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Unity with Steve

Unity with Steve

In a world that seems as divisive as ever, 2018 is a great year to focus on Unity. If not now, when, right?

As I have been focusing on Unity, I have had some frank discussions with myself. Ultimately, we want to be in Unity with our own internal wisdom and the Source that we know we truly are. That is a tall order. However, I sometimes feel like being in Unity with other humans, especially those who I might still be judging, no matter how I try NOT to judge them, is even harder. I know it is appropriate to be able to discern whether other people’s actions and beliefs are my truth and in the highest plan for me without judging that other person.

With this goal of not judging anyone in mind, I asked my inner guidance how I could stop judging someone like Steve Bannon.

Late last year when there was a lot of talk in the news about Steve Bannon, the chief strategist for the White House and close confidant to Donald Trump, I was trying to clear my judgment of Bannon. I asked my soul what I needed to see to clear the judgment.

I have mentioned in this blog before that I love attending the Soul Kitchen Dance free-style conscious dance group. One day at the Soul Kitchen Dance session, a man who could have been Steve Bannon’s twin came to dance. The Bannon doppelganger was moving to the music, dancing with his friends, getting into his groove just like the rest of us. He had a huge smile on his face. This put a huge smile on my face and I heard from my soul, “every time you see Steve Bannon on the news in future, remember this dance, remember this smile, and remember the Bannon doppelganger getting into his groove.”  Sure enough the next time I saw Steve Bannon on the TV, I saw him in the divinity of the dance, the smile, the joy, the unity.

Tapping into and seeing the higher versions of each and all of us is how we move ourselves further into Unity with all. The energy of the universe is bigger, stronger, more plentiful than the energy of 7 Billion people on the planet. That universal energy is what we focus on, that we merge with. The energy of the universe, the energy of our brother and sisters of the light, the energy of Source. We focus on being in unity with that energy. We need to focus on being in Unity with the divinity of each other.

Steve Bannon is Divine, just as all of us are. For now, that is the aspect and energy that I focus being in unity with.  

Then, when and as our brothers and sisters from the human race awaken to know themselves as we know ourselves, our unity will be felt by more and more of the 7 Billion inhabitants of this planet. The merging into the Unity will be felt by more and more until it is felt by all.

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Remember the Body

Remember the Body

When we start down our spiritual path, many of us find ourselves focusing on learning to look past the physical reality of the five senses to something deeper and more connected. We have been bombarded for so long with such strong daily messages which reinforce the physical reality that we sometimes need to take a little time to step back from the physical world in order to gain new perspective. But it’s important not to let the pendulum swing too far. In the Standing in the Light® program, and in the teachings of many great masters, there are reminders that we are all One, that we are all divine and that nothing can be outside the One or be un-spiritual. This includes your own physical body!

When I first woke up spiritually, I was very attracted to silent meditation practices and was easily able to sit still for hours at a time. I loved connecting with other realms and other aspects of my being. It was an important phase in my spiritual evolution. But, as the Buddhists teach so well, there must be balance in all things, especially within ourselves. In the last couple of years, I have been getting gentle reminders from my Soul that I’m not meant to be charging off into the Light and leaving my body behind! My body is on this spiritual journey, too.

Our physical vehicles are magnificent spiritual tools which we have masterfully created as opportunities for our learning. They are truly reflections of our inner selves. A key step to coming into full spiritual mastery is developing a unified relationship with your body as part of you, rather than viewing it as something you’d rather leave behind at the end of the ride. In order to achieve full Oneness, we must be One with all aspects of ourselves and that includes the physical body.

One of my intentions this year is to more consciously include my physical body in my spiritual practices and my spiritual life. This can include many different things, depending on what’s appropriate for each person. A yoga practice can be an excellent time to connect with and feel the body; a time to simply listen and let the body speak. You can set the intention to be more fully present in your body whenever out for a walk. Really feel how the body moves, how the muscles and bones and organs work in perfect harmony! These can be gentle, simple practices that don’t require a major athletic effort, but can also be done while cycling, running or any other physical activity where you can quiet your mind and get into “the zone.” Allow yourself to be guided by your own Soul as to what level of activity is best for you.

In meditation, you may want to ask your Soul if it’s time to do a general body-check. You may be guided to check in on overall wellness and on how well your body is bringing in higher frequencies of Light. You might identify fears held in the physical body which are ready to be healed and whether there is anything you can do on the physical to support your body as your spiritual vehicle. You may want to ask if your body has any specific messages for you. It holds a great deal of wisdom! And you may be guided to meditate on certain resonances with themes like Divine Understanding the Body, Divine Relationship with the Physical Body and feeling at Home in the Body.

We are truly multi-dimensional beings and one of those dimensions is the physical realm! Your body is just as much part of your spiritual self as that part of you that drifts among the stars and beyond. Remember the body and honor its role in your spiritual journey.

What I learned from Ruby this week

What I learned from Ruby this week

The gifts of abundance, wonder and play are what I have learned by watching Ruby Sunshine, our two year-old Labrador retriever on our walks around the nearby lakes this week.

A few days ago, on a route we take most of the time, Ruby was playing with a tennis ball that she found along the way. When she wasn’t chasing the ball, she was scrambling around the edges of the frozen lake and digging at whatever caught her fancy. (And yes, we were working with the command of “leave it” like most days.)

Then the next day, the wind was up so we went a different direction and she found a tennis ball on that route, as well. Plus, Ruby found the stuffed plush dog in the picture accompanying this blog entry. Playing with this toy really brought out the energy of excitement and abandon, the sheer joy of whipping around the stuffed dog.

Finally, this morning, she started off playing with the stuffed dog but then flushed out a goose which allowed her to run at full speed while the bird flew away and we got to practice her recall skills. (She did really well on this command, too!) Not wanting to torment the goose when playing, not hunting, was the name of the game, we turned around and headed for the car. Ruby flushed out a duck there, too. The duck flew away, as well, but allowed for another burst of energy. Today was a good day to be a Labrador.

How does this inspire me? It has allowed me to step back to see the wonder and abundance in my everyday life. I need to trust that no matter which route I take in a day, I will find my joy, my tennis ball, my stuffed animal, my time for play and awe. And when that is done, I can be in the silence and the light, just like Ruby is in the picture below. Gratitude for Ruby for all the lessons I learn from her. Namaste.

Be Still and Know

Be Still and Know

Are you listing your New Year’s resolutions? Like many people, we can sometimes get caught up in what we want to change, do or accomplish in the world when we are making those lists. We look out at our lives focusing on what we believe should be different rather than honoring what Is. Have you considered making your New Year’s resolution into a resolve to simply Be?

The Earth is quiet this time of year, sleeping and preparing for new growth. Let yourself be still and quiet within, as well. Take this time to rest and prepare internally. January 1st doesn’t need to start off with a bang and a list of closets to clean or workouts to begin. You will not be behind any schedule if you don’t spring into busy-ness right away. Let yourself be still for a while longer and breathe in the beauty and silence of winter. Let the Peace and Joy from the holiday season settle into your being so that you can experience it even when life starts to gear into action. Give yourself the gift of feeling that Hope for the new year so deeply that it is with you all year round.

True change comes from within and not because a calendar tells us it is time to do this or that. Be in sync with your own divine timing and the rhythms of the Earth. When it is time to take action for change, you will know and be ready because you took the time to truly feel the change at the level of your divine self, within. Let yourself enjoy the Peace of this season a while longer. Take time to just breathe, to laugh, to relax and enjoy. Be still and know.

New Year’s Resolutions: Rocky Mountain High Edition

New Year’s Resolutions: Rocky Mountain High Edition

Ever since my friend, Nadia, introduced me to the John Denver song, Sweet Surrender, last month I have been playing his “definite all-time greatest hits”, enjoying the sweet vocals and the meaningful lyrics.

As my husband says, singing and enjoying Rocky Mountain High is a secret pleasure. It is hard to drive through the mountains of this beautiful state of Colorado and not feel the warmth in your heart that is the love affair between John Denver and this state and to know it as your own love affair, as well.

There are two lines in Denver’s song, Rocky Mountain High, that inspire my two new year’s resolutions.

Resolution #1 – “Seeking grace in every step he takes”

My first resolution for 2018 is to see the grace, the beauty, the godliness, the universal source energy in everything and everyone I encounter. The secret to being able to seek grace in every step I take will be to not have any preconceived notions, beliefs or judgments about the experience I have or see in others. If I can look at all my experiences as potential lessons instead of potential problems, I believe I will be as successful, as possible. And for that times I am not successful, I will need that non judgment of myself most of all! I will need to not judge myself when I don’t see the grace through the drama. And like all resolutions, I will just need to redouble my efforts for the next time.

The ability to not judge myself or others will be predicated on Resolution #2!

Resolution #2 – “Talk to God and listen to the casual reply”

Resolution number two is all about seeking and listening to the guidance of the divine self. Listening and following guidance is how we attempt to choose actions, thoughts and words that are better suited to allowing the love to flow through us and through our world. This is how the non-judgment and grace will be seen.

The reason I like Denver’s turn of phrase, particularly, is because there is acknowledgement that speaking with the divine wisdom within each of us is our natural state and is filled with peace and wonder. There is no hesitation regarding whether I am worthy enough to hear my inner wisdom. I just need to listen for the casual reply. There is no nervousness, no anxiety. Just peace. Coming from this peaceful place is the way to help ensure that I am not blocking the response or filtering the response through drama.

To help with being as clear as possible when I seek guidance, I like to send myself a “Calm Balm”. A Calm Balm is a technique of filling with a combination of resonances including Peace, Ease, Relaxation, Calm and Serenity, while at the same time, setting the intention to clear nervousness, anxiety, distress, stress and other similar discordant emotions. I find this helps me listen for guidance and to not judge the guidance that I hear.

Your Resolutions Here!

Each of us will have different resolutions for 2018. If any of your resolutions include introspection or self-help, you will probably want to carve out extra quiet time to be able to “seek the grace” and to “listen to the casual reply”. Find what works for you: time in your meditation chair, sitting around the campfire, walking through the woods, joining a dance or yoga class, walking your dog or petting your cat, and allowing a calm balm to settle in your being. Whatever activity or lack of activity that allows for reflection will help you with these or whatever resolutions you have for 2018.

May Grace and Guidance be yours in 2018 and always.

Happy New Year.

(click on the link below for Rocky Mountain High Lyrics!)

Has your world gone crazy? Allowing and Detaching with Compassion

Has your world gone crazy? Allowing and Detaching with Compassion

Remember that old saying? “The whole world has gone insane except you and me, and I am not too sure about you!” This quote seems equally relevant today as it did when it was first quipped! Of course, some of us are now even questioning our own craziness!

How, then, do we navigate our world, our reality in all the craziness? Well – we need to allow and detach from what the outer world presents as “reality”. You ask: “Pray tell, Lori, how do we do that?” We do what masters have done from time immemorial. We allow for full renunciation of the 3D world.

What exactly does renunciation of the 3D world look like?

I asked my guidance the same question. My inner wisdom started by explaining to me what renunciation is not! The beliefs that renunciation means starkness in life, in food, in clothing, in behavior, in art, in music, and in science is not the renunciation that is required to fully allow and detach from the 3D world. As the Tibetan Lama Yeshe is quoted as saying, “Renunciation comes from within, it is inner wisdom, inner knowledge.” These aspects of “everyday life” like styles of clothing, food, music are simply window dressing. Remember what Kris Duffy taught us – “It’s not the what, It’s the why.” It is not what we eat so much as why we eat what we eat. If we are eating certain foods because they fulfil cravings or even addictions, then we might want to examine if we should cut down or eliminate that from our diet. If we are eating foods that fill us with joy and harmony because they raise our vibration, then eating these foods as guided is the highest plan for us. As we follow our guidance as to what the highest good is for us in food, drink, music, technology, we will realize that full renunciation of the 3D world is more about eliminating the attachment to these aspects in the world, not the elimination of the actual manifestation or consumption in the world.

I read an anonymous quote that furthers this philosophy – “Renunciation is not about giving up the things of the world, it is accepting that they go away.” This idea implies that aspects of the physical world are only temporary. Our immortal nature, the essence of ourselves rests in knowing ourselves as eternal beings not in the mirror that our outer reality shows us. The sooner we can realize that we create the mirror that we see, the sooner we can either change it to something we prefer or relax into the freedom that we have created.

This is how we renunciate the 3D world – through inner wisdom and inner guidance.

But what of the original quote regarding the whole world appearing insane? As we are on the path to being in full renunciation of the 3D world, we need to allow and detach from the appearance of the insanity of our current world. We do this with the outmost compassion and love for what we see in the outer world. The separation that we see between differing factions in all the different facets of our world – politics, economics, religions, races, sexes – boil down to each side wanting to hold onto their 3D power.

Peeling back the onion shows that under the need to maintain or gain power is fear. It doesn’t matter what form the fear of scarcity takes – abundance, power, love, resources – it is ultimately the fear and separation of not remembering our true divine nature. Don’t confuse this with what we have told ourselves is the true nature as humans or the true nature of animals. This is the true nature of ourselves as divine eternal aspects of the divine eternal source. Focusing on the divine eternal source of ourselves is the path to full renunciation of the 3D world.

However, not everyone sees the world in these terms. We can allow and detach from how others see the world and how that outer vision appears to affect us, but we want to do it with compassion and love for who they are and where they are on their own path. We want to also allow ourselves to be compassionate with ourselves when we might not allow and detach from our outer world reality as we might wish for ourselves. Be compassionate with ourselves when we judge ourselves or the outer world reality. Come back to focusing on our inner wisdom and our inner light.

Let us remember ourselves as that eternal essence of source energy and let the wonder continue.

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