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We Are Proud of You Already

We Are Proud of You Already

Just after Simone Biles announced her withdrawal from the USA women’s gymnastics team competition, NBC journalist Cynthia McFadden broadcast a piece on the pressures and expectations at Olympic competitions. She offered some points to ponder on the recent conversations around everyone’s right and need to nurture their all-around health and well-being. And this is how she closed her story:

These young athletes are all too human. And that makes what they accomplish all the sweeter. Perhaps our message should not be “Win gold!” but “Enjoy this moment. We are proud of you already.”

I immediately thought of the metaphor of each of us as Olympians in this grand game called the Experiment in duality where we have all chosen to play. We put pressure on ourselves to compete and perform and meet all manner of expectations, both internally and from the outside world.

What these brave athletes such as Michael Phelps, Naomi Osaka and Simone Biles are modeling for all of us is the truth that they are much more than their external accomplishments in a specific area, no matter how phenomenal those may be. They are reminding us that we are all whole beings with many facets and aspects which are equally important for our self-expression and total wellbeing.

What if we each took this opportunity to ask ourselves where we might still be competing for some elusive “gold medal”, some sort of seal of approval that we measure up? What if we started believing that we can be proud of who we are just for showing up?

Maybe it’s time to take a few moments connecting with your Soul and the spiritual hierarchy and ask to feel the unconditional love and acceptance just for being you, a beautiful and whole aspect of Source.

~ quote from Cynthia McFadden, NBC Nightly News broadcast aired on 7/27/21 at 7pm ET

image courtesy of pinterastudio on Pixabay

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