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Transforming Right Where We Are

Transforming Right Where We Are

Many of us believe we need to get out of our living space and out of our daily lives in order to fully transform into the Divine Light that we are.

There are many books and movies that tell of spiritual journeys of transformation. Eat, Pray, Love and Wild are two popular ones that come to mind. A friend of mine loaned me her copy of Mutant Message Down Under by Marlo Morgan which is an autobiographical or fictional story – depending on your belief system – of the author’s “walk about” journey for four months with an Aboriginal Tribe in Australia.

As Morgan tells the story, she was invited to a meeting with the Aboriginal Tribe that called itself “The Real People” when, unbeknownst to her and without planning or warning, she was to join them for this journey where she learned about their culture and the wisdom of the ages.

As I read the book, the concepts were very familiar to me as the lessons and wisdom that The Real People helped Morgan discover are similar to what we teach in the Standing in the Light® Program.

One of the similar messages is that we are first and foremost One with everything in creation. What is done to someone or something else is done to yourself. Morgan speaks of the The Real People’s belief regarding Divine Oneness – basically their term for the Creator, Source or God. Morgan quotes one tribe member like this:

“You believe Divine Oneness sees and judges people,” Ooota said. “We think of Divine Oneness as feeling the intent and the emotion of beings – not as interested in what we do as why we do it.”

In Standing in the Light® we say “It’s not the what. It is the why.” Similar idea as it is the intention behind the action which matters most. There are many other similarities since The Real People are tapping into the same universal truths that we are.

As part of the experience, The Real People and Morgan do not take much more than the clothes on their backs on walk about. Very consciously, they set the intention to have all of their needs met. They live off the land. They use ancient wisdom to heal themselves, find food and water and telepathy to speak to each other. They are living life simply with natural intelligence and wisdom as opposed to technology. Being a part of nature vs. having dominion over it.

Morgan’s journey is transformative. She admits that she would not have scheduled this for herself but is grateful for the wisdom and insights she gained from the experience. She writes in the book,

Born Empty Handed

Die Empty Handed

I experienced life at its fullest,

Empty Handed.

The question to ask ourselves is whether we need to go on a physical journey to have a transformational spiritual journey. For some, the answer may be yes. Getting out of the everyday physical realm and reality may make it easier to connect to the Oneness in everything, the Oneness within. If you are guided to move to an ashram, a conscious community or another country, that is great.

However, for most of us, living in the everyday work life and culture is what our path is. We are to transform ourselves where we are planted. Finding issues that still need to be healed within ourselves can be done right here, right now.

We may be guided to help others on their journey. Because most others on the planet will not be traveling for their journey, becoming the master that we are where we are is key to being role models. Most others will be reading books, taking classes and listening to speeches in their home towns or at least within their general local area. For most of us, transformation to knowing we are Home begins at home. To quote another Kansas girl on her transformational spiritual journey: There is no place like home, There is no place like home!

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  1. Marsha Hankins

    A wonderful reminder that we are on an inner journey. Our outer location means nothing unless we decide it does. Let go.


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