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Tolerance and Acceptance

Tolerance and Acceptance

(Note: For those who were not able to join us for a recent Energy Transmission, please enjoy this transcript of the energy of The Christ Consciousness version of Tolerance and Acceptance.)

Welcome to everyone!

We are gathered to expand our understanding and energy with The Christ Consciousness version of Tolerance and Acceptance.

When Kris Duffy channeled the Mastery Groups, she would sometimes start with describing what the energy is and sometimes she would start with describing what the energy isn’t! Tonight, we are being guided to start with what The Christ Consciousness version of Tolerance and Acceptance is not!

The third dimensional version of tolerance and acceptance is sometimes viewed or feels like wariness. We are told what we should be willing to tolerate and what to accept. Sometimes the energy feels like we are being asked to tolerate and accept begrudgingly or against our will. Sometimes, it feels like there is the energy of “in your face” or that our concerns and what we believe to be true is wrong; that we are wrong.

Many people are only tolerant and accepting of other people who tolerate and accept what they tolerate and accept. It is similar to the situation where someone judges another for not being less judgmental. “I wouldn’t judge you if you were more nonjudgmental like me!”

Ultimately, if feels like those who are trying to ensure that everyone is tolerant and accepting of each other in the 3D world are trying to control the outcome of the situation vs. truly hoping that everyone will be tolerant and accepting of each other, tolerant and accepting of where they are in their evolution and where they are in their understanding of divine truth.

For tonight, The Christ knows that ultimately we have to experience the energy of The Christ Consciousness version of Tolerance and Acceptance and that is why we will have an energy transmission to help download these higher frequencies. Having said that, The Christ would like to offer these concepts to help us understand the higher version of tolerance and acceptance.

The Christ Consciousness version of Tolerance and Acceptance will feel peaceful and comfortable. When you are feeling it, you will not feel ashamed nor guilty that you might be judgmental of yourself and others. You will feel divinely allowed and detached from other people’s actions. Others get to be who they are; you get to be who you are. You will be able to stand in your power without making other people wrong. You will have the wisdom that even in our differences, love is within all of us, even when the love may not be easily seen in the outer world. Knowing yourself as peace, power, wisdom and love will be the foundation to know yourself as The Christ Consciousness version of Tolerance and Acceptance.


In order to experience the energy of The Christ Consciousness version of Tolerance and Acceptance, consider this exercise. Allow yourself to get centered and quiet. Take slow cleansing breaths. If you enjoy soft music or chanting, allow yourself to listen or chant along to help get you in a meditative state. Focus on the image that accompanies this blog entry, the lovely image of diverse animals cuddling with each other modeling the unconditional acceptance of each other. Set the intention to know and understand The Christ Consciousness version of Tolerance and Acceptance. Try to allow this energy to flow within you for 15 minutes or longer. Consider doing this exercise every day for a week to really allow the energy to integrate. Be at peace and in the grace of The Christ Consciousness version of Tolerance and Acceptance.


12 Chakra Initiation and Merkaba Activation

12 Chakra Initiation and Merkaba Activation

We are offering a 12 Chakra Initiation and Merkaba Activation ceremony in Fort Collins or via phone on Saturday, June 22 at 1 PM Mountain Standard Time.

There is no better way to define the merkaba than the meaning of its three components – MER-KA-BA. These are the three Egyptian words from which this term comes: MER meaning a special field of Light, KA meaning human spirit, and BA meaning body, the physical form.

In our language, the merkaba is Source’s Light, embodied on Earth in human form…the unique expression of Source that you are residing in your physical form and connected to all things.

Activation of the merkaba requires opening chakras above the head. Many people are familiar with the 7 major chakras in the physical body but we also have chakras above our heads. Moving through the 7th chakra to the 8th chakra and beyond is referred to in the eastern traditions as breaking through the 1000 petal lotus.

Activation of the merkaba requires chakras 8-12 above the head to be opened and activated. The 12 Chakra Initiation opens and activates those chakras and the Merkaba Activation connects your original 12 strands of DNA to those chakras once they are all opened. This gives you permanent access to that energy and greatly expands your energy field.

The initation and activation ceremony is $144.

For more information or to RSVP contact Lori at

Lori and Ginger

Piercing the Veil

Piercing the Veil

This month I was inspired by the accompanying image from to pen this poem. I hope you enjoy!

Piercing the Veil

I am here to balance the female and the male.
I am one with the powerful sun and the friendly gale.
I stand resilient without the need to wallow nor to rail.
I embrace compassion and wisdom to see beyond the veil.
Come with me as we journey; our experiences will not fail.



We all know that Divine Sovereignty comes from within. I was reminded by this when I watched the 2018 movie, Mary Queen of Scots, staring Saoirse Ronan and Margot Robbie last week. I am not sure what I thought my reaction would be to the movie, but the mirror was ultimately about my own sovereignty.

The movie is an adaptation of historical events surrounding the 16th century monarchs of Scotland, Mary Stuart, and England, Wales and Ireland, Elizabeth the First.

No matter how accurate the movie might be to historical facts, it definitely showed the divisions in these countries between Catholics and Protestants – could a Catholic queen reign when the tide of worshipers was swinging toward a protestant majority? It raised questions whether a woman could rule a country as an individual monarch and whether she would still be able to rule independently if she married or would her husband have equal powers of sovereignty. If the husband became an equal sovereign, would the queen’s power be usurped? And, finally, is an angry mob really the ruler of a country?

It finally struck me that all the machinations of these historical facts were to gain or maintain a temporary version of power, a temporary version of sovereignty. If your power and sovereignty are determined by happenstance of birth and can be taken away by a majority vote or by death that is a temporary form of power and sovereignty.

Who do we believe gives us our power or our sovereignty? If the answer is anything other than our own inner self, our God-Self, ourselves as Source, then we need to clear that other belief. If someone or something (government, family, money, etc.) gives us power and sovereignty, what do we do when that is taken away from us, when there is a coup, when the “other faction” wins? Our inner strength, resources, wisdom and love is where our power and sovereignty reside. Recognize the truth of this and allow yourself to fill with and integrate with the highest levels of power and sovereignty of your true self. Having third dimensional prestige and riches don’t define your true power and sovereignty. Only knowing yourself as Source does that.


Image from Marek Chalabala with

Clarity is Power

Clarity is Power

I am someone who usually has four different books that I am reading at any given time. I can’t seem to finish one before I see another one that feels like it is perfect for the mood I am in!

My latest library book that is perfect for my mood is 21 Lessons for the 21st Century by Yuval Noah Harari. Although I believe the whole book will be interesting, the first sentence from his introduction made me realize why I was guided to read it. He writes, “In a world deluged by irrelevant information, clarity is power.” Wow, love it. When I shared this statement with my husband, he added that he thought clarity is rare. With all the different ways to receive information these days, with the veracity of that information not always known, I believe both of these men are correct.

I hope that we will make it our goal for this week, this year, this century to work on our own clarity.

Let’s look at this a little more closely.

We should set our intention and desire that the clarity of the information we take in as well as the clarity of the communication we have with each other is as precise as possible. We can help ourselves by being open to listening to more than just the sound bites on TV, the internet and even in the coffee shops we frequent. Are we getting information from only one media outlet or only from one particular side or one particular politician? Or do we read different points of view, magazines (yes, I used the word magazine!!), newspapers as well as our twitter feed to see what information is out there? You may say, but Lori, this deluge of information is what Harari is talking about. Probably. We need to take those different views and through conversation with our own wisdom, our own inner guidance, ask to have the information synthesized to the truth from the perspective our soul / our god-self.

In the Standing in the Light® Channeling class, we teach that the quality of the answers we receive from our inner guidance is based on the quality of the questions that we ask. Clarity and specificity of the questions is key to receiving the most relevant and highest plan answers. This clarity, this power, of our communication and conversation with our inner guidance is even more important than the clarity of the news sites we read or to which we listen.

Information from outside of ourselves can be manipulated or spun or might only be part of the story. But, when we are in clear communication with our inner guidance, we are no one’s fool. We are powerful. We are wise.

We teach in our classes that checking with our inner wisdom about the accuracy or wholeness of a news story or other information is not a luxury but is essential for our own evolution. If our lower self ego believes an idea or a thought because that is what we have always believed, well, we may not be taking action from the most accurate information. If we listen to our inner wisdom, we may even hear that we have false beliefs that need to change in order to move forward with a higher version of our plan. We only come to that realization with clarity and the willingness to change to a new truth.

Clarity is power. Clarity is wisdom. Clarity will help us see the truth. Clarity will set us free. Embrace clarity. Embrace freedom.

Image by geralt on Pixabay

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