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God’s Truth Is Always Simple

New Year’s Resolutions: Rocky Mountain High Edition

Ever since my friend, Nadia, introduced me to the John Denver song, Sweet Surrender, last month I have been playing his “definite all-time greatest hits”, enjoying the sweet vocals and the meaningful lyrics. As my husband says, singing and enjoying Rocky Mountain High...

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Answering the Call to Service: A Divine Revolution

The following are several excerpts from the channeled teaching to be given on Saturday, November 4th: The Christ has always taught that our number one priority is our spiritual evolution and that is still true. For one, we can only ever be responsible for our own...

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What if everyone besides me has already evolved?

I remember listening to a book on tape (yes, that will tell you how long ago I am talking about if the book was actually on cassette tape!) by Jack Canfield. I don’t remember the name of the book but it was inspiring us to look inward and remember our true divine...

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The Will to Love

Why are we here? How do I know my purpose? What is the meaning of life? What does the God/Goddess want for me? These are questions many of us have asked, often repeatedly, throughout our lives. Even within the spiritual community, the answers will vary widely. The...

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We Are All Puzzle Pieces

Have you ever fell into the habit of thinking you were responsible for other people’s evolution? Maybe you have made vows to help all others on earth or maybe even tied your own evolution to whether other people evolve? For those of us who are lightworkers, spiritual...

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Have you ever seen a plant growing up through the sidewalk cracks and marveled at its strength and determination to thrive in any environment? We all have that energy within us and we can tap into it! The sunflower growing in the parking lot feels no shame for its...

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Transforming Right Where We Are

Many of us believe we need to get out of our living space and out of our daily lives in order to fully transform into the Divine Light that we are. There are many books and movies that tell of spiritual journeys of transformation. Eat, Pray, Love and Wild are two...

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Divine Child: Your True Self

We’ve all heard the saying, “Laughter is the best medicine.” There is great truth in this statement, though it is not so much the comedy itself that is healing but the divine state of joy and relaxation that we become when we truly laugh. We are closer to our divine...

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Find Your Bliss, Find Your Being-ness

Where do you find your Bliss? Where do you find your Being-ness? Many of us find ourselves in a blissful state when we meditate. Standing in the Light® Classes, as well as many others, teach techniques that can help you get into a meditative and blissful state. We...

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Your Spiritual Evolution: No Matter What

Are you making your spiritual evolution your top priority? Many of us may think we are. We think to ourselves: Of course we want the peace and joy of coming into total Oneness with All! But have we asked ourselves if we are willing to give up everything that holds us...

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Getting Unstuck, Again!

The is an excerpt from my e-book Getting Unstuck, Inspiration to Move Forward, Again. I heard this might be a good time to review this material! Enjoy. Namaste. Lori Why I am stuck: the densest, unknown, or hidden issues. As I mentioned, the...

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