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Heal Thy Masculine

Heal Thy Masculine

Last month, I was guided to write a post about honoring the Divine Feminine and to look within to find where we are still not fully respecting what she has to offer. But the ultimate balanced feminine energies are not just balanced within themselves but also in perfect balance and harmony with the divine masculine energies.

Looking out in the world, it may be hard to see examples modeling the healed male. The masculine aspects on this planet are struggling greatly with the necessary changes as we shift into a new paradigm for humanity. In the third dimension, the masculine aspect is feeling cornered and afraid and is grasping at anything to maintain the old structure of power and control in the outer world. In a misguided attempt to be strong, he is shutting himself off from the very energies which will help him heal and regain his balance: compassion, understanding, willingness to compromise and vulnerability.

And when I write “he” to refer to the masculine archetype, I do not mean to limit it to the male gender but to discuss those masculine qualities within each of us. The mirrors of the masculine dictator in the outer world are showing us where we each need some healing within. It may be time to ask your Soul: Where is my inner masculine still battling something/ someone? Why is my masculine self afraid to let go and surrender? How does my inner masculine still hold himself in separation from others/ from my inner feminine? Why do I need to know to heal my masculine self?

In the fantasy film The Dark Crystal, the split of the masculine and feminine aspects was illustrated when a race of great beings split into two races. One group was very wise and loving, but they lacked the strength to take action. The other race was powerful but highly corrupt because they lacked an understanding of their connection to all beings. When the two races were finally brought back together, they transformed back into beings of light in which both aspects were in perfect balance and harmony. They were whole in a way that they never could be when separated.

Divine Masculine love expresses through the capacity to listen to the feminine intuition and inner vision. Divine Masculine power is in the willingness to take right action to bring that intuitive vision into form. Divine Masculine wisdom is the knowingness of how best to serve the greater good, even when that means stepping aside, rather than serve the immediate needs of me and mine. The healed masculine energies are that of a spiritual warrior who combines strength of purpose with love and understanding.

What is blocking you from healing your inner masculine and being the powerful and gentle spiritual warrior that you are?

Does this help me heal?

Does this help me heal?

What a great question to ask ourselves throughout the day! Does this help me heal?

In the Standing in the Light® Program when we ask for guidance from our higher self / soul, The Christ teaches us to ask questions in the form of “is this the highest plan.” Is it in the highest plan to go on this trip? Is it in the highest plan to have eggs or cereal for breakfast? Is it in the highest plan to take a new job? We are guided to use this phrase simply because why would we ever want to do something that wasn’t in the highest plan for us?

However, sometimes our lower self gets befuddled with the concept of the highest plan. Maybe using the phrase highest plan seems too far in the distant future for us to be willing to move toward that goal. Maybe the term highest plan seems above our ability to reach it. Mind you, when we ask about the “highest plan” we are asking about what is in the highest plan right now. But still, the lower self might find the term “highest plan” too ethereal, too distant or too hard to obtain.

I was having some of these thoughts when I distinctly heard simply ask the question: “Does this help me heal?”

Does eating the extra helping of chocolate cake help me heal? Does watching another movie tonight help me heal? Does going to bed tonight by 10 help me heal? Will bringing in higher frequency resonances help me heal?

If we are being honest with ourselves, phrasing these questions with this simple wording will work wonders. We all have heard that the body knows how to heal itself. Asking and then following through on these type of questions will set the stage for the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies to heal themselves without as much effort as when we go against the common sense answers that these questions elicit.

Did reading this blog entry help me heal?

Honor Thy Feminine

Honor Thy Feminine

With the return of the Goddess energy and with more people turning to the more feminine arts such as yoga, meditation and recognizing intuition, we are experiencing the re-balancing of our planet which has been predominantly in masculine energy for a long time. More people are becoming curious and even believers in the significance of the divine feminine in our lives. But do we truly value what the feminine aspect brings?

Recently I had a realization about differences in the way I engage with others in my workplace compared to how I interact in my personal time or doing energy work or spiritual facilitation. I am more goal-oriented and results-focused at work. Even though I work in the health field in an office where we consciously try to set a soothing environment, I am often still motivated by getting things done. But, the healing work is not really about getting the prescription written or the data entered but about how I do that and the opportunity to touch someone’s life with a little gentleness and love. The encouraging smile, the kind gesture, the simple acknowledgement that someone is going through a rough time can be more healing on the inner than any conventional therapy. We just don’t always see visual confirmation of the results so we don’t always know if it’s “working.”

I realized that part of the let’s-get-this-done mindset at work comes from the belief that it is the reliable way to get things accomplished in the outer world. Many of us on the spiritual path are working toward deeper understanding and expression of the feminine, but still struggle with what appears to be the greater importance of results on the outer. So, we sometimes find ourselves defaulting to what seems like the “sure thing.” The vagueness of good vibes or an intuitive hunch feels a little too mysterious to be completely trusted every time. Yet, the spiritual masters know the truth that taking action (masculine energy) without the inner vision (feminine energy) just results in the world being even more out of balance and chaotic. Both aspects are essential for creation.

I remember a teacher of mine once telling another student, “If the cat pukes on your new carpet and the Goddess says that she needs you to stay in meditation and finish your energy work, then you stay in meditation. The cat puke will still be there when you’re done.” It was a startling analogy, but true. The value in the feminine energies of silence, reflection and inner listening is not in getting them done but in how we can be through the practice of them- states of being that continue long after the exercise.

So, ask your Soul to help you see where you currently do and don’t honor the value of your inner feminine. Does she have your respect? Are there times when you still nudge her aside when you believe you just have to get something done? Are there times when you get an intuitive inspiration but ignore it because it’s inconvenient or unconventional? The divine feminine within you is just as real and present as the masculine energy. She is not strange or mysterious, but very accessible and knowable if we open our hearts to her. She is part of each of us. Just as you would know thyself, know and honor thy feminine.

Are You Ready?

Are You Ready?

Feeling stuck? Not sure how to move forward? It may sound like a simple question, but are you ready to move forward? Are you willing and able to move forward? 

In the Standing in the Light® (SITL) Program, we look to clear issues and situations that no longer serve us. Using simple techniques, we ask to clear the blocks to what we want to manifest (e.g. abundance, health, Christ Consciousness) or we ask to clear the reasons and causes that we have attracted to ourselves something we don’t desire (e.g. illness, relationship troubles, discordant emotions). If the issues are willing to be cleared, then we take the simple approach and allow the clearing to happen. We may track the situation to ensure that the clearing is happening, not wanting to just assume that it is.  

However, if the situation is stuck, we may need to explore further why the situation won’t clear. Sometimes the solution is that we don’t know what the alternative is to “this is how I have always felt” or “this is how I have always done it”. In these situations, we ask for education and wisdom from our souls / our god-selves as to how the higher frequency situation is possible and how it might manifest.

In addition, we can look at these three questions. 1)  Am I able to clear the issue? 2)  Am I ready to clear the issue? 3)      Am I willing to clear the issue? 

Some people may think these questions are the same question, but they have slightly different nuances. Let’s take each one separately. 

Am I able to clear the issue?

This question – Am I able to clear the issue? – is aimed at determining whether we have the skill, talent, technique or knowledge in order to clear the issue. In the SITL program, we have two different classes that teach techniques to help a student be “able” to clear the issues. Even without these classes, however, simply asking our souls / our god-selves sincerely for something to clear might be enough of an “ability” to start the clearing process.

Speaking metaphysically, the ability to clear something might rest more on whether we have empowered ourselves or given ourselves permission or authority to start the clearing process. If we only believe that someone outside of ourselves – our multi-dimensional selves – has the right to forgive us or to give us permission to heal ourselves, then we might have a false belief that we are not able to help clear or heal the situation ourselves. If we believe that only a priest can absolve us of our discordant energies, then we might find ourselves unable to clear a situation. Ask yourself if you have false beliefs that might be holding you back from your own innate ability to help yourself.

Am I ready to clear the issue?

The question – Am I ready to clear the issue? – asks us to determine if we are completely prepared for or duly equipped for the immediate action to clear something you do not desire or to clear the blocks to something you want to manifest.

Maybe there is an action step that is necessary in order for you to move forward with the highest plan for you. Let’s say you are being guided to volunteer on a search and rescue team for your county. You may have an action step of taking a Wilderness First Responder class in order for you to be ready to fulfill this part of your plan.  

Again, on a more metaphysical note, if I have been holding the false belief that I am dependent on someone else to determine my own level of self-love, I may not be ready to fully love myself unconditionally. Maybe I need to clear my old patterns of co-dependent love prior to truly being ready to clear blocks to my own unconditional love of self.  What is holding me back from truly being ready to love myself? What is holding you back from being ready to move forward on your path?

Am I willing to clear the issue?

Finally, let’s discuss if we are willing to clear the issues we face. When we are not willing to clear the issues, we may need more education and wisdom regarding the alternatives, as discussed above. We may need to raise our frequency with resonances like divine love and divine power to help us with our willingness to move forward. We may simply be stubborn and do not want to move on the topic.

Sometimes we humans just need a metaphorical swift kick to the backside to get us moving! In the SITL classes, if we are unwilling to clear an issue, we teach to ask for spiritual education and nudges to get us over the hurdles. If we are guided, we might move up to slightly more pronounced spiritual urgings like spiritual raps and kicks. These are just allowing ourselves permission for the help, the motivation, and the faith to jump the expanse in front of us until we are willing to move forward with clearing the situation. We might also be guided to ask for divine intervention to help our willingness, as well.  

You might come up with some other terms or techniques to help increase your willingness to move forward. Remember, however, that having compassion and gentleness for ourselves will probably win the day more easily than being harsh and unforgiving of our stubbornness or unwillingness.

Follow-up question

With all of these questions regarding ability, readiness and willingness to move forward, there is a follow-up question. Not only do we want to ask are we able, ready and willing but how willing, how able, or how ready we are to clear the issue. Sometimes we might not be 100% willing to clear a situation, but we are 85% willing. Start to clear the parts that are willing and ask what still needs to be done in order to get the percentage higher. Maybe we need to bring in a divine love or divine wisdom to increase our willingness. Maybe we need to find another underlying cause that we haven’t tapped into yet to increase our willingness. All of these questions will help increase the willingness, the ability, and the readiness to move forward.  

We have the ability to know who we truly are. The energy of readiness is upon us. Let’s be willing to step up to the next level. Have faith and belief in ourselves. We can do it. Namaste.




Peace in Our Hearts

Peace in Our Hearts

With the start of a new year, the theme of world peace often comes up. With a fresh beginning, we feel renewed hope for what is possible and renewed desire to make it happen. With the celebrations of Christmas, Solstice, Hanukah and others lifting our spirits, we see the world with the fresh eyes of what could be on this planet.

But the most important question to ask ourselves is not whether we can accomplish peace among nations, but whether we are at peace within ourselves. If we do not love our family members, friends and neighbors unconditionally and if we still don’t see ourselves in our divine perfection, how can we expect to achieve lasting peace on a grander scale?

In order for outer peace to become permanent, there must first be true inner peace within our hearts. There are those who are called to assist us by working out these issues on the world stage, but most of us can best contribute not by doing but by being. If peace in the West Bank or the Middle East or among our political parties seems out of reach, ask yourself if you are willing to take the next step toward peace in your own heart.

When we are modeling inner peace in our everyday lives, we are creating ripple effects that have a real effect in the world around us. The journey of a thousand steps starts with just one. We have the opportunity to choose each time we take a step, whether it will be one of peace.

2017: The Year to Move Into My Mastery

2017: The Year to Move Into My Mastery

Wow! 2016 was some kind of year! As I reflect on it, I had some great moments as well as some times that I am glad are over. Regardless of the experiences – whether it was something good like publishing my first two electronic books or something less fun like visiting family and friends in the hospital, I know that I learned a tremendous amount about who I am. With 2016 in the history books, I ask myself what I want 2017 to look like. I could say that I would like to publish a few more electronic books and visit fewer people in the hospital, but that would be the specific outcomes.

My true intentions are best summed up by a friend of mine, Marlane Mowitz, “to be more balanced and to continue to move into my mastery.”

What does it mean to be more balanced and to move into my mastery? The obvious answers are to be more balanced in my relationship with others, with nature, with my exercise regime, and with my diet! I want to be more balanced between my inner work and my outer service. I want to balance the masculine and feminine energies within me and to balance the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs and aspects within me.

Being balanced in all these different ways will help me to move more and more into my mastery.  When I say “my mastery” I mean the ability to handle whatever situation I encounter with grace and aplomb. In the past, sarcasm was one of my closest friends. Thus, moving into mastery to know when to use humor as a helpful trait not a harmful one would be wonderful. Moving into mastery to know when to be silent and when to speak up would be a good goal. Moving into mastery to be in harmony and balance with life as it comes will mean that 2017 will be successful no matter whether I write any electronic books or accomplish other “new years’ resolutions”. 2017 will be successful because I will continue to grow as the authentic being that I truly am.

What will being more balanced and moving further into your mastery look like?


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