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This Year: Just Do It

This Year: Just Do It

As the calendar clicks over to another year, many are once again making a personal list for what they want to accomplish, experience, create.  Crafting your vision is an essential step in manifesting, but it’s important not to get stuck in that phase, forever visualizing and not taking the steps.  If you’re one of those who find themselves tripped up by taking your first steps toward creating something, consider a temporary shift in focus and just start doing it.  Just take one step forward.

I’m not talking about letting go of your Soul’s vision completely and rushing into frantic action.  I’m suggesting that you might re-evaluate your balance between the visioning stage and the action phase.  The truth is that our vision, our divine plan, is fluid and is constantly shifting and re-adjusting as we shift and change.  You may not be able to see the entire creation with everything in place from start to finish.  The vision itself is created in the process of doing.  So just do it.

Once you have your general vision from your Soul, ask for your action steps.  Allow yourself to really embrace those action steps, free of fear that you don’t have all of the steps yet or that you might somehow “mess up” your creation.  You won’t.  Step forward with confidence and joy.  We are still physical beings in a physical world and an integral part of our manifestations still involve physical aspects.  The physical parts aren’t the sole aspects of our creations, but they’re still equally valuable parts as are the emotional, mental and spiritual components.  Give each aspect the attention they’re due in order to keep that divine balance.

So, check with your Soul for your vision and go for it.  Then, take a breath and check back in with your Soul to re-evaluate where you are and get your updated vision.  In doing your action steps, you may very well have discovered more pieces to your vision or started identifying any blocks you need to heal in order to fully manifest it.  Be okay with a stumble here or there while you expand your understanding of your Soul’s vision and get increasing clarity.  The divine plan is a living, breathing unfolding of evolution, not some prophecy written on stone tablets.  Spend the time you need in the stillness and silence, then allow yourself the time you need to get moving forward!


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