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Divine Surrender: Is Your Universe Limited to Your Backyard?

Divine Surrender: Is Your Universe Limited to Your Backyard?

As readers of this blog know, I am a new puppy guardian. The universe has been giving me great messages through this new experience for me. Today’s message is Divine Power and Freedom through Divine Surrender.

Recently, my friend and teacher, Marsha Hankins wrote a book called, Ascension, The End of Duality, Published by Balboa Press and available online at Marsha arranged a teleconference to answer questions that any of her readers might have. On the conference, Marsha was addressing the need for us to surrender to our own Divine Will. She suggested that we all tap into the energy of an ascended master to see how the ascended master felt about Divine Surrender.

I was guided to tap into the energy of the Christ to see how he feels about Divine Surrender. The immediate response I received was that of Divine Power. How interesting. By being in Divine Surrender, the Christ was feeling his complete Divine Power. Ginger Withee, another friend of mine shared with me that when she tried the same experiment, she felt expansion, freedom, and deep connectedness. Comparing notes, Ginger and I realized that Divine Surrender is the exact opposite of what human surrender feels like. It is through Divine Surrender – surrendering to the Divine Will within ourselves, that we have the power and the freedom to be and experience what is in the highest good of all. Anything less than this and we are limiting ourselves.

How does this apply to my 11-week old lab, Ruby Sunshine? Obviously, Ruby is very young and we are just starting to train her. Pat and I are trying to be as conscious as possible to not expect her to be more evolved than she is! Having said that, we live on a state highway that has a 50 mile an hour speed limit at our door. We can no longer allow Ruby to be outside of our backyard without a leash. She is too fast for us, already! Further into her training for voice recall, this may change. But, for now, the leash needs to be on for her protection and security.

As you can imagine, at first, Ruby viewed her leash as trying to control her or to confine her. That is how we humans view surrender and even guidance, sometimes. We have been working with Ruby, physically and energetically, to see if she will reframe the way she views the leash from being controlling to being her freedom. Just like the Christ showed me, Divine Surrender to Divine Will, (aka being willing to walk on her leash) will allow Ruby to go anywhere, not just stay in the backyard, and be safe and secure while she is on the leash. Her universe will no longer be limited to her backyard. Her universe will include walks, hikes, new experiences, and new smells, all because she is willing to surrender to her leash.

The other day, Ruby was still fighting the leash on what I assume is personal conviction! Therefore, Pat and I had her in the backyard. However, she could see us in the garden which is not in the backyard. She kept running to the fence and looking like she wanted to join us in the garden. Deciding to give it a try, I put her on the leash and without much resistance, she was willing to be out of the backyard. Please bear in mind that the walk we went on was not a classic “at heel” walk at all! It was definitely all about how far she could run to the next smell. She did great! I believe this smart little creature is starting to realize that the leash is the key to her freedom.

What do we need to do to realize that surrendering to our own God-self, our own inner wisdom, and guidance, will lead to our freedom and our true power?

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