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New Year’s Resolutions: Rocky Mountain High Edition

New Year’s Resolutions: Rocky Mountain High Edition

Ever since my friend, Nadia, introduced me to the John Denver song, Sweet Surrender, last month I have been playing his “definite all-time greatest hits”, enjoying the sweet vocals and the meaningful lyrics.

As my husband says, singing and enjoying Rocky Mountain High is a secret pleasure. It is hard to drive through the mountains of this beautiful state of Colorado and not feel the warmth in your heart that is the love affair between John Denver and this state and to know it as your own love affair, as well.

There are two lines in Denver’s song, Rocky Mountain High, that inspire my two new year’s resolutions.

Resolution #1 – “Seeking grace in every step he takes”

My first resolution for 2018 is to see the grace, the beauty, the godliness, the universal source energy in everything and everyone I encounter. The secret to being able to seek grace in every step I take will be to not have any preconceived notions, beliefs or judgments about the experience I have or see in others. If I can look at all my experiences as potential lessons instead of potential problems, I believe I will be as successful, as possible. And for that times I am not successful, I will need that non judgment of myself most of all! I will need to not judge myself when I don’t see the grace through the drama. And like all resolutions, I will just need to redouble my efforts for the next time.

The ability to not judge myself or others will be predicated on Resolution #2!

Resolution #2 – “Talk to God and listen to the casual reply”

Resolution number two is all about seeking and listening to the guidance of the divine self. Listening and following guidance is how we attempt to choose actions, thoughts and words that are better suited to allowing the love to flow through us and through our world. This is how the non-judgment and grace will be seen.

The reason I like Denver’s turn of phrase, particularly, is because there is acknowledgement that speaking with the divine wisdom within each of us is our natural state and is filled with peace and wonder. There is no hesitation regarding whether I am worthy enough to hear my inner wisdom. I just need to listen for the casual reply. There is no nervousness, no anxiety. Just peace. Coming from this peaceful place is the way to help ensure that I am not blocking the response or filtering the response through drama.

To help with being as clear as possible when I seek guidance, I like to send myself a “Calm Balm”. A Calm Balm is a technique of filling with a combination of resonances including Peace, Ease, Relaxation, Calm and Serenity, while at the same time, setting the intention to clear nervousness, anxiety, distress, stress and other similar discordant emotions. I find this helps me listen for guidance and to not judge the guidance that I hear.

Your Resolutions Here!

Each of us will have different resolutions for 2018. If any of your resolutions include introspection or self-help, you will probably want to carve out extra quiet time to be able to “seek the grace” and to “listen to the casual reply”. Find what works for you: time in your meditation chair, sitting around the campfire, walking through the woods, joining a dance or yoga class, walking your dog or petting your cat, and allowing a calm balm to settle in your being. Whatever activity or lack of activity that allows for reflection will help you with these or whatever resolutions you have for 2018.

May Grace and Guidance be yours in 2018 and always.

Happy New Year.

(click on the link below for Rocky Mountain High Lyrics!)

Has your world gone crazy? Allowing and Detaching with Compassion

Has your world gone crazy? Allowing and Detaching with Compassion

Remember that old saying? “The whole world has gone insane except you and me, and I am not too sure about you!” This quote seems equally relevant today as it did when it was first quipped! Of course, some of us are now even questioning our own craziness!

How, then, do we navigate our world, our reality in all the craziness? Well – we need to allow and detach from what the outer world presents as “reality”. You ask: “Pray tell, Lori, how do we do that?” We do what masters have done from time immemorial. We allow for full renunciation of the 3D world.

What exactly does renunciation of the 3D world look like?

I asked my guidance the same question. My inner wisdom started by explaining to me what renunciation is not! The beliefs that renunciation means starkness in life, in food, in clothing, in behavior, in art, in music, and in science is not the renunciation that is required to fully allow and detach from the 3D world. As the Tibetan Lama Yeshe is quoted as saying, “Renunciation comes from within, it is inner wisdom, inner knowledge.” These aspects of “everyday life” like styles of clothing, food, music are simply window dressing. Remember what Kris Duffy taught us – “It’s not the what, It’s the why.” It is not what we eat so much as why we eat what we eat. If we are eating certain foods because they fulfil cravings or even addictions, then we might want to examine if we should cut down or eliminate that from our diet. If we are eating foods that fill us with joy and harmony because they raise our vibration, then eating these foods as guided is the highest plan for us. As we follow our guidance as to what the highest good is for us in food, drink, music, technology, we will realize that full renunciation of the 3D world is more about eliminating the attachment to these aspects in the world, not the elimination of the actual manifestation or consumption in the world.

I read an anonymous quote that furthers this philosophy – “Renunciation is not about giving up the things of the world, it is accepting that they go away.” This idea implies that aspects of the physical world are only temporary. Our immortal nature, the essence of ourselves rests in knowing ourselves as eternal beings not in the mirror that our outer reality shows us. The sooner we can realize that we create the mirror that we see, the sooner we can either change it to something we prefer or relax into the freedom that we have created.

This is how we renunciate the 3D world – through inner wisdom and inner guidance.

But what of the original quote regarding the whole world appearing insane? As we are on the path to being in full renunciation of the 3D world, we need to allow and detach from the appearance of the insanity of our current world. We do this with the outmost compassion and love for what we see in the outer world. The separation that we see between differing factions in all the different facets of our world – politics, economics, religions, races, sexes – boil down to each side wanting to hold onto their 3D power.

Peeling back the onion shows that under the need to maintain or gain power is fear. It doesn’t matter what form the fear of scarcity takes – abundance, power, love, resources – it is ultimately the fear and separation of not remembering our true divine nature. Don’t confuse this with what we have told ourselves is the true nature as humans or the true nature of animals. This is the true nature of ourselves as divine eternal aspects of the divine eternal source. Focusing on the divine eternal source of ourselves is the path to full renunciation of the 3D world.

However, not everyone sees the world in these terms. We can allow and detach from how others see the world and how that outer vision appears to affect us, but we want to do it with compassion and love for who they are and where they are on their own path. We want to also allow ourselves to be compassionate with ourselves when we might not allow and detach from our outer world reality as we might wish for ourselves. Be compassionate with ourselves when we judge ourselves or the outer world reality. Come back to focusing on our inner wisdom and our inner light.

Let us remember ourselves as that eternal essence of source energy and let the wonder continue.

What if everyone besides me has already evolved?

What if everyone besides me has already evolved?

I remember listening to a book on tape (yes, that will tell you how long ago I am talking about if the book was actually on cassette tape!) by Jack Canfield. I don’t remember the name of the book but it was inspiring us to look inward and remember our true divine selves.

One of the suggestions that he made would help me to look at others with less judgment. He posed this question: What if everyone else had already evolved to know themselves as Source and they were simply playing a role to help me evolve? Whether I viewed the other person’s role as good or bad didn’t matter. Either way, they were helping me to see what I still needed to heal to become my true self; my divine self.

If the other person made me mad, what did I need to clear or heal in order to view their actions dispassionately or what did I need to heal to no longer attract their energy into my life?

If the other person made me feel joy, what did I need to anchor to feel this joy without their help or to feel it more often?

Whatever the other person mirrored back to me was for my benefit and growth, no matter how it seemed to manifest in my life.

Viewing our world this way may seem Pollyannaish. Or we might just need to accept that this is a way to look at all situations as a mirror for us to move forward. To accept the interactions with others in the state of Divine Gratitude for the opportunity to evolve. Like most things, this is easier said than done.

When faced with something or someone unpleasant try to consider this philosophy / this technique in order to help you move out of judgment of yourself or the other person and into the energy and the space to move forward with your evolution.

As Shakespeare would tell us in As You Like It, “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players.”

Let’s incorporate this truth in our world, now as much as ever before.

We Are All Puzzle Pieces

We Are All Puzzle Pieces

Have you ever fell into the habit of thinking you were responsible for other people’s evolution? Maybe you have made vows to help all others on earth or maybe even tied your own evolution to whether other people evolve?

For those of us who are lightworkers, spiritual teachers or facilitators, or even those who are parents, we sometimes struggle to discern when our service of guiding others to evolve either spiritually or into full fledge adulthood stops and our service of simply supporting or encouraging others to fly on their own begins.  

Recently, I was having a conversation with a friend about this topic and trying to integrate the wisdom of Divine Responsibility: knowing when it is time to help others or when it is time to step back with discernment not judgment for either the teacher or the student / the parent or the child. We were discussing that sometimes since the teacher or the parent seems more aware or more experienced that this might be confused for more responsible. We heard that this is not the case when looking at the topic from the perspective of Divine Principles and Truth.

The analogy that came to me to help explain this situation is that of a puzzle. In a puzzle, no matter how big the puzzle or how little, how complicated or simple, the scale of each puzzle piece is the same. The puzzle pieces might have slightly different shapes and definitely have different colors, but they are all the same size.

That is how we can look at our responsibility for ourselves and others. We are all responsible for ourselves and our evolution / our willingness to change. And all other beings are responsible for their own evolution and willingness to change because we all have the same proportion of “responsibility” in our puzzle piece / in our DNA.

If one of the puzzle pieces thinks it is less responsible because it still holds a victim mentality, that puzzle piece won’t fit where it is supposed to fit. If another puzzle piece thinks it is responsible for another’s position on the puzzle, then it is overshadowing or enabling another puzzle piece to not be in its full place in the puzzle.

If you find yourself holding more responsibility than is in the highest plan, look inward to discover why. Vows, guilt, promises? Then ask to clear those beliefs. If you are not owning enough responsibility, look inward to discover why. Fear, overwhelm, abandonment issues? Then ask to clear those beliefs.

Allow yourself and others to fill each equivalent space in the puzzle, the puzzle of Oneness.


Transforming Right Where We Are

Transforming Right Where We Are

Many of us believe we need to get out of our living space and out of our daily lives in order to fully transform into the Divine Light that we are.

There are many books and movies that tell of spiritual journeys of transformation. Eat, Pray, Love and Wild are two popular ones that come to mind. A friend of mine loaned me her copy of Mutant Message Down Under by Marlo Morgan which is an autobiographical or fictional story – depending on your belief system – of the author’s “walk about” journey for four months with an Aboriginal Tribe in Australia.

As Morgan tells the story, she was invited to a meeting with the Aboriginal Tribe that called itself “The Real People” when, unbeknownst to her and without planning or warning, she was to join them for this journey where she learned about their culture and the wisdom of the ages.

As I read the book, the concepts were very familiar to me as the lessons and wisdom that The Real People helped Morgan discover are similar to what we teach in the Standing in the Light® Program.

One of the similar messages is that we are first and foremost One with everything in creation. What is done to someone or something else is done to yourself. Morgan speaks of the The Real People’s belief regarding Divine Oneness – basically their term for the Creator, Source or God. Morgan quotes one tribe member like this:

“You believe Divine Oneness sees and judges people,” Ooota said. “We think of Divine Oneness as feeling the intent and the emotion of beings – not as interested in what we do as why we do it.”

In Standing in the Light® we say “It’s not the what. It is the why.” Similar idea as it is the intention behind the action which matters most. There are many other similarities since The Real People are tapping into the same universal truths that we are.

As part of the experience, The Real People and Morgan do not take much more than the clothes on their backs on walk about. Very consciously, they set the intention to have all of their needs met. They live off the land. They use ancient wisdom to heal themselves, find food and water and telepathy to speak to each other. They are living life simply with natural intelligence and wisdom as opposed to technology. Being a part of nature vs. having dominion over it.

Morgan’s journey is transformative. She admits that she would not have scheduled this for herself but is grateful for the wisdom and insights she gained from the experience. She writes in the book,

Born Empty Handed

Die Empty Handed

I experienced life at its fullest,

Empty Handed.

The question to ask ourselves is whether we need to go on a physical journey to have a transformational spiritual journey. For some, the answer may be yes. Getting out of the everyday physical realm and reality may make it easier to connect to the Oneness in everything, the Oneness within. If you are guided to move to an ashram, a conscious community or another country, that is great.

However, for most of us, living in the everyday work life and culture is what our path is. We are to transform ourselves where we are planted. Finding issues that still need to be healed within ourselves can be done right here, right now.

We may be guided to help others on their journey. Because most others on the planet will not be traveling for their journey, becoming the master that we are where we are is key to being role models. Most others will be reading books, taking classes and listening to speeches in their home towns or at least within their general local area. For most of us, transformation to knowing we are Home begins at home. To quote another Kansas girl on her transformational spiritual journey: There is no place like home, There is no place like home!

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