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Tis the Season: The Oneness of Giving and Receiving

Tis the Season: The Oneness of Giving and Receiving

Watching the movie It’s a Wonderful Life is a tradition in many households in the US at this time of year. My husband and I were watching it today when Pat paused the movie to try to read the sign on the wall in George’s Building & Loan office, under his father’s picture. The sign said, “All you can take with you is that which you’ve given away.” This seems like the perfect mantra of George and Pa Bailey, the men who had dedicated their lives to affordable homes for their community. It is also a great saying for us to ponder, like all good spiritual dichotomies.

Recently, in my personal meditations and actions, I have been consciously working to be open to receive energy, even allowing myself to feel vulnerable, in order to eliminate the separation I feel within myself and between me and other beings. The result of these small experiments in my willingness to receive energy or love or other resonance, is that I am more open to giving those same energies. In my willingness to receive, I am more willing to give. I am breaking down the perceived barriers between myself and what I used to call “others”. I am seeing and experiencing the oneness of giving and receiving.

In Standing in the Light® and other similar metaphysical teachings, the infinity symbol is used to represent the flow of energy. If at any point on the infinity symbol, the energy is blocked the energy will not flow in the other direction. If the flow is blocked in the ability to give, the energy won’t flow in the direction to receive either. And vice versa.

How does this apply to the holiday season? There is an old saying that it is better to give than to receive. This saying may be useful in a society that might take for granted its blessings or even might sometimes come from a place of material entitlement. If we are being overly selfish, then having the pendulum swing to the other side with the idea of giving instead of receiving, has some merit.

However, in Divine Truth, having the energies of giving and receiving in balance is the goal. Having the energies of giving and receiving in balance is the ultimate creation of true abundance. Having the energies of giving and receiving in balance is the healed position of knowing we are one with everything and everyone. We don’t need to “get” more because we trust that our needs will be met when necessary. We don’t need to stockpile against the fears that “others” will take our power or our abundance from us. Or that others will have their needs taken care of but I won’t have my needs taken care of. This true abundance will flow easily through and between us, because there is no separation between us, because we are One.

This experimenting with giving and receiving may feel vulnerable, but try it this holiday season. Try it first with small situations and then evaluate how it feels. If it feels scary, ask why. If you feel exposed, ask why. Then clear the beliefs, emotions or old patterns of behaviors that you uncovered. If it feels good, expansive or restorative, go with those feeling states and try being open to receive and give on a bigger issue for you. Keep playing around with being vulnerable to give and receive so you eventually reach the state of Oneness through giving and receiving. We need to move from viewing life, energy, and abundance as a zero sum game and instead move to a win-win situation through giving and receiving.

May you know that it is a wonderful life.

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