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Has your world gone crazy? Allowing and Detaching with Compassion

Has your world gone crazy? Allowing and Detaching with Compassion

Remember that old saying? “The whole world has gone insane except you and me, and I am not too sure about you!” This quote seems equally relevant today as it did when it was first quipped! Of course, some of us are now even questioning our own craziness!

How, then, do we navigate our world, our reality in all the craziness? Well – we need to allow and detach from what the outer world presents as “reality”. You ask: “Pray tell, Lori, how do we do that?” We do what masters have done from time immemorial. We allow for full renunciation of the 3D world.

What exactly does renunciation of the 3D world look like?

I asked my guidance the same question. My inner wisdom started by explaining to me what renunciation is not! The beliefs that renunciation means starkness in life, in food, in clothing, in behavior, in art, in music, and in science is not the renunciation that is required to fully allow and detach from the 3D world. As the Tibetan Lama Yeshe is quoted as saying, “Renunciation comes from within, it is inner wisdom, inner knowledge.” These aspects of “everyday life” like styles of clothing, food, music are simply window dressing. Remember what Kris Duffy taught us – “It’s not the what, It’s the why.” It is not what we eat so much as why we eat what we eat. If we are eating certain foods because they fulfil cravings or even addictions, then we might want to examine if we should cut down or eliminate that from our diet. If we are eating foods that fill us with joy and harmony because they raise our vibration, then eating these foods as guided is the highest plan for us. As we follow our guidance as to what the highest good is for us in food, drink, music, technology, we will realize that full renunciation of the 3D world is more about eliminating the attachment to these aspects in the world, not the elimination of the actual manifestation or consumption in the world.

I read an anonymous quote that furthers this philosophy – “Renunciation is not about giving up the things of the world, it is accepting that they go away.” This idea implies that aspects of the physical world are only temporary. Our immortal nature, the essence of ourselves rests in knowing ourselves as eternal beings not in the mirror that our outer reality shows us. The sooner we can realize that we create the mirror that we see, the sooner we can either change it to something we prefer or relax into the freedom that we have created.

This is how we renunciate the 3D world – through inner wisdom and inner guidance.

But what of the original quote regarding the whole world appearing insane? As we are on the path to being in full renunciation of the 3D world, we need to allow and detach from the appearance of the insanity of our current world. We do this with the outmost compassion and love for what we see in the outer world. The separation that we see between differing factions in all the different facets of our world – politics, economics, religions, races, sexes – boil down to each side wanting to hold onto their 3D power.

Peeling back the onion shows that under the need to maintain or gain power is fear. It doesn’t matter what form the fear of scarcity takes – abundance, power, love, resources – it is ultimately the fear and separation of not remembering our true divine nature. Don’t confuse this with what we have told ourselves is the true nature as humans or the true nature of animals. This is the true nature of ourselves as divine eternal aspects of the divine eternal source. Focusing on the divine eternal source of ourselves is the path to full renunciation of the 3D world.

However, not everyone sees the world in these terms. We can allow and detach from how others see the world and how that outer vision appears to affect us, but we want to do it with compassion and love for who they are and where they are on their own path. We want to also allow ourselves to be compassionate with ourselves when we might not allow and detach from our outer world reality as we might wish for ourselves. Be compassionate with ourselves when we judge ourselves or the outer world reality. Come back to focusing on our inner wisdom and our inner light.

Let us remember ourselves as that eternal essence of source energy and let the wonder continue.

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  1. Marsha

    It seems to always come back to letting go of the illusion. Thank you, Lori!


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