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Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Energy Explored

Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Energy Explored

Growing up Catholic in the middle section of the United States, I believed that God was male. I was raised to believe in equality of female and male humans, but God was referred to as a male. Being Catholic, we did venerate Mother Mary and other female saints, but their goodness and power came from their personal conviction, service to God, and willing obedience to God’s will. These beliefs served me well until they didn’t.

It wasn’t until I was exploring options outside of the Western traditional religions that I realized that God / Source / The All That Is is both male and female. God – indeed the Universe / Source – is made up of both divine masculine and divine feminine energies and I needed to find the truth in this both intellectually and experientially.

Eminent Reiki™ helped me integrate that Source is both masculine and feminine. Eminent Reiki™ is a healing modality that allows us to tap into the energy of the universe and then channel it for the good of ourselves, others, and all of Mother Earth and her kingdoms. We are taught from the very first class that this universal energy is both masculine and feminine and is balanced and in harmony within itself. One of the goals of Eminent Reiki™ is to balance the masculine and feminine energy within ourselves.

To understand the balance of masculine and feminine energies, take the example of a pendulum swinging from side to side. The balance point in the middle is when masculine and feminine energy is perfectly balanced and in harmony. If the pendulum is on the right side, there is too much masculine energy. If the pendulum is stuck on the left, there is too much feminine energy. The goal is the perfect balance between the two. This balance allows us to feel in harmony with the intuition and wisdom we tap into (feminine energy) as we take the action steps (masculine energy) we are guided to take. Taking action steps that are not well guided or without the wisdom behind them, might mean that we are looking productive but we are not actually accomplishing the goal, because they are the wrong action steps or are harder than they need to be. On the other hand, sitting back and waiting for the absolute perfect information before taking the action step might mean we miss learning what we need to learn in order to move forward. Potentially, too much masculine energy could be viewed like that old saying: we are lost but we are making good time. Too much feminine energy might be viewed as being too scared to make a wrong move that we don’t move forward at all. Both of these scenarios are out of balance.

In Eminent Reiki™, we specifically try to balance all of our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual systems to be in harmony between the divine masculine energy and the divine feminine energy. We ask to balance the feminine energy in our light channel and the masculine energy in our light channel. We seek to have these energies in balance to the point that they are blended and there is the power, strength, and wellbeing in that combined energy. There is evolution in the combined energy.

Some people may not think it necessary to distinguish or intentionally bringing in feminine as well as masculine energies. They might ask if we are bringing in and feeling the energy of Source, why is it necessary to specifically ask to bring in divine feminine and divine masculine energy. These people may have a point if they are holding the highest intention that Source is truly made up of many aspects and they are integrating all those different aspects as they refer to and experience the overall energy of Source. However, most people are not experiencing the oneness of these divine aspects that way, yet. Most of us have false beliefs that keep us in either too much masculine energy or too much feminine energy. Our pendulum swings out of balance to one side or the other where we experience life too passively or too actively and in reaction to the belief systems that may no longer serve us well.

If most of us were balanced between our masculine and feminine energies, we would have less strife in our personal lives and in the world as a whole. The energy of Oneness and Source, when balanced with all the different aspects of Source rolling up into it, would manifest in the physical, emotional and mental world much differently than most are currently experiencing life on Earth. Asking to fill with and balance divine masculine and divine feminine energies is the next step to then feeling the oneness of the combined energy.

For me, recognizing that there was more than just a masculine God, then moving to want to feel the energy of the divine feminine with the divine masculine, and then feeling them as One / Source / All That Is is the progression of evolution that is working for me. I encourage you to start to feel this, too. The ultimate goal is to feel this energy as the Oneness that it truly is, but most of us need to take this realization step by step just as we do in most other areas of our lives. We walk before we run. We babble before we speak. Thus, ask to fill with and allow yourself to feel divine feminine and divine masculine energy balanced within.

If you would like more information on Eminent Reiki™ please follow this link or leave a message below. Namaste.


The Joy of Gratitude

The Joy of Gratitude

I will admit it. I have been struggling with the concept of Divine Gratitude.

Readers of my blog know I teach and believe that we are all aspects of the God/Goddess All That Is / Source. Source is all there is and we are a part of it. We are unique aspects of this wondrous universal (perhaps “multiversal”) energy of Source. This is the key point to the teachings of Standing in the Light® programs and classes.

Another fundamental aspect of the SITL classes is that in order to consciously create we must hold the intention of what we want to create and the energies of Divine Love, Divine Surrender, Divine Detachment, Divine Trust and Divine Gratitude plus whatever qualities of what you are trying to create – such as a car, house, or new job. However, no matter what we are trying to manifest or create, we must be holding the first five energies sufficiently to bring our intention into form.

These are the reasons each of the five energies is necessary:

  • Divine Love – to know and understand ourselves as love with the self-worth and self-confidence to bring the creation into form.
  • Divine Detachment – to not be concerned how and when the creation comes into form.
  • Divine Trust and Divine Surrender – to be willing to trust and surrender to what the highest plan is and to trust and surrender to our own ability to bring it into form.
  • Finally, Divine Gratitude – to be willing to show gratitude and be grateful prior to something coming into form. (Anyone can show gratitude after what he/she is trying to manifest comes into form, but the master shows it before it is created with the confidence that it will be created.)

What I was struggling with was the intersection of knowing I am an aspect of Source and therefore ultimately I am Source with the idea of giving gratitude to the Source that I am. Why would I need to give gratitude to an energy source that I am?

What I figured out was I was under one of two possible misconceptions. First, I was misunderstanding that the gratitude I was giving was to some benevolent energy outside of myself that needs me to give gratitude to it as if I was borrowing its car on a Saturday night. At least this misconstrued gratitude was to a benevolent Source because the second one wasn’t. The second misunderstanding was that I was giving gratitude to an energy that wasn’t quite so benevolent as if I was a supplicant or subject needing to show unconditional gratitude out of fear of reprisal if I didn’t.

Having been able to see through these two misconceptions, I finally realized that the gratitude I was giving and feeling was to and for myself, myself as this wonderful aspect of Source. I needed to allow the gift of the energy and joyful feeling of Divine Gratitude for all the many wonderful qualities and frequencies that I hold ethereally which come into form physically because of the universal law of like attracts like.  Because I am holding a certain cocktail of frequencies, I attract those physical manifestations to me.

That is what I have to be grateful for: feeling, knowing and being the state of total enjoyment of what has been created and honoring that creation. That is what Divine Gratitude is. That is what we need to know and be in order to bring any intention into form. The knowingness of the Joy of Gratitude.

Want to read more about Gratitude? Check out these two blog entries by Ginger Withee and myself. and



What reading “Outlander” has made me question: Spoiler Alert!

What reading “Outlander” has made me question: Spoiler Alert!

Are you an Outlander fan, like me? Reading the Outlander series has given me cause to question how I might act if I were in similar situations as the characters.

The Outlander series is a time-traveling love story written by Diana Gabaldon. There are eight books in the series with the ninth coming out soon. Gabaldon has also written many short stories and side stories involving the same characters. Gabaldon’s books and characters are so popular that Starz has turned them into a cable TV series.

I am currently reading book number seven, An Echo in the Bone. I won’t go too far into spoiler mode but I need to give a little background in order to tell you what I have questioned about myself while reading the books.

The main characters in Outlander are Claire, an English World War II nurse, who time travels to 1743 Scotland where she meets our hero, Jamie, a Scottish Highland warrior. Jamie, although enamored with Claire, is not enamored with “outlanders” the derogatory term for the English. Claire eventually shares her time travel secret with Jamie and convinces him of her knowledge of the future, since it is history to her.

From the beginning of the shared knowledge, Claire and Jamie debate whether it is possible for two people to change the future. Although an ongoing theme, my metaphysical questions didn’t really come to me until reading An Echo in the Bone. Here comes the spoiler alert!

In An Echo in the Bone, Jamie and Claire are now living in the British Colonies of North America thirty odd years forward from when they first met in 1743. The Declaration of Independence of 1776 has been declared and for a few years running up to that, the British subjects in the North American Colonies are deciding whether to stay loyal to England or to take up the cause of those opposing the English King.

Claire knows the outcome of the war even when almost no one, including the rebelling colonists, would have predicted it.

The questions metaphysically are, if you had the insight and knowledge that Claire has regarding the outcome of the war between the rebelling colonies and Britain, how would you act? What would you do? Would you keep your eye on the end game? Would you work to help others see the truth of the revolutionary cause? Would you experience your outer world more calmly because you know how it will end? Or would you continue to be in fear because of the potential of dying in the war, regardless of the final outcome? Would you have the courage to move forward or would you move to a region of the world not affected directly?

These are basically the same questions we can ask ourselves regarding the experiment in duality. If we know the final outcome will be that everyone and everything on Mother Earth will remember who we truly are, will return home to the oneness of Source, would we have the courage to move forward regardless of how chaotic and physically challenging we see the outer world? Will we allow ourselves to move through the layers of our fear to our own evolution where we might be able to help others see the truth of this seemingly revolutionary cause? Or would we, with the knowledge that we have, try to deny the inevitable by staying with the status quo of the third-dimensional world even when we know that is not ultimately sustainable?

Asking and answering these questions will not change the final outcome. We all do make it home, even those who are trying to stay in the third-dimensional reality because that is all they know or because it is where they believe their power base is. All make it home because we are already home. We are already God/Goddess All That Is. However, the answer to the questions will determine how much joy we have in the journey and perhaps how much joy we can help others to experience, as well. There is no judgment from Source / God/Goddess All That Is regarding how long we exist in the experiment in duality. Time is also an illusion so there really isn’t a “how long we exist in the experiment” concept either. You can be the first on your block to adopt the revolutionary idea of evolving out of the experiment and remembering who you are even when all evidence to the contrary in your outer world might lead you to believe that the status quo is the only option you have. Don’t worry about holding onto the old paradigm. Master the illusion and move into the new paradigm. The new world awaits.

Divine Surrender: Is Your Universe Limited to Your Backyard?

Divine Surrender: Is Your Universe Limited to Your Backyard?

As readers of this blog know, I am a new puppy guardian. The universe has been giving me great messages through this new experience for me. Today’s message is Divine Power and Freedom through Divine Surrender.

Recently, my friend and teacher, Marsha Hankins wrote a book called, Ascension, The End of Duality, Published by Balboa Press and available online at Marsha arranged a teleconference to answer questions that any of her readers might have. On the conference, Marsha was addressing the need for us to surrender to our own Divine Will. She suggested that we all tap into the energy of an ascended master to see how the ascended master felt about Divine Surrender.

I was guided to tap into the energy of the Christ to see how he feels about Divine Surrender. The immediate response I received was that of Divine Power. How interesting. By being in Divine Surrender, the Christ was feeling his complete Divine Power. Ginger Withee, another friend of mine shared with me that when she tried the same experiment, she felt expansion, freedom, and deep connectedness. Comparing notes, Ginger and I realized that Divine Surrender is the exact opposite of what human surrender feels like. It is through Divine Surrender – surrendering to the Divine Will within ourselves, that we have the power and the freedom to be and experience what is in the highest good of all. Anything less than this and we are limiting ourselves.

How does this apply to my 11-week old lab, Ruby Sunshine? Obviously, Ruby is very young and we are just starting to train her. Pat and I are trying to be as conscious as possible to not expect her to be more evolved than she is! Having said that, we live on a state highway that has a 50 mile an hour speed limit at our door. We can no longer allow Ruby to be outside of our backyard without a leash. She is too fast for us, already! Further into her training for voice recall, this may change. But, for now, the leash needs to be on for her protection and security.

As you can imagine, at first, Ruby viewed her leash as trying to control her or to confine her. That is how we humans view surrender and even guidance, sometimes. We have been working with Ruby, physically and energetically, to see if she will reframe the way she views the leash from being controlling to being her freedom. Just like the Christ showed me, Divine Surrender to Divine Will, (aka being willing to walk on her leash) will allow Ruby to go anywhere, not just stay in the backyard, and be safe and secure while she is on the leash. Her universe will no longer be limited to her backyard. Her universe will include walks, hikes, new experiences, and new smells, all because she is willing to surrender to her leash.

The other day, Ruby was still fighting the leash on what I assume is personal conviction! Therefore, Pat and I had her in the backyard. However, she could see us in the garden which is not in the backyard. She kept running to the fence and looking like she wanted to join us in the garden. Deciding to give it a try, I put her on the leash and without much resistance, she was willing to be out of the backyard. Please bear in mind that the walk we went on was not a classic “at heel” walk at all! It was definitely all about how far she could run to the next smell. She did great! I believe this smart little creature is starting to realize that the leash is the key to her freedom.

What do we need to do to realize that surrendering to our own God-self, our own inner wisdom, and guidance, will lead to our freedom and our true power?

Conscious Puppy: Training vs. Discipline

Conscious Puppy: Training vs. Discipline

It is puppy time! My husband, Pat, and I welcomed Ruby Sunshine into our home on March 13. She is a Labrador puppy. Wow, the learning curve for me has been steep! As I have mentioned before, I have not had the experience of babies or pets in my adult life. I was quite content having my own time and own routines, or no routines. However, Pat’s and my collective guidance was that it was time for us to add this bundle of joy to our home. Ruby is joyful, fun and cute. I believe she will be a wonderful companion for us. She is however, a real live being with needs, fears and her own personality. She has her own will and her own teeth!

As I mentioned in last month’s blog entry, I knew I would need to stop judging myself that I would mess up Ruby’s life. Well, I guess I had not totally crossed that off my to-do list when we picked her up at the breeder. I am grateful that Pat has had experience with pets as the first couple of days found me second guessing everything I was doing, or feeling bad about it, even when I was doing what the books on puppy behavior recommend.

At a particularly low point for me, Pat told me that the only way we could truly mess Ruby up would be to abuse her, which is not in our nature. I was meditating on the topic a day or so later trying to clear through my reluctance to follow the recommendations for Ruby. I heard from my own guidance that Pat was right, but in addition, the other way to mess up Ruby would be to not train her. That was my “ah-ha” moment.

Instead of looking at the actions to modify behavior as “discipline,” I was be guided to look at the actions as training. For me, this is a very important distinction. If I look at what I am doing and what all the books say to do as training for Ruby, then it is no different from how I would look at raising a child to eat with a fork or learn the alphabet. What a disservice it would be to allow a child to be lawless and uneducated. That would ruin the child’s life. The same would be for not training Ruby to be a well behaved Labrador.

I also heard from my guidance and these behavior books that I needed to not anthropomorphize animals. I need to honor them for who they are but remember that they are part of Source and not a victim to the whims of a feckless deity who made them be animals. Being an animal is just another great experience here on earth. Ruby is a pack animal and needs to be trained and loved the way a pack animal needs to be handled. Treating her as a human is not fair to the essence of who she is. Treating her as a human is not fair to who she truly is. Thus, training is on the agenda!

Fortunately, I can couple the physical training with the energy work and resonances which are part of my service to my clients and to humanity, as well. I am seeking guidance as to how to balance Ruby’s needs individually with the needs of the family unit, as well. I continue to work with the feeling states of Harmony, Cooperation, Unity and Oneness for Ruby, Pat and me. This is how Pat and I will attempt to raise a conscious puppy.

Where in your life would you benefit from looking at a situation as needing training v. discipline? We might look at our exercise regime and think we need more discipline. Or we might look at our meditation practice and think we need more discipline. But, doesn’t the idea of more discipline sound daunting? Sometimes the idea of more discipline makes me think I am being punished. What if I changed the way I look at the situation from discipline and punishment to training and the rewards of that training? The rewards of more exercise might be that I feel better and I am able to fend off colds and viruses more effectively. The rewards of increased meditation time might be that I feel more at peace even in the midst of the chaos that I see all around me.

The energy of training allows me to see the benefit of the end state. The energy of discipline sometimes feels like it is the avoidance of unwanted characteristics. It is the difference of looking at something as the carrot vs. the stick. Let’s say that thirty more minutes of meditation is the goal. If I look at the thirty minutes as training to make myself better, I will go into the training with a positive attitude and a higher energy frequency. If I look at the thirty minutes as discipline, it is possible I will have a lower energy frequency and resent the time. The time will still be spent, but the intention and the attitude of one will give much better results than the other.

Ask yourself to evaluate in your life where you would benefit from looking at the energy of more training vs. the energy of more discipline. Allow yourself to focus on the end state and the benefits of not believing yourself to be a victim of the circumstances around you. Instead, view yourself as training yourself to be the best version of yourself you can be. Let the training begin!



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