which can be a problem in the poor soil near my home that gets compacted as it dries out in the summer heat. I don’t use weed killers and pull each one out by hand, so it can be a tough job. What is a gardener to do?

I learned that with patience and vigilance, pulling these weeds out can be a breeze. This “secret” for easy weed-pulling became a great reminder for me about letting go of old habits and energies. I wait until the day after nature provides one of these lovely, Spring rains so the soil is softened. I wait for the weeds I plan to pluck to be just the right size: not too small that the top breaks off when I’m pulling and not so large that they require major digging to remove. Then, I carefully work my weeding tool into the moist ground to loosen the dirt around the taproot, grasp the plant at the very base of the stem (where there aren’t prickles) and slowly, gently pull. Voila! The entire root stem slides right out.

This sounds pretty simple and mundane, but it works with personal clearing as well as weeding. Wait until all of your aspects are in alignment and you can release what you want with ease and flow. I’ve learned that if I get impatient and take action before the timing is just right or get frustrated and try to remove something with an emotional yank or a judgmental shove, then I may find myself kneeling uncomfortably in the dirt while wrestling with something very prickly and painful!

Like all great metaphors, this one is pretty obvious but it’s a good reminder that while our own personal “taproots” of old patterns of belief and limitation can seem very entrenched and defy release, we have the power to create a simple, effortless (and painless!) experience of letting go with some patience, detachment and willingness to be in alignment with divine timing. In the meantime, may you love your weeds!

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