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Deer Wisdom

Deer Wisdom

In Ginger Withee’s latest blog post called The Coyote Way she discusses Coyote Medicine and what a particular coyote might be communicating to her. Ginger inspired me to write about deer wisdom and what six deer might be saying to me.

Referring to Ted Andrews’s book called Animal Speak, deer and their relatives are known for “Gentleness and Innocence – Gentle Luring to New Adventures.” Gentle Luring to New Adventures. I really like that wisdom. Many of the experiences we have had recently may have felt closer to jumping from the frying pan into the fire. The idea of gentle luring to new adventures sounds heavenly.

This afternoon I saw six beautiful deer in our front yard. Four of these beauties are in the picture above. I watched these animals quite a while today. From this picture, you can tell that the deer had a choice to jump into a State Highway, but chose not to. They played among the spruce trees, flirted with the neighbor’s yard, circled around the back of the house, and finally jumped the fence to another neighbor’s yard. They did not try to cross the highway on a busy afternoon.

These deer may bring the energy of gentleness and innocence, but they are not naïve. They were cautious without being timid. They were full of life in a tender and calm way. They knew who they were and were ready to run if a natural predator (e.g. my dog) had been around. Because they weren’t being threatened, they were just curious and enjoying a beautiful Colorado day.

This is what I can learn from the deer: the wisdom of knowing who I am, enjoying the present moment, and even being willing to be gently lured into new adventures. This is my new mantra, my new expression of self. Having the self-confidence to know when to move away from the highway, when to enjoy the leftovers in the garden and when to jump the fence. This is the deer wisdom I want to remember.

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