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The Joy of Being Human

The Joy of Being Human

Many Lightworkers or other spiritual people look forward to the day that they have transcended the human body. That transcendence may look different for people based on their belief system. However, it usually includes no longer being in a physical body or no longer being on the planet.

What if instead of looking to transcend the body, we focus on healing our beliefs around being in a physical body and embrace the joy of our physical bodies?

Our cultures, societies, religions and philosophies have definite beliefs regarding what the physical body should look like and what actions and feelings are appropriate for the human body. In contrast to these more mainstream beliefs, there are many books, movement practices and ways of being that focus on finding the core beliefs (false beliefs) that might be holding us back from realizing how divine and perfect the human body is as a vehicle for this experience.

In Standing in the Light®, we use the meditation called “Invocation to the Unified Chakra” to help us open up and merge with all the different aspects of our multidimensional self. This invocation was first channeled from Archangel Ariel through Tashira Tachi-ren in the book What is Lightbody? It is a very powerful meditation.

We are guided to use it in the Standing in the Light® classes and private sessions because it focuses on expansion of the energy within us and a merging of the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies with the physical body. It does not ask us to leave the physical body behind nor to lift our energy off the planet. It focuses on knowing and being the Light here in a physical body.

In one of the stanzas the Invocation to the Unified Chakra states:

I breathe in Light

Through the center of my heart,

Allowing the Light to expand,

Encompassing my eighth chakra

(Above my head)

And my upper thighs

In one unified field of Light

Within, through, and around my body.

I allow my emotional body to merge

With my physical body.

I AM a unity of Light.

In order to truly heal all aspects of ourselves, we need to recognize and love the full experience of being human which means recognizing and loving our physical body. What action steps do you need to take to start to enjoy and love your body? Is it to dance more, laugh more, walk more, luxuriate more, and sleep more? What about judging less, criticizing less and comparing less?

What do you need to believe or do to help you know the joy of being human? Find your joy and be your joy. Let us seize the day and be grateful for being in a human body.

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Divine Responsibility

Divine Responsibility

What is your first reaction when someone brings up the topic of being responsible?  Most would say that, yes, being responsible it a good thing.  It is something we definitely all should do.  But it can also conjure up feelings of drudgery, unpleasant tasks and even feelings of resentment or blame.  In the world of the illusion, responsibility is a very different energy than it is in the spiritual realms.

In the illusion, responsibility feels like a duty or even a burden. It can feel isolating when we take on sole responsibility for the outcome, and then we may blame ourselves for not doing a better job or blame others for not doing theirs.  This frequency of responsibility often comes with a strong dose of self-judgment and it can cause a knee-jerk reaction of not wanting to take any responsibility at all.  If we look at the outer world, the kinds of things that many people are saying through social and traditional media reflect this finger-pointing that someone else must be responsible with little willingness to  reflect on each of our individual responsibility in helping create the situation.

True Divine Responsibility is uplifting, supportive and freeing.  Divine Responsibility comes from knowing ourselves as part of the whole, part of a greater community.  Divine Responsibility is being able (and willing) to respond with our whole selves in any situation. In Divine Responsibility, we are each committed to play our part, our unique role for the benefit of the group.  The focus becomes “What can I do?” rather than “What did you do?”  We can trust in the Divine Wisdom of the whole and let go of the need to control other people’s choices. We can focus on what we can each offer and do it with the joy of loving service for the greater good, rather than tallying up a list of who did what.

We are each responsible for our choices and our experiences.  We are not responsible for others’ choices or experiences.  But knowing that we are all connected, all One, why wouldn’t we want to support the best choices for everyone?  Why wouldn’t we each do our best to support the whole rather than tearing it down with blame and judgment?

Let yourself choose Divine Responsibility and feel the Love of a gift freely given.  Give your time and resources when and where you’re guided, without strings or resentment, and you will feel that energy coming back to you exponentially.   Choose to be able to respond in every moment and you will begin to know yourself as unlimited Source.



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Viewing Life Through the We Lens

Viewing Life Through the We Lens

Many spiritual traditions talk about the power, wisdom and love we feel as the oneness with everything and everyone. For many of us this seems like a pie in the sky, a dream that we will never manage to create or reach. What if we focus on a step that might be easier, a half step on the way to oneness? What if we look at the power, wisdom and love of the We, instead?

Let us all look at how we would feel and the energy we would create if we no longer looked at situations from a them vs. me perspective. If we take a problem in our life, whether it is a micro problem within our family or local community or if it is a macro problem with our state or a county, and stop assuming that “the other side” is trying to take advantage of me. Instead, what would happen if we were on the same side, the same side of trying to get to the same goal regardless of which direction each of us is coming at the problem. Wouldn’t that make it possible for people who had opposite views on a topic to pool their ideas and resources to see what might be achieved when pulling in the same direction? This is not about compromising our ideals and what we believe as our purpose or truth. It is about seeing the We-ness, the things we have in common, the common goals and working towards those.

I recently thought about an episode from the TV series Boston Legal which aired between 2004 and 2008. One year, the Halloween episode had James Spader’s character defending a local elementary school who was being sued to cancel its Halloween parade. The two families bringing the suit were coming at the situation from opposite directions. One family was self-described as conservative Christians who believed that the portrayal of demons and witches in the parade would encourage devilish behavior instead of godly behavior. The second family joining in the suit were Wiccans who believed the parade would demonize and stereotype witches as bad people. The two families, philosophically, couldn’t agree less on the topic. But, for the common goal of canceling the parade, they were in sync.

What areas of your life can you find some common ground and be in sync with another so that you can work on the issue from a We perspective instead of from an adversarial perspective? We have talked in this blog many times before about the concept of “It’s not the what, It’s the why.”

If you are a parent, what areas can you agree with your child so that you can work toward them being fully sovereign beings living healthily on their own? If you are the child, what areas can you agree with your parents so that you will be a fully sovereign being and able to enjoy your life as you see fit? The why here, the common ground here, is the child being a fully sovereign being. That is the goal. It is now up to both parties to figure out how that works.

As humans who still require food and water, what goals can we focus on that we have in common no matter whether we are the producers of food and clean water or the consumers of food and clean water? Try not to let the politics of whether someone believes or does not believe in the science of climate change to determine whether you are willing to seek common ground. The “why” here is sufficient food and water for humans and animals to thrive. What do we need to do to make that happen? We need to look at others through the “We lens” instead of the “Us v. Them lens”.

Ultimately, our navigation through this life is about us healing the issues and judgments that make us feel like we are separate from each other, separate from Mother Earth and separate from Source. Taking this step to seeing ourselves and others through the “We Lens” will help us move forward into the We-ness and toward the understanding of ourselves as the oneness with everything and everyone. “It’s not the what, it is the why.”

As you might suspect in the Boston Legal episode, James Spader’s character won the day with the Halloween law suit because he could argue that “the why” for the parade was not about lionizing or demonizing witches. It was about the candy.

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Something New

Something New

We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”   ~ Albert Einstein

We would update that from the spiritual perspective to say that we cannot solve our problems with the same consciousness that created them.  In order to make our shift as a planet into the new paradigm, we must allow ourselves to transition into new ways of thinking, doing and Being.  When we are coming from a higher consciousness, we are able to understand and know from a completely new perspective; a perspective that is more expansive, all-encompassing and inclusive.  This is where brilliant insights and miracle solutions come from.

There is a poignant scene in the movie, A Beautiful Mind, which illustrates this point.  Russell Crowe plays real-life mathematician John Nash Jr, who struggled with schizophrenia much of his life, and Jennifer Connelly plays his wife.  After his diagnosis, he is trying to find a way out of the delusions he has created in his mind and he asks his wife for more time to figure it out.  He is trying to solve his mental illness the only way he knows how, through analytical thinking.  His wife suggests to him that the answer lies not in his head but his heart.  The way for him to get back in touch with reality is by focusing on his connection with the people who literally touch his life through his heart.

As a country, a society, a planet, we are experiencing a lot of change as the break-down of old systems becomes increasingly visible while the new systems have not fully grown to take their place.  We tend to want to come up with solutions in the way we’ve always done things, by thinking about them and what we’ve done in the past.  But in order to move into the new paradigm, new solutions will need to come from entirely new places.  We will each need to reach into deeper places within ourselves to create this new paradigm.

Ask your Soul where you are guided to be looking within yourself for your next steps in your evolution.  Be open to an answer that may surprise you because you may be called upon to draw on a part of yourself that you haven’t worked with much or even trusted before.  Allow yourself to see yourself in a completely new light.  Allow yourself to try new things from a new place of being, from your beautiful Soul.


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Alignment: Stepping Stone To Knowing Our Worthiness

Alignment: Stepping Stone To Knowing Our Worthiness

Many of us are doubting our self-worth. Try as we may, we can’t seem to unlock the experience of unconditional worthiness that would be the first step to manifesting self-love, true peace and sense of our authentic self. In addition, since self-love is necessary to manifest in the 3D world (along with the energies of trust, surrender, detachment and gratitude), a lack of self-worth may keep us from manifesting the new job opportunity, the friends or partner that we would like or the abundance of worldly experiences to help us feel joy and contentment.

Sometimes when we focus so much on our perceived lack of worthiness, we create a downward spiral where we beat ourselves up about not feeling worthy and we start to convince ourselves that the unworthiness is justified. It is not. But, as much as I can say to you and myself that the self-worth is unconditional and comes from the wisdom within, many of us aren’t willing to believe it.

The recommendation for today is to spend your meditation time and self care time allowing yourself to come into alignment with your higher self / soul, with the multidimensional self that you are. Allow yourself to commune with and align with yourself from the physical, emotional and mental aspects of who you feel yourself to be in this experience with the aspects you believe to be more spiritual. You really are you, the totality of you, from the physical level to the metaphysical levels of your being, but it just may not feel that way most of the time.

Start to allow yourself to be in the energy of the divine aspects of yourself regardless if this is you in physical body, you in the emotional body, you in the mental body or you in the spiritual bodies. Feel the divinity at every level. Align yourself at every level. When you know yourself as aligned, you will not judge yourself at any particular consensuses level. Your self-worth will start to take hold more and more. Your self-worth and self-confidence will build. Then, according to the Law of Attraction, the things, feelings and experiences you are trying to manifest will start to build as well.

The following is just one idea for helping to allow in the energy of alignment in order to allow in the energy of self-worth.

I first read about the exercise of the Microcosmic Orbit from the Essential Reiki Handbook by Diane Stein. We teach the Microcosmic Orbit in the Eminent Reiki™ classes. Here is a modified version that can be practiced using any resonance or energy.

Microcosmic Orbit – Torso

The Microcosmic Orbit exercise is used to allow or guide energy throughout the entire physical body. In allowing the physical chi / ki to flow, it helps the energy of the other bodies (emotional, mental and spiritual) bodies to flow.

  1. Start the Microcosmic Orbit by feeling or visualizing the energy of alignment to build at the navel.
  2. Then, with your intention, guide the energy down and backward to the base of the spine / root chakra.
  3. At the base of the spine/ root chakra, allow / guide the alignment energy to flow up the spine. As guided, allow the energy to stop and build, healing blocks.
  4. When the alignment energy reaches the back side of the heart chakra, between the shoulder blades, allow the energy to split into two. Guide the alignment energy down the inside of the arms, to the middle of the palms, to the middle finger and up over the hands to the outside of the arms. Allow the alignment energy to build anywhere along the way that feels appropriate.
  5. At the shoulders, allow the energy to flow back into one stream of energy and flow up over the head and down the crown, over the face.
  6. Allow the alignment energy to flow down the front of the body until it reached the naval center again.
  7. Allow this circulation of energy throughout the body as many times as you are guided. You may feel it building and flowing more quickly as blocks are released.
  8. After you guide alignment energy around the microcosmic orbit, you may want to guide self-worth energy and self-love energy around the microcosmic orbit. As guided, chose any other energy to guide around the microcosmic orbit, too.
  9. You may want to allow the energy to integrate when you are done. No special technique is required to feel grounded afterward. Simply allow for full grounding into your body, as necessary.

Try this exercise for three or four days in a row and see if you start to feel more aligned and feel more self-worth. If you like, repeat the practice more than one time a day. Modify as necessary and allow yourself to know and feel fully aligned and fully worthy of your true self.

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Good Things Matter

Good Things Matter

Exploring the topic of 4th Dimensional Love: The Gateway to Unconditional Love, the topic for the Standing in the Light® Gathering and Potluck on July 13, has allowed me to muse about some of the resonances that are included in LOVE. One of them is kindness.

To demonstrate the energy of this kindness, I am sharing with you a song by a friend of mine and favorite songwriter. Let me introduce you to Andrew McKnight, a folk singer from the Middleburg area of Virginia. It would take much longer than a blog entry to tell you all the joy that Drew and his crew have created for me and my family. Suffice to say that a chance meeting in a Border’s book store (that no longer exists) on Pearl Street in Boulder, where I first heard Drew playing live, has led to a two decade love affair with Drew and his music and my family. Besides, what happens around a camp fire stays around the camp fire, yes?

Drew wrote the song Good Things Matter to help encourage us to remember that the small things make a difference in other people’s lives and in our own. Here is the second verse, the chorus and the call to kindness in Good Things Matter.

Tear-streaked boy behind the playground fence, teams picked, game in full swing
his braces hold him back from what his glasses show, he is not good at this thing,
but the bigger boy who plays the game with natural skill and grace,
says “here’s my bat, take my place”
he knows the final score is more than runs across the plate
by the pinch hitter’s smiling face


Good things matter, long after they’re done
good things matter, each and every one
good things matter, no matter how small
good things matter to us all


Linger for the old one’s words, let a child know she’s been heard
ask a wallflower to dance, give mistakes a second chance
smile at strangers on the street, share the table where you eat
leave the extra change behind, fight fear, be colorblind
a kind word to chase the grey, when things are hard find a way,
it all comes back someday

Margret Mead, the anthropologist, said: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has”. If Margret had formed music and lyrics to her thoughts, I bet it would sound like this song. Thank you, Drew, for your inspiration.

Good things matter, long after they’re done
good things matter, each and every one
good things matter, no matter how small
good things matter to us all

For the YouTube video of Andrew preforming the song, follow this link.

For Digital download of the song, follow this link.

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