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We Are All Puzzle Pieces

We Are All Puzzle Pieces

Have you ever fell into the habit of thinking you were responsible for other people’s evolution? Maybe you have made vows to help all others on earth or maybe even tied your own evolution to whether other people evolve?

For those of us who are lightworkers, spiritual teachers or facilitators, or even those who are parents, we sometimes struggle to discern when our service of guiding others to evolve either spiritually or into full fledge adulthood stops and our service of simply supporting or encouraging others to fly on their own begins.  

Recently, I was having a conversation with a friend about this topic and trying to integrate the wisdom of Divine Responsibility: knowing when it is time to help others or when it is time to step back with discernment not judgment for either the teacher or the student / the parent or the child. We were discussing that sometimes since the teacher or the parent seems more aware or more experienced that this might be confused for more responsible. We heard that this is not the case when looking at the topic from the perspective of Divine Principles and Truth.

The analogy that came to me to help explain this situation is that of a puzzle. In a puzzle, no matter how big the puzzle or how little, how complicated or simple, the scale of each puzzle piece is the same. The puzzle pieces might have slightly different shapes and definitely have different colors, but they are all the same size.

That is how we can look at our responsibility for ourselves and others. We are all responsible for ourselves and our evolution / our willingness to change. And all other beings are responsible for their own evolution and willingness to change because we all have the same proportion of “responsibility” in our puzzle piece / in our DNA.

If one of the puzzle pieces thinks it is less responsible because it still holds a victim mentality, that puzzle piece won’t fit where it is supposed to fit. If another puzzle piece thinks it is responsible for another’s position on the puzzle, then it is overshadowing or enabling another puzzle piece to not be in its full place in the puzzle.

If you find yourself holding more responsibility than is in the highest plan, look inward to discover why. Vows, guilt, promises? Then ask to clear those beliefs. If you are not owning enough responsibility, look inward to discover why. Fear, overwhelm, abandonment issues? Then ask to clear those beliefs.

Allow yourself and others to fill each equivalent space in the puzzle, the puzzle of Oneness.


Transforming Right Where We Are

Transforming Right Where We Are

Many of us believe we need to get out of our living space and out of our daily lives in order to fully transform into the Divine Light that we are.

There are many books and movies that tell of spiritual journeys of transformation. Eat, Pray, Love and Wild are two popular ones that come to mind. A friend of mine loaned me her copy of Mutant Message Down Under by Marlo Morgan which is an autobiographical or fictional story – depending on your belief system – of the author’s “walk about” journey for four months with an Aboriginal Tribe in Australia.

As Morgan tells the story, she was invited to a meeting with the Aboriginal Tribe that called itself “The Real People” when, unbeknownst to her and without planning or warning, she was to join them for this journey where she learned about their culture and the wisdom of the ages.

As I read the book, the concepts were very familiar to me as the lessons and wisdom that The Real People helped Morgan discover are similar to what we teach in the Standing in the Light® Program.

One of the similar messages is that we are first and foremost One with everything in creation. What is done to someone or something else is done to yourself. Morgan speaks of the The Real People’s belief regarding Divine Oneness – basically their term for the Creator, Source or God. Morgan quotes one tribe member like this:

“You believe Divine Oneness sees and judges people,” Ooota said. “We think of Divine Oneness as feeling the intent and the emotion of beings – not as interested in what we do as why we do it.”

In Standing in the Light® we say “It’s not the what. It is the why.” Similar idea as it is the intention behind the action which matters most. There are many other similarities since The Real People are tapping into the same universal truths that we are.

As part of the experience, The Real People and Morgan do not take much more than the clothes on their backs on walk about. Very consciously, they set the intention to have all of their needs met. They live off the land. They use ancient wisdom to heal themselves, find food and water and telepathy to speak to each other. They are living life simply with natural intelligence and wisdom as opposed to technology. Being a part of nature vs. having dominion over it.

Morgan’s journey is transformative. She admits that she would not have scheduled this for herself but is grateful for the wisdom and insights she gained from the experience. She writes in the book,

Born Empty Handed

Die Empty Handed

I experienced life at its fullest,

Empty Handed.

The question to ask ourselves is whether we need to go on a physical journey to have a transformational spiritual journey. For some, the answer may be yes. Getting out of the everyday physical realm and reality may make it easier to connect to the Oneness in everything, the Oneness within. If you are guided to move to an ashram, a conscious community or another country, that is great.

However, for most of us, living in the everyday work life and culture is what our path is. We are to transform ourselves where we are planted. Finding issues that still need to be healed within ourselves can be done right here, right now.

We may be guided to help others on their journey. Because most others on the planet will not be traveling for their journey, becoming the master that we are where we are is key to being role models. Most others will be reading books, taking classes and listening to speeches in their home towns or at least within their general local area. For most of us, transformation to knowing we are Home begins at home. To quote another Kansas girl on her transformational spiritual journey: There is no place like home, There is no place like home!

Find Your Bliss, Find Your Being-ness

Find Your Bliss, Find Your Being-ness

Where do you find your Bliss? Where do you find your Being-ness? Many of us find ourselves in a blissful state when we meditate. Standing in the Light® Classes, as well as many others, teach techniques that can help you get into a meditative and blissful state. We suggest that people meditate and find bliss daily as this is where you know your true self and this is where all true inner healing is done. It allows us to feel the joy of who we are and to eliminate the stress of the 3rd Dimensional world. The metaphysicians are not the only ones to know this. I recently came across this headline and summary of an article.

Meditation: A simple, fast way to reduce stress

Meditation can wipe away the day’s stress, bringing with it inner peace. See how you can easily learn to practice meditation whenever you need it most.

What guru or new age magazine did I stumble upon? The Mayo Clinic website.

One of the suggestions in this article is to walk and meditate at the same time; basically using walking as a meditation. I will go one step further… pun intended… and say to use dance as a meditation.

This morning, I went to Soul Kitchen Dance in Fort Collins to join friends in a freeform style of dance. I love this group. No judgment, just great beats to dance to and freedom for the soul.

While I was dancing today, I had an overwhelming awareness of my being-ness. My physical body was in motion for 70 minutes and yet I felt the connectedness and being-ness of the universe throughout my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. I found my bliss.

Allow yourself to find your bliss and the relaxation of meditation in many different forms and activities. Forget the belief that there is only one way to meditate – sitting in lotus position for hours on end. Find your bliss in the silence, in the moment, in the noise, in the colors, in the music, in the dance. Be Well. JUST BE.

Getting Unstuck, Again!

Getting Unstuck, Again!

The is an excerpt from my e-book Getting Unstuck, Inspiration to Move Forward, Again. I heard this might be a good time to review this material! Enjoy.
Namaste. Lori

Why I am stuck: the densest, unknown, or hidden issues.

As I mentioned, the first reason we might be stuck is that we have already cleared the superficial issues leaving the densest, hidden issues or the issues you are unwilling to look at.

Again, let’s use food as the example. Anyone trying to eat healthier knows the first things she needs to eliminate from her diet is sugar and unhealthy fat. Thus, when she starts her diet, Susan throws out all the ice cream in the house. Ice cream and other obvious foods that might not be healthy for Susan are the superficial issues that are easy for her to recognize and eliminate.

However, what about the sugars and fats that might not be as easy to see in her diet? What about the amount of sugar in spaghetti sauce or the fat in salad dressing that Susan didn’t realize? She may feel stuck in her goals for dieting because she didn’t realize the “hidden” issues.

It is the same thing with being energetically stuck. Perhaps you are in the habit of watching television shows that are gruesome, frightening, or exude hate. These shows can lower your vibration and maybe even leave you feeling fatigued. I am not suggesting that you have to give up watching TV or movies. What I am suggesting is that you watch with a discerning eye as to how something is affecting you.

I know some lightworkers who say they don’t watch the news because it brings them down. In the SITL classes, we teach that not being apprised of the news of the world is not necessarily the highest plan.

First, if the outer world is a mirror for us, how do we know what we still need to heal if we don’t know what is going on in the world? If we didn’t see the divisiveness of the politics on the right and the politics on the left, would we think to look at the divisiveness within ourselves?

Second, if we don’t know where the struggles are in the world, how do we know where to send positive energy to help raise the frequency of those situations?

Third, being able to watch the news with a discerning eye with love and compassion for what others are going through but at the same time allowing and detaching so as to not have our own frequency lowered is healthy and a sign of our mastery. This also allows us to see where we have healed issued within ourselves. Watching the news may move us to action but we would like this to be based on what is in the highest good, not out of knee-jerk emotions.

Finally, we also suggest seeking your own guidance, your own inner wisdom, to know how much news to watch. You may be guided to watch a weekly summary, or one of the nightly news shows once or twice a week. One of my favorite ways to get a summary of the news is CBS This Morning. It has an opening summary announced as “your world in 90 seconds.” This segment keeps me up-to-date on major world events. Then, if I am guided, I can investigate issues further.

We want to know what is going on in the world without necessarily soaking for many hours a day in lower energy.

There are also some are some issues that are so dense that we ignore them until they can no longer be ignored. These issues keep you stuck. These are probably the hardest issues to face because they frighten us so much. Looking at these issues will make us question all the preconceived beliefs that we hold for ourselves.

It is hard to give examples of this because we all have different beliefs about ourselves. However, here are a few. Am I kind and generous? Am I only kind and generous when others are watching and if I can deduct it on my tax return? Is the love I hold for others unconditional until they hurt me and then it is conditional? Am I tolerant of others’ cultures until their culture clashes with my own? We must be willing to look at ourselves at the most basic level to determine what prejudices and fears we have in order to clear them away to allow only the love to shine through.

Allowing the love to shine through does not mean becoming someone else’s doormat. Standing in our own power with love and wisdom is the goal. Remember, it is not the what, it is the why. Giving to others and showing compassion because you know yourself as God and can see God in the other person is totally different from giving to others and showing compassion because you have guilt based on circumstances of birth. In the first scenario, you are showing love and compassion because you are love and compassion. In the second, you believe the other person is a victim of her circumstances. If you believe a person is a victim, you aren’t seeing them as the power, the love, and the wisdom that you find in yourself. If you are viewing another person as a victim, then you might want to look at how you are viewing yourself as a victim. You may also want to look at how you are viewing the mirror of victimization, in general.

We can see why it is hard to look at these issues because they have us question the core of who we are.

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The Joy of Simplicity

The Joy of Simplicity

My sister, Vickie, is a chef. Her motto is why use five ingredients if four will do. Her theory is to use fresh, local, high quality ingredients to make delicious food and not get wrapped up in making something complicated as if complicated is the goal of haut cuisine. Quality and flavor is the goal of haut cuisine, which can be found simply, if you are willing to look for it.

I believe this is a good rule for life in general: simplicity.

I sometimes think we have bought into what the high tech marketing firms want us to believe. We need that next greatest version of everything and we need it now. Of course, electronics and gadgets can make our lives easier, but don’t they sometimes make them more complicated? Does anyone seem to have enough outlets any more to recharge all of our devices? Do we have enough bandwidth to keep up with the Joneses?

Recently, my husband and I were on vacation outside of the USA. We decided not to buy the wifi package at the resort because we wanted to unplug. It was quite refreshing to not know what was happening in the broader world on a minute by minute basis with updates and soundbites that only tell a part of the story. Once we were back home, we were able to catch up on the news of the world in summary which for us was sufficient. (We aren’t controlling policy, thus the executive summary is great for us!)

While we were on vacation, the simplicity of being in the joy of the moment was quite energizing. We talked to other guests at meals. We read books. We exchanged ideas and points of view with people from all over the world. It was refreshing not to be tied to the battery life and online news.

Our challenge is to not fall back into old habits of being attached to our TV or electronic devices as they keep us from experiencing the joy of just being: being in the now.

The question for each of us is how can we simplify our lives so that we are living in the now and experiencing what each moment holds for us instead of being dragged down by too much stuff, too much noise, and too much information. Some people may need to simplify physically or financially. Some may need to simplify emotionally or mentally. And probably all of us need to simplify spiritually. Ask if you might need to focus on BEING more and DOING less. Find the joy in simplifying your life.

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