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The Joy of Being a Full Living Master

The Joy of Being a Full Living Master

Don’t let the title fool you, I am working toward being a Full Living Master (FLM), but there is still a ways to go on this particular journey for me!

In my quest, however, I realized that I had a certain image in my mind as to what a FLM would look like. I didn’t limit what gender, nationality, size, race, or creed that a FLM would be, but I was limiting his/her countenance. I believed that a FLM would exude wisdom, love, and joy. But, I found myself thinking that the joy would be of the peaceful kind, of the serene kind, not necessarily the passionate or hilarious kind of joy. Why would I believe that a FLM didn’t laugh?

Then the thought came to me – why would anyone want to be a FLM if the position – or more precisely the level of frequency – was so severe and serious that one couldn’t laugh. Did I have a false belief that Source / The All That Is / The Creation Energy doesn’t have a sense of humor or simply doesn’t want to have fun? Maybe I did. But, I don’t any more. Who do we think created humor?

I am reminded of the saying we teach in Standing in the Light®. “It’s not the What, It’s the Why”. Why are we laughing? Is it because we are sharing a funny and joyful experience or because we are making fun of someone else. If our “why” is joy, then we raise our frequency in the laughter. If our “why” is spiteful, then we may want to explore different forms of entertainment.

The tricky type of humor for me is humor that is all about the irony of the situation. If the irony brings to our attention inconsistencies, hypocrisies, or judgments, and sheds light on how these beliefs might be harming ourselves or our world, then the irony is probably doing its job to raise our frequency and allow us to rid ourselves of lower vibratory beliefs. If the irony is simply mean-spirited, we might want to look at whether that is truly moving us forward in our evolution.

I realize that I need to change my beliefs and stop projecting my old beliefs of virtue and righteousness on who or what a FLM is. By eliminating these judgments, I hopefully take one more step closer to that existence, myself.

May We All Feel The Love, Joy, and Laughter of a Full Living Master, always. Namaste.

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Not Lost but Found

Not Lost but Found

Have you been feeling a little lost, lately? Many people have been feeling the uncertainty and pressures of personal life changes and the reflection of discord in our nation as our political and social pendulum swings back and forth in search of balance. When we are not allowing ourselves to move with the flow of change, we feel stuck, afraid and a little lost. Where is all of this going?

I recently came down with a strain of the flu that has been circling around. I had it all: fever, body aches and a wracking cough that felt like it rattled my bones. It seemingly hit me out of nowhere, which is exactly how the flu operates. I have been fortunate in my life to get sick only rarely, but this experience sure found me! It was very disorienting to feel so incapacitated and to have no clue how long it would last. Each day I checked in with my Soul to ask how best to support myself, but there isn’t much you can do physically except to let it run its course!

I kept asking to release everything that was no longer in alignment with my highest plan and to clear out my bodies as much as possible to allow in more light. I didn’t know exactly what was being released or where all of it was leading me, but I trusted that this clearing would take me to new levels of consciousness and willingness to let go.

When I began to feel better, I asked my Soul for education and understanding of what the experience meant for me and how to make the best use of it in my spiritual evolution. One suggestion was to work with the resonance of Divine Equilibrium to help me acclimate to new levels of light. The phrase “this is the new normal” has been bouncing around social media for a while and this was my version of accepting and integrating a “new normal.”

As I continue to recover physically, I am getting more and more insights from the experience. But none of it would have been possible if I hadn’t surrendered to it and allowed it to run its course. Resistance would only have made it painful.

As you navigate all of the changes which are happening personally and globally, allow your Soul to lead you in focusing on the greater wisdom and levels of light we are gaining. We must let go of the old to make way for the new. It is sometimes a messy, chaotic process but it always leads us to greater truths of who we are as divine beings. Rather than feeling lost, hold the Faith and Trust of remembering that we are all just going Home to ourselves as Source. There are many paths we may choose to take, but there really is only the destination of Oneness.

Communication with Our Inner Self

Communication with Our Inner Self

George Bernard Shaw said, “The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” Can I get an Amen to that?

I think we all can come up with examples even when we are specifically trying to communicate with someone where we aren’t even sure if we are speaking the same language. There are times with our friends, family, and co-workers where the words we are trying to use to describe a situation or a set of feelings might as well be in Klingon for the amount of understanding we are exchanging. And this is when we are actually trying to be in clear communication.

What happens when we have the filters of anger, spite, deception, getting even, or the need to be right? What happens to our communication then? It either becomes non-existent or actually becomes so dysfunctional that it is harmful.

Do you suppose that our communication (or lack thereof) with others individually and the discourse we see on TV and in the political arena is really a mirror for the lack of communication with our Souls, with the Spiritual Hierarchy, and with ourselves as Source? The image of us taking action on such dysfunctional or unaligned communication seems a little bit frightening.

In the Standing in the Light® Program, the first technique we teach to help us know ourselves as Source is how to be in clear communication with our Souls / our inner-selves. The Christ has guided us to use a specific meditation including the Unified Chakra mediation to open and unify all of our bodies – the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies – into unity and oneness of being. (The Unified Chakra meditation can be found in An Ascension Handbook by Tony Stubbs/ Ascended Master Serapis and in What is Lightbody? by Tachira Tachi-ren/ Archangel Ariel.)

Once we are in the meditative state, from this open and unified place within ourselves, we can start to learn when we are channeling and listening to our inner self and inner wisdom and when, as we like to say, the lower self ego has grabbed the microphone. As with all things were proficiency is sought, we must practice this technique and this art until we can tell the difference between when we are in clear communication and when we are in discord or not in alignment with our Soul. This is really no different from when you are communicating with a business partner, friend, or loved one. If we are being mindful, we know when we are in clear communication and when there are road blocks being thrown in our path. The difference, however, in communicating with your soul and another human is sometimes the discord between you and another human could be on either person’s side or both. When we are communication with our soul, it is the lower self ego that is putting up the road blocks. What can we do about these self imposed road blocks?

Clearing through these road blocks is another technique that the Christ has guided us to use in order to help remember who we truly are. I discussed the topic of clearing issues that no longer serve us a few months ago in this blog. You can refresh your memory here.

For more hands on discussion of both of the techniques of being in clear communication with your soul and clearing any road blocks in your way, my colleague, Ginger Withee, is teaching Standing in the Light® Level 1 classes in Louisville, CO, two weekends in May. Contact her at for more information. Or check out descriptions of the class with this link.

In this time where our outer world communication seems like mis-communication more often than not, take the opportunity to enrich your own internal communication to ensure you are access all the wisdom of the universe which is at your disposal. Namaste.

Heal Thy Masculine

Heal Thy Masculine

Last month, I was guided to write a post about honoring the Divine Feminine and to look within to find where we are still not fully respecting what she has to offer. But the ultimate balanced feminine energies are not just balanced within themselves but also in perfect balance and harmony with the divine masculine energies.

Looking out in the world, it may be hard to see examples modeling the healed male. The masculine aspects on this planet are struggling greatly with the necessary changes as we shift into a new paradigm for humanity. In the third dimension, the masculine aspect is feeling cornered and afraid and is grasping at anything to maintain the old structure of power and control in the outer world. In a misguided attempt to be strong, he is shutting himself off from the very energies which will help him heal and regain his balance: compassion, understanding, willingness to compromise and vulnerability.

And when I write “he” to refer to the masculine archetype, I do not mean to limit it to the male gender but to discuss those masculine qualities within each of us. The mirrors of the masculine dictator in the outer world are showing us where we each need some healing within. It may be time to ask your Soul: Where is my inner masculine still battling something/ someone? Why is my masculine self afraid to let go and surrender? How does my inner masculine still hold himself in separation from others/ from my inner feminine? Why do I need to know to heal my masculine self?

In the fantasy film The Dark Crystal, the split of the masculine and feminine aspects was illustrated when a race of great beings split into two races. One group was very wise and loving, but they lacked the strength to take action. The other race was powerful but highly corrupt because they lacked an understanding of their connection to all beings. When the two races were finally brought back together, they transformed back into beings of light in which both aspects were in perfect balance and harmony. They were whole in a way that they never could be when separated.

Divine Masculine love expresses through the capacity to listen to the feminine intuition and inner vision. Divine Masculine power is in the willingness to take right action to bring that intuitive vision into form. Divine Masculine wisdom is the knowingness of how best to serve the greater good, even when that means stepping aside, rather than serve the immediate needs of me and mine. The healed masculine energies are that of a spiritual warrior who combines strength of purpose with love and understanding.

What is blocking you from healing your inner masculine and being the powerful and gentle spiritual warrior that you are?

Does this help me heal?

Does this help me heal?

What a great question to ask ourselves throughout the day! Does this help me heal?

In the Standing in the Light® Program when we ask for guidance from our higher self / soul, The Christ teaches us to ask questions in the form of “is this the highest plan.” Is it in the highest plan to go on this trip? Is it in the highest plan to have eggs or cereal for breakfast? Is it in the highest plan to take a new job? We are guided to use this phrase simply because why would we ever want to do something that wasn’t in the highest plan for us?

However, sometimes our lower self gets befuddled with the concept of the highest plan. Maybe using the phrase highest plan seems too far in the distant future for us to be willing to move toward that goal. Maybe the term highest plan seems above our ability to reach it. Mind you, when we ask about the “highest plan” we are asking about what is in the highest plan right now. But still, the lower self might find the term “highest plan” too ethereal, too distant or too hard to obtain.

I was having some of these thoughts when I distinctly heard simply ask the question: “Does this help me heal?”

Does eating the extra helping of chocolate cake help me heal? Does watching another movie tonight help me heal? Does going to bed tonight by 10 help me heal? Will bringing in higher frequency resonances help me heal?

If we are being honest with ourselves, phrasing these questions with this simple wording will work wonders. We all have heard that the body knows how to heal itself. Asking and then following through on these type of questions will set the stage for the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies to heal themselves without as much effort as when we go against the common sense answers that these questions elicit.

Did reading this blog entry help me heal?

Honor Thy Feminine

Honor Thy Feminine

With the return of the Goddess energy and with more people turning to the more feminine arts such as yoga, meditation and recognizing intuition, we are experiencing the re-balancing of our planet which has been predominantly in masculine energy for a long time. More people are becoming curious and even believers in the significance of the divine feminine in our lives. But do we truly value what the feminine aspect brings?

Recently I had a realization about differences in the way I engage with others in my workplace compared to how I interact in my personal time or doing energy work or spiritual facilitation. I am more goal-oriented and results-focused at work. Even though I work in the health field in an office where we consciously try to set a soothing environment, I am often still motivated by getting things done. But, the healing work is not really about getting the prescription written or the data entered but about how I do that and the opportunity to touch someone’s life with a little gentleness and love. The encouraging smile, the kind gesture, the simple acknowledgement that someone is going through a rough time can be more healing on the inner than any conventional therapy. We just don’t always see visual confirmation of the results so we don’t always know if it’s “working.”

I realized that part of the let’s-get-this-done mindset at work comes from the belief that it is the reliable way to get things accomplished in the outer world. Many of us on the spiritual path are working toward deeper understanding and expression of the feminine, but still struggle with what appears to be the greater importance of results on the outer. So, we sometimes find ourselves defaulting to what seems like the “sure thing.” The vagueness of good vibes or an intuitive hunch feels a little too mysterious to be completely trusted every time. Yet, the spiritual masters know the truth that taking action (masculine energy) without the inner vision (feminine energy) just results in the world being even more out of balance and chaotic. Both aspects are essential for creation.

I remember a teacher of mine once telling another student, “If the cat pukes on your new carpet and the Goddess says that she needs you to stay in meditation and finish your energy work, then you stay in meditation. The cat puke will still be there when you’re done.” It was a startling analogy, but true. The value in the feminine energies of silence, reflection and inner listening is not in getting them done but in how we can be through the practice of them- states of being that continue long after the exercise.

So, ask your Soul to help you see where you currently do and don’t honor the value of your inner feminine. Does she have your respect? Are there times when you still nudge her aside when you believe you just have to get something done? Are there times when you get an intuitive inspiration but ignore it because it’s inconvenient or unconventional? The divine feminine within you is just as real and present as the masculine energy. She is not strange or mysterious, but very accessible and knowable if we open our hearts to her. She is part of each of us. Just as you would know thyself, know and honor thy feminine.

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