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Answering the Call to Service: A Divine Revolution

Answering the Call to Service: A Divine Revolution

The following are several excerpts from the channeled teaching to be given on Saturday, November 4th:
The Christ has always taught that our number one priority is our spiritual evolution and that is still true. For one, we can only ever be responsible for our own evolution. We are never responsible for another’s creations. Our “job” is to learn what we came here to learn and heal what still needs to be healed of the illusion of separation we carry within us. And two, as we ourselves raise our frequency, that is already a powerful way to be of service in the sense that the brighter our light shines, the easier it is for others to truly see their own divine light and move forward in their own healing.

I recently read about a study that asked one group of people to do an individual act of service for a person in a second group. Both groups, the givers and receivers, rated their level of satisfaction afterward and the givers all gave higher ratings. We know this intellectually, that it feels good to help others, but do we really understand why? Knowing the why helps us to not miss that call when it comes and also to consciously seek it out because we realize that it’s about so much more than just a kind word or a call to a friend in need. It feels so good because we’re being our true divine selves in those moments. We are knowing ourselves as pure love with no limitations on the amount that we have to give. We are knowing ourselves as One with the receiver so that we don’t see it as giving a little of ourselves away, but as a unified act of both giving and receiving with the other person, who is also an aspect of our greater divine self.

There is a quote from the Buddha: “If you light a lamp for someone else, it will also brighten your own path.” You cannot shine your light to assist someone else without also benefiting just as much from that same light. You cannot shine the light along the path so that only one person sees it and no one else. It’s impossible! Divine Service is about serving the greater good, but you are each also part of the greater good. When you serve others, you are also serving yourself and your own spiritual evolution. You are expanding your consciousness beyond your immediate self to include others as part of you, part of your expanded divine self.

When you answer the call to service, you are answering your own Soul’s desire to expand your consciousness, to know yourself as Love and to be in Oneness with All That Is. When we truly see it that way, then how could we ever be too tired or too busy or too insignificant for Love?

This class will be taught in Fort Collins, CO on November 4 at 1pm and will be recorded. For more information on attending the class or purchasing the recording, contact .

The Will to Love

The Will to Love

Why are we here? How do I know my purpose? What is the meaning of life? What does the God/Goddess want for me? These are questions many of us have asked, often repeatedly, throughout our lives. Even within the spiritual community, the answers will vary widely. The answer from the same person will even change over time.

Collectively, we did create this physical experience for a reason and we are each learning things all the time. But at the end of it, if you boil it down to this one moment, the answer is to love. To love and be loved.
That’s it. Nothing more complicated or dramatic.

We may check in with our Souls, our inner wise selves, for guidance and understanding to help us make choices in our lives, but when we ask to know the Divine Plan, the basic answer in its simplest form is this: Divine Will is to Be Love. We may choose to express it very differently from person to person and life cycle to life cycle and sometimes we might judge that it doesn’t look like love at all, but in the end that’s what it’s all about. There is nothing else to really know.

So, when you find yourself getting caught up in “What should I do?” and “Am I doing the right thing?” then take a deep breath and sit down and just focus on pure Love. Let the rest fall away. The details don’t matter. The end result doesn’t matter. When you look deeply enough, you will find that you always know how to follow your own natural divine will to Love.



Have you ever seen a plant growing up through the sidewalk cracks and marveled at its strength and determination to thrive in any environment? We all have that energy within us and we can tap into it!

The sunflower growing in the parking lot feels no shame for its surroundings of hot, crumbling asphalt while its brothers and sisters sit in a wide field on the other side of the fence. The tree bowed sideways by the heavy winds in the region doesn’t feel broken for its unusual shape. Each simply exist to fulfill their maximum potential of growth and expansion. That is their purpose and there is no judgment of the end result.

We can hold that same level of self-love and acceptance if we open ourselves to it. The concept of the mid-life crisis need not exist. We need not have the self-doubt that comes from the questions so many of us demand of ourselves: “How did I get here? Why haven’t I done more with my life? Shouldn’t I be doing something else? This isn’t what my life is supposed to look like!”

To the God-Goddess, love looks like love regardless of the outer form it takes. A sunflower is still a divine sunflower whether rooted in concrete or the soft earth. A tree is no less a valued part of creation for being twisted or bent as the tall, straight cedar nearby. We can have the experience of truly thriving in our lives regardless of our circumstances or surrounding environment. We can know ourselves as successful whether we’ve built a company, traveled the world, spent a quiet life of spiritual reflection or all of the above! Truly thriving in life is an energy from within, regardless of the physical result.

Ask your Soul to help you identify where you are blocking yourself from truly thriving in your life as it is right now and how to heal those blocks. In Standing in the Light®, we teach techniques for healing such blocks, but there are many techniques available. You simply need to ask!

Let go of any self-doubt, shame or regret for the shape your life has taken and be grateful for everything you’ve received from all of your experiences. Focus on the beauty that you already are. Be like the sunflower and allow yourself the joy of thriving wherever you are!

Divine Child: Your True Self

Divine Child: Your True Self

We’ve all heard the saying, “Laughter is the best medicine.” There is great truth in this statement, though it is not so much the comedy itself that is healing but the divine state of joy and relaxation that we become when we truly laugh. We are closer to our divine state of innocence and are more open to high frequency energy. Laughter is a gateway to the pure joy and wonder of our inner child.

I once took a wonderful series of classes in Expressive Arts Therapy. The key to this work is that the freedom to express through artistic mediums allows us to let our guard down and be open to the deeper insights within us. I remember that one of my most profound “aha” moments came during an exercise with something called sand tray therapy. This technique is used by some counselors with children, though it also works with adults, and involves filling a tray with sand and then allowing the clients to select whatever toys they are intuitively drawn to and start playing with them in the sand tray.

Despite already being on the spiritual path, I was skeptical that something so “silly” would actually bring any real understanding. But I went forward with the activity and sure enough, right in the middle of moving the figures around in the sand and narrating their story, I had a very significant revelation about something I wanted to release that had been a repeating pattern in my life for a long time. I was surprised that something so deep came out of such a seemingly random moment of play.

Spiritual warriors are also children of the God/Goddess. Commitment to our spiritual path is an important ingredient for ascension, but so is the joy and ease and love of our inner child. In that childlike state, we allow ourselves to step into non-judgment and become fully present in the Now. As it says in Mathew 18:3:

Except ye be converted and become as little children, ye shall not enter the kingdom of heaven.

Just as we make time for quiet meditation in the silence, we should also consider balancing that with unstructured time for play and laughter. Both of these are ways for us let go and open ourselves to divine inspiration from within. Let the pure pleasure of play be part of your spiritual path.

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Your Spiritual Evolution: No Matter What

Your Spiritual Evolution: No Matter What

Are you making your spiritual evolution your top priority?

Many of us may think we are. We think to ourselves: Of course we want the peace and joy of coming into total Oneness with All! But have we asked ourselves if we are willing to give up everything that holds us in separation? No matter what?

Everyday life can move at such a fast pace that we allow ourselves to get distracted by things we believe we “must get done” or “can’t do without.” We lose ourselves in the illusion of the physical world when we cling to that reality to replace our divine Truth. From the mental/ emotional perspective, spiritual evolution is about giving things up. We fear losing certain people in our lives, giving up physical pleasures or not having any fun anymore. Our limited self sees only hard work and self-sacrifice. It does not have to be this way! But we will need to shift our perspective.

The rose bush growing next to the street sign does not experience itself as better than its neighbor. The consciousness of the rose bush knows itself as one with all of the molecules in the street sign and knows that they come from the same source. They are each highly unique, yet also know their inner sameness. The rose bush knows that some day its stems will wither and die to become mulch in the ground, losing its colorful petals but not its essence of Oneness. It will “give up” its current form but not the sense of its divine nature. As long as it remains strong in the awareness of its true self, this transition will be easy and natural. But if it clings to the need to be wearing those petals, then it will experience that change as a painful loss; a death.

When we choose not to give up any TV time to make room for daily meditation to connect within, we are clinging to an illusion of who we truly are. When we take a job with greater money or prestige even though our heart sings doing something that may earn less, we are denying ourselves true joy. When we say we cannot live without another person, we are already not living as our true self. These are all attachments we must let go, for our spiritual evolution.

The ascension process is not always easy. It requires our commitment and focus, and there are no shortcuts. We will each have to look at some unpleasant truths about ourselves in order to heal. But it does not have to be a struggle nor feel like a sacrifice. What we gain in our spiritual mastery is exponentially greater than what we give up. Surrendering to that truth is the greatest gift you can give yourself. Are you willing to love yourself that much? So, ask the question: What am I willing to do for my spiritual evolution? No matter what.

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