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Divine Child: Your True Self

Divine Child: Your True Self

We’ve all heard the saying, “Laughter is the best medicine.” There is great truth in this statement, though it is not so much the comedy itself that is healing but the divine state of joy and relaxation that we become when we truly laugh. We are closer to our divine state of innocence and are more open to high frequency energy. Laughter is a gateway to the pure joy and wonder of our inner child.

I once took a wonderful series of classes in Expressive Arts Therapy. The key to this work is that the freedom to express through artistic mediums allows us to let our guard down and be open to the deeper insights within us. I remember that one of my most profound “aha” moments came during an exercise with something called sand tray therapy. This technique is used by some counselors with children, though it also works with adults, and involves filling a tray with sand and then allowing the clients to select whatever toys they are intuitively drawn to and start playing with them in the sand tray.

Despite already being on the spiritual path, I was skeptical that something so “silly” would actually bring any real understanding. But I went forward with the activity and sure enough, right in the middle of moving the figures around in the sand and narrating their story, I had a very significant revelation about something I wanted to release that had been a repeating pattern in my life for a long time. I was surprised that something so deep came out of such a seemingly random moment of play.

Spiritual warriors are also children of the God/Goddess. Commitment to our spiritual path is an important ingredient for ascension, but so is the joy and ease and love of our inner child. In that childlike state, we allow ourselves to step into non-judgment and become fully present in the Now. As it says in Mathew 18:3:

Except ye be converted and become as little children, ye shall not enter the kingdom of heaven.

Just as we make time for quiet meditation in the silence, we should also consider balancing that with unstructured time for play and laughter. Both of these are ways for us let go and open ourselves to divine inspiration from within. Let the pure pleasure of play be part of your spiritual path.

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Your Spiritual Evolution: No Matter What

Your Spiritual Evolution: No Matter What

Are you making your spiritual evolution your top priority?

Many of us may think we are. We think to ourselves: Of course we want the peace and joy of coming into total Oneness with All! But have we asked ourselves if we are willing to give up everything that holds us in separation? No matter what?

Everyday life can move at such a fast pace that we allow ourselves to get distracted by things we believe we “must get done” or “can’t do without.” We lose ourselves in the illusion of the physical world when we cling to that reality to replace our divine Truth. From the mental/ emotional perspective, spiritual evolution is about giving things up. We fear losing certain people in our lives, giving up physical pleasures or not having any fun anymore. Our limited self sees only hard work and self-sacrifice. It does not have to be this way! But we will need to shift our perspective.

The rose bush growing next to the street sign does not experience itself as better than its neighbor. The consciousness of the rose bush knows itself as one with all of the molecules in the street sign and knows that they come from the same source. They are each highly unique, yet also know their inner sameness. The rose bush knows that some day its stems will wither and die to become mulch in the ground, losing its colorful petals but not its essence of Oneness. It will “give up” its current form but not the sense of its divine nature. As long as it remains strong in the awareness of its true self, this transition will be easy and natural. But if it clings to the need to be wearing those petals, then it will experience that change as a painful loss; a death.

When we choose not to give up any TV time to make room for daily meditation to connect within, we are clinging to an illusion of who we truly are. When we take a job with greater money or prestige even though our heart sings doing something that may earn less, we are denying ourselves true joy. When we say we cannot live without another person, we are already not living as our true self. These are all attachments we must let go, for our spiritual evolution.

The ascension process is not always easy. It requires our commitment and focus, and there are no shortcuts. We will each have to look at some unpleasant truths about ourselves in order to heal. But it does not have to be a struggle nor feel like a sacrifice. What we gain in our spiritual mastery is exponentially greater than what we give up. Surrendering to that truth is the greatest gift you can give yourself. Are you willing to love yourself that much? So, ask the question: What am I willing to do for my spiritual evolution? No matter what.

Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth

What are we waiting for? Why do we not allow ourselves the full experience of peace, love and joy right here on Earth? In some traditions, heaven is something far away that we must work hard to attain and is only possible for us after much struggle. Even when we consciously no longer believe that, many of us are still holding that deeply in our subconscious so that it blocks us from living in heaven on earth.

We are the creators of 100% of our experiences and have the capability to shift our experience at any moment- glass half empty, glass half full. So what holds us back from allowing ourselves to have our glasses full all the time? For each of us, the answer may be different. It may be the belief that you are not lovable enough as you are and must earn your happiness by striving to be more perfect. It may be self-punishment for what you believe are past transgressions, in this life or another, that must be worked off before you can be allowed love. It may be the belief that it is more noble to hold off on your own joy until others who are suffering have been “saved” from their misery. It may even be the belief that earth is too dense and therefore a heavenly experience in human form is not even possible. But these are just beliefs.

In Standing in the Light®, we teach techniques for identifying and clearing the false beliefs that hold us back from experiencing ourselves as divine. These beliefs are not the truth of who we are, but false realities we have come to believe are true in our experience of separation from Source, the God/Goddess/All That Is. We do not have to experience this separation any longer.

Where do you find yourself thinking that if you just had that new job/ new home/ new partner, you would be able to truly connect with your joy? Where do you find yourself looking to your president/ congress members/ news media/ world leaders to fix what you are seeing in the world? Where do you find yourself still asking God to just change this or that in your life so that you will feel loved? Looking outside ourselves for happiness is how we deny ourselves heaven on earth.

So, take some time and look deep within to identify the hidden beliefs that are limiting you from your birthright of peace, love and joy. When you truly know yourself as Source, it does not matter whether you’re on Earth or the star system Sirius, whether you’re in a body or not that determines your experience. You cannot control the decisions of others, but you can control your reality by shifting your inner experience. We were created in the Garden of Eden, a metaphor for our state of complete Oneness with Source. That is our true nature and we can experience that once again. Look within and you will heaven on earth is right here.

Knowing Myself as Source

Knowing Myself as Source

We are all divine beings, creators of our experiences and One with Source. We know this from the teachings of many masters who have come before us. We have heard it many times in different words, but it can feel quite daunting to our minds and quite far away from our current, limited reality. Yet, it is exactly who we are- Source.

I have recently been looking at areas of my life where I am still doubting that I am the source of everything I experience and have realized that a major stumbling block has been a deep sense of responsibility- a duty to get it done and get it “right”. Yet, if I am truly Source, then I am the source of my own Love, my love for myself as well as for others. Why do I doubt that I have that capacity?

It has helped me to feel this next level of knowing myself as source if I look at it as simply a greater sense of self-confidence and self-knowing. I don’t know how I’m going to manifest this or that just yet, or exactly how it will come into form in the outer world, but I know that I am capable because all of my creations come from within. The potential is already there- it just needs my focus and intention to nudge it along into being. Focus and intention? That’s not so hard! I can do that. You can do that!

Rather than feeling the pressure of believing that since I’m capable then I must have the whole plan figured out right now, I have begun to feel the knowingness of myself as Source as more of an inner cheerleader. To quote our former president, Barak Obama’s, campaign slogan, “Yes, we can.” It no longer feels like a “should” or a “must” and begins to feel more like, “Yes, I want to!” Yes, I want to love myself enough to create that and to love others enough to share it. Rather than a task, it becomes a gift and an adventure. Our creatorship is truly our gift- to ourselves and to the world.

When it feels like you’ve had a failure or hit a stumbling block or are just plain stuck, remember that you’ve created infinite experiences before this and are infinitely qualified to create more. Take a deep breath, be easy with yourself and allow a little more time for your next creation to express itself out in the world. You are a master remembering who you are. Your greatest creation is your Love manifesting itself and, as Source, that Love is infinite.

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Not Lost but Found

Not Lost but Found

Have you been feeling a little lost, lately? Many people have been feeling the uncertainty and pressures of personal life changes and the reflection of discord in our nation as our political and social pendulum swings back and forth in search of balance. When we are not allowing ourselves to move with the flow of change, we feel stuck, afraid and a little lost. Where is all of this going?

I recently came down with a strain of the flu that has been circling around. I had it all: fever, body aches and a wracking cough that felt like it rattled my bones. It seemingly hit me out of nowhere, which is exactly how the flu operates. I have been fortunate in my life to get sick only rarely, but this experience sure found me! It was very disorienting to feel so incapacitated and to have no clue how long it would last. Each day I checked in with my Soul to ask how best to support myself, but there isn’t much you can do physically except to let it run its course!

I kept asking to release everything that was no longer in alignment with my highest plan and to clear out my bodies as much as possible to allow in more light. I didn’t know exactly what was being released or where all of it was leading me, but I trusted that this clearing would take me to new levels of consciousness and willingness to let go.

When I began to feel better, I asked my Soul for education and understanding of what the experience meant for me and how to make the best use of it in my spiritual evolution. One suggestion was to work with the resonance of Divine Equilibrium to help me acclimate to new levels of light. The phrase “this is the new normal” has been bouncing around social media for a while and this was my version of accepting and integrating a “new normal.”

As I continue to recover physically, I am getting more and more insights from the experience. But none of it would have been possible if I hadn’t surrendered to it and allowed it to run its course. Resistance would only have made it painful.

As you navigate all of the changes which are happening personally and globally, allow your Soul to lead you in focusing on the greater wisdom and levels of light we are gaining. We must let go of the old to make way for the new. It is sometimes a messy, chaotic process but it always leads us to greater truths of who we are as divine beings. Rather than feeling lost, hold the Faith and Trust of remembering that we are all just going Home to ourselves as Source. There are many paths we may choose to take, but there really is only the destination of Oneness.

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