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God’s Truth Is Always Simple

Being the Spiritual Warrior

Have you noticed how much things have been changing in our outer world, shifting quickly and often unexpectedly? We can see it in our elections; one candidate is ahead in this poll and the next week something is said or revealed and the other candidate is ahead in...

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The Ultimate Truth

“I’m sure that’s what I saw!” “I remember exactly what happened.” “I’m 100% positive that’s what it looked like.” Have those words, or something like them, ever passed your lips? The brain is an amazing organ capable of storing awe-inspiring amounts of raw data. But...

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My First Silent Retreat

A few years ago, I went on my first “silent retreat” over a three day weekend. The goal was to not speak, read, listen to radio or music nor watch TV. We were in retreat at Benet Hill Monastery near Colorado Springs, Colorado. Everything we needed was within walking...

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The Privileges of Membership

In the building where I work, there are many individual small businesses renting office space along with a social club. Recently, for various reasons, the building tenants were offered free membership to the club. My first reaction was that I couldn’t possibly take...

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Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Energy Explored

Growing up Catholic in the middle section of the United States, I believed that God was male. I was raised to believe in equality of female and male humans, but God was referred to as a male. Being Catholic, we did venerate Mother Mary and other female saints, but...

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The Attitude of Gratitude in Reverse!

Marsha Hankins, Guest Blogger, writes:  Hi Everyone!  I don’t know whether to call this a sneak preview or a spoiler alert. Maybe it is simply a head start.  I just finished my August article for Sibyl magazine, and Spirit and I felt this topic is too important to let...

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Freedom to Love

As we celebrate our many wonderful freedoms on this July holiday, there is one basic freedom that many of us are still denying ourselves and others. Are you allowing yourself the very special and ultimate freedom to love? As Lightworkers, we know that we are all Love...

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The Joy of Gratitude

I will admit it. I have been struggling with the concept of Divine Gratitude. Readers of my blog know I teach and believe that we are all aspects of the God/Goddess All That Is / Source. Source is all there is and we are a part of it. We are unique aspects of this...

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The Non-Judgment of Is

I remember an old 1970’s sci-fi film set in Earth’s post- apocalyptic future when humans had tried to resolve what they judged as the aging “problem” by simply eliminating the older people. At some point after their 20’s, people were sent off with a big, happy...

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It Takes a Village to Be a Village

In this country, we value our personal independence greatly. Yet, we often forget how much of a community we are with so many people we never meet. I can go to the grocery store and pick out whatever I want all on my own. But it took the efforts of dozens of people to...

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