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The Privileges of Membership

The Privileges of Membership

In the building where I work, there are many individual small businesses renting office space along with a social club. Recently, for various reasons, the building tenants were offered free membership to the club. My first reaction was that I couldn’t possibly take full advantage of the membership because I wouldn’t be a “real” member. The moment I had that thought, my Soul came in loud and clear to remind me that it didn’t matter how I had become a member but that I had the opportunity to enjoy the perks of this gift or not and it would be entirely my own choice if I rejected it. In other words, “It doesn’t matter how you got here, you’re invited!”

I know how this works: when your Soul has something to say, it is wise to listen. I sat down for some further meditation on this lesson, and I saw that this membership was a metaphor. What had seemed like an elite club actually had open doors. This club that I was cutting myself off from is the Divine club; my connection with the Christ, the Spiritual Hierarchy and with my Soul. I had been allowing myself to peak through the windows, but not to be welcomed in full membership. In this divine club, everyone is already a member because we are all Divine, but we must know it for ourselves. No one else is barring the door except us. So, come on in and pick up your goody bag. We have Love, Joy, Abundance, Companionship, Peace, Creativity, Community and so much more opportunity for spiritual riches than your wildest dreams. This is your birthright.

In the end, our journey in this grand illusion is just a story we told ourselves for a very long time. It doesn’t matter how we get to the end of our story. We’re all very creative, and we each chose different twists and turns in our plotlines. But eventually we all get to that same point in the story that says “The End.” And eventually we are all coming Home to the God/Goddess once we’re done telling our story. Everyone is welcomed here. There is no secret password, no special handshake and no membership card. We have always been members at Club Divine, and it’s time to enjoy the privileges.

Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Energy Explored

Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Energy Explored

Growing up Catholic in the middle section of the United States, I believed that God was male. I was raised to believe in equality of female and male humans, but God was referred to as a male. Being Catholic, we did venerate Mother Mary and other female saints, but their goodness and power came from their personal conviction, service to God, and willing obedience to God’s will. These beliefs served me well until they didn’t.

It wasn’t until I was exploring options outside of the Western traditional religions that I realized that God / Source / The All That Is is both male and female. God – indeed the Universe / Source – is made up of both divine masculine and divine feminine energies and I needed to find the truth in this both intellectually and experientially.

Eminent Reiki™ helped me integrate that Source is both masculine and feminine. Eminent Reiki™ is a healing modality that allows us to tap into the energy of the universe and then channel it for the good of ourselves, others, and all of Mother Earth and her kingdoms. We are taught from the very first class that this universal energy is both masculine and feminine and is balanced and in harmony within itself. One of the goals of Eminent Reiki™ is to balance the masculine and feminine energy within ourselves.

To understand the balance of masculine and feminine energies, take the example of a pendulum swinging from side to side. The balance point in the middle is when masculine and feminine energy is perfectly balanced and in harmony. If the pendulum is on the right side, there is too much masculine energy. If the pendulum is stuck on the left, there is too much feminine energy. The goal is the perfect balance between the two. This balance allows us to feel in harmony with the intuition and wisdom we tap into (feminine energy) as we take the action steps (masculine energy) we are guided to take. Taking action steps that are not well guided or without the wisdom behind them, might mean that we are looking productive but we are not actually accomplishing the goal, because they are the wrong action steps or are harder than they need to be. On the other hand, sitting back and waiting for the absolute perfect information before taking the action step might mean we miss learning what we need to learn in order to move forward. Potentially, too much masculine energy could be viewed like that old saying: we are lost but we are making good time. Too much feminine energy might be viewed as being too scared to make a wrong move that we don’t move forward at all. Both of these scenarios are out of balance.

In Eminent Reiki™, we specifically try to balance all of our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual systems to be in harmony between the divine masculine energy and the divine feminine energy. We ask to balance the feminine energy in our light channel and the masculine energy in our light channel. We seek to have these energies in balance to the point that they are blended and there is the power, strength, and wellbeing in that combined energy. There is evolution in the combined energy.

Some people may not think it necessary to distinguish or intentionally bringing in feminine as well as masculine energies. They might ask if we are bringing in and feeling the energy of Source, why is it necessary to specifically ask to bring in divine feminine and divine masculine energy. These people may have a point if they are holding the highest intention that Source is truly made up of many aspects and they are integrating all those different aspects as they refer to and experience the overall energy of Source. However, most people are not experiencing the oneness of these divine aspects that way, yet. Most of us have false beliefs that keep us in either too much masculine energy or too much feminine energy. Our pendulum swings out of balance to one side or the other where we experience life too passively or too actively and in reaction to the belief systems that may no longer serve us well.

If most of us were balanced between our masculine and feminine energies, we would have less strife in our personal lives and in the world as a whole. The energy of Oneness and Source, when balanced with all the different aspects of Source rolling up into it, would manifest in the physical, emotional and mental world much differently than most are currently experiencing life on Earth. Asking to fill with and balance divine masculine and divine feminine energies is the next step to then feeling the oneness of the combined energy.

For me, recognizing that there was more than just a masculine God, then moving to want to feel the energy of the divine feminine with the divine masculine, and then feeling them as One / Source / All That Is is the progression of evolution that is working for me. I encourage you to start to feel this, too. The ultimate goal is to feel this energy as the Oneness that it truly is, but most of us need to take this realization step by step just as we do in most other areas of our lives. We walk before we run. We babble before we speak. Thus, ask to fill with and allow yourself to feel divine feminine and divine masculine energy balanced within.

If you would like more information on Eminent Reiki™ please follow this link or leave a message below. Namaste.


The Attitude of Gratitude in Reverse!

The Attitude of Gratitude in Reverse!

Marsha Hankins, Guest Blogger, writes: 

Hi Everyone! 

I don’t know whether to call this a sneak preview or a spoiler alert. Maybe it is simply a head start. 

I just finished my August article for Sibyl magazine, and Spirit and I felt this topic is too important to let you wait another month. How well do you receive gratitude? Do you just give, or are you also willing to receive? 

This is actually a very big question. Sometimes, in an effort to remain humble, we neglect to recognize that we do deserve a round of gratitude.

This does not make us arrogant or self-centered. It makes us masterful.

We need a balance of giving and receiving in every area of divinity to be fully in our light. 

Gratitude for self is also an important aspect of self-love. Feelings of unworthiness or undeservingness not only block our ability to receive gratitude, they block our ability to love ourselves. 

This is obviously important in our 3-D world because the people around us are mirrors of ourselves. Our ability to graciously accept a compliment or a thank-you is an indication of our levels of self-love and self-esteem.

But, receiving gratitude is absolutely critical in our relationship with the God/Goddess. 

The issue of receiving gratitude from the God/Goddess first came up for me several years ago. I have been consciously paying attention to my willingness to receive, but we all know that lessons are repeated until learned. We also know that the higher in frequency we go, the more subtle the lessons. 

A few weeks ago I finished a “spiritual” project that I was guided to do and sent out my thank you letters to everyone who had helped. My attention kept coming back to the thank you letters. It took a few minutes for me to realize that I was not allowing the experience of receiving gratitude.  The God/Goddess were trying to give me a big thank you and I was ignoring Them. Shame on me. 

You each have a spiritual practice that you follow. In your next meditation, in your own way, ask to receive gratitude from the God/Goddess (or Spirit or Source) for who you are and all you have done. Truly allow yourself to surrender to receiving the love and joy of Their praise. Be masterful. Be the pure love and pure joy of receiving Divine Gratitude. Be the God/Goddess that you are.

You will get a refresher on receiving gratitude when the article comes out next month. Until then, practice! 

With Love and Gratitude,



Find more wisdom from Marsha at





Freedom to Love

Freedom to Love

As we celebrate our many wonderful freedoms on this July holiday, there is one basic freedom that many of us are still denying ourselves and others. Are you allowing yourself the very special and ultimate freedom to love?

As Lightworkers, we know that we are all Love and that in the eyes of the God/Goddess there is no one, no thing, no event which is more or lesser in deserving to know that divine Love. This is easier to state in generalities, but may sometimes challenge us in the specifics. We may say we are all Love, but when that politician speaks hatred or bigotry, does it feel uncomfortable to declare out loud an unconditional love for that person? We say we are all Love, but is there a hesitation to suggest that we pour love toward that world leader even as he attacks his own people? We want to Be the Love, to truly feel that Divine Love within us, yet we may still carry judgments about when it is okay to love and how others might react. Those judgments can cause us to act with anger and conflict instead of the love we are.

There are some very enlightening and inspired debates that have been going on in our nation about the right to love- who it is okay to love and how it is acceptable to express that love, both for others and love for ourselves. These are important questions and each conversation helps to lift the layers of shame and guilt that we have built around the very simple and natural act of loving. We are in the process of remembering how to be Love.

So, in this season of celebrating freedom, ask yourself if you are truly allowing your own freedom to love. To express the love that we are without conditions or limitations of any kind is our birthright, our very nature, but only we can choose to fully allow that freedom for ourselves.

The Joy of Gratitude

The Joy of Gratitude

I will admit it. I have been struggling with the concept of Divine Gratitude.

Readers of my blog know I teach and believe that we are all aspects of the God/Goddess All That Is / Source. Source is all there is and we are a part of it. We are unique aspects of this wondrous universal (perhaps “multiversal”) energy of Source. This is the key point to the teachings of Standing in the Light® programs and classes.

Another fundamental aspect of the SITL classes is that in order to consciously create we must hold the intention of what we want to create and the energies of Divine Love, Divine Surrender, Divine Detachment, Divine Trust and Divine Gratitude plus whatever qualities of what you are trying to create – such as a car, house, or new job. However, no matter what we are trying to manifest or create, we must be holding the first five energies sufficiently to bring our intention into form.

These are the reasons each of the five energies is necessary:

  • Divine Love – to know and understand ourselves as love with the self-worth and self-confidence to bring the creation into form.
  • Divine Detachment – to not be concerned how and when the creation comes into form.
  • Divine Trust and Divine Surrender – to be willing to trust and surrender to what the highest plan is and to trust and surrender to our own ability to bring it into form.
  • Finally, Divine Gratitude – to be willing to show gratitude and be grateful prior to something coming into form. (Anyone can show gratitude after what he/she is trying to manifest comes into form, but the master shows it before it is created with the confidence that it will be created.)

What I was struggling with was the intersection of knowing I am an aspect of Source and therefore ultimately I am Source with the idea of giving gratitude to the Source that I am. Why would I need to give gratitude to an energy source that I am?

What I figured out was I was under one of two possible misconceptions. First, I was misunderstanding that the gratitude I was giving was to some benevolent energy outside of myself that needs me to give gratitude to it as if I was borrowing its car on a Saturday night. At least this misconstrued gratitude was to a benevolent Source because the second one wasn’t. The second misunderstanding was that I was giving gratitude to an energy that wasn’t quite so benevolent as if I was a supplicant or subject needing to show unconditional gratitude out of fear of reprisal if I didn’t.

Having been able to see through these two misconceptions, I finally realized that the gratitude I was giving and feeling was to and for myself, myself as this wonderful aspect of Source. I needed to allow the gift of the energy and joyful feeling of Divine Gratitude for all the many wonderful qualities and frequencies that I hold ethereally which come into form physically because of the universal law of like attracts like.  Because I am holding a certain cocktail of frequencies, I attract those physical manifestations to me.

That is what I have to be grateful for: feeling, knowing and being the state of total enjoyment of what has been created and honoring that creation. That is what Divine Gratitude is. That is what we need to know and be in order to bring any intention into form. The knowingness of the Joy of Gratitude.

Want to read more about Gratitude? Check out these two blog entries by Ginger Withee and myself. and



The Non-Judgment of Is

The Non-Judgment of Is

I remember an old 1970’s sci-fi film set in Earth’s post- apocalyptic future when humans had tried to resolve what they judged as the aging “problem” by simply eliminating the older people. At some point after their 20’s, people were sent off with a big, happy graduation party to walk through a big set of doors to some great unknown magical place and never seen again. None of the young people knew what old age looked like or even that it was a normal part of the human experience. It was beyond their understanding, but so was the wisdom of experience that comes with it.

As a meta-physician, I know that the physical body has infinite regenerative capacity. I know that the body is not the truth of who we are and that physical death is not the end of our experience. Yet, it is still difficult to watch a loved one struggle with an aging body because we still identify so strongly with our physical selves as the reality of who we are.

My cat, who has been my dear companion for many years, will soon turn 18 and has experienced noticeable physical changes these last few years. While she can still get around the house, there are days that her legs are stiff enough that going up the stairs is a slow process and she sometimes will opt out of getting up on her favorite perch on my bed, despite the special steps I’ve placed there. Yet, she seems un-phased by these changes, does not cry or show any signs of distress.

As her caretaker, I want to “fix” her when I see her struggle. Intellectually, I know that it does not serve her purpose to stay in this body forever, but I still experience the desire to “heal” her oncoming death from happening. I realize that this comes from my judgment that physical aging and death is to be avoided, and that it should be preventable if we just work at it hard enough.

Yet, when I check in with my Soul for guidance, I hear repeatedly that she is fine with what is happening and that she needs nothing from me but love. She is my greatest teacher in this, as she has been in so many things. She has no attachments to this lifetime and no beliefs about the rightness or wrongness of death. It is simply a metaphor for the transitions that we all go through in our spiritual journey, from one phase of our learning to the next. When it is time for her to make that transition, she will. No drama. No regrets. No judgment.

I am learning, as I watch her move uncomplainingly through this phase of her life, to let go of my own ideas of how things should be. If she does not perceive this as suffering, then why should I? Her aging body is the perfect vehicle for what she is both learning and teaching right now. It is exactly as it should be and does not need any fixing from me. If the time comes that I am guided to assist her in her transition, I will strive to do so from a place of pure Love. No drama. No regrets. No judgment.

I honor her wisdom in this simple truth: total and unconditional non-judgment of any of her experiences. I hope to follow her example in living my life with that fluid, cat-like grace of total acceptance. The total non-judgment of what Is.

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