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It Takes a Village to Be a Village

It Takes a Village to Be a Village

In this country, we value our personal independence greatly. Yet, we often forget how much of a community we are with so many people we never meet. I can go to the grocery store and pick out whatever I want all on my own. But it took the efforts of dozens of people to give me that opportunity; from the farmer to the trucker to the produce stocker and many more. A breakdown at any time along that chain would have a direct effect on me, though I might never know why spinach wasn’t available that particular day. I will never be able to thank those players in person, but I can be grateful for their contributions.

Every day we have countless opportunities to participate as a global community, even more so now with the Internet and social media. What we do and say, the footprint we leave behind, has a very real impact and has the potential to uplift and bring us together or to tear down.

We each have so much to offer in this world, but it only benefits ourselves and others when we act. In smaller communities and villages, it’s easier to see the direct impact of everyone’s participation. If the blacksmith didn’t do his job, there would be no tools and the horses wouldn’t have shoes. If the baker didn’t work, the village wouldn’t have bread. In a global community, it’s harder to see the effect, but the concept is the same. We may never know the value that a piece of art we created had to someone else or how many children’s lives are touched by the park restoration project we spearheaded, but if we listen and act when we are called then we don’t need to know. The joy of doing our part is all we need and the ripple effect of such actions can expand beyond our wildest imagination.

In the movie Pay It Forward, the main character comes up with the idea for each person to do an act of kindness for three other people without reciprocation. The idea was that if everyone gave what they could to others, then we would all receive what we needed in some way or other. His vision saw the world as a global village. What goes around, comes around. This is a powerful vision and it does work, but only when everyone is fully participating in whatever way they are able.

So ask yourself, “What do I have to contribute? Where am I still holding back? Why am I still holding back?” We are unique beings with unique talents. No two contributions to the world are the same. Yet, we cannot do it without each other. We cannot do it alone. It truly takes the whole village to be a village.

Divine Surrender: Is Your Universe Limited to Your Backyard?

Divine Surrender: Is Your Universe Limited to Your Backyard?

As readers of this blog know, I am a new puppy guardian. The universe has been giving me great messages through this new experience for me. Today’s message is Divine Power and Freedom through Divine Surrender.

Recently, my friend and teacher, Marsha Hankins wrote a book called, Ascension, The End of Duality, Published by Balboa Press and available online at Marsha arranged a teleconference to answer questions that any of her readers might have. On the conference, Marsha was addressing the need for us to surrender to our own Divine Will. She suggested that we all tap into the energy of an ascended master to see how the ascended master felt about Divine Surrender.

I was guided to tap into the energy of the Christ to see how he feels about Divine Surrender. The immediate response I received was that of Divine Power. How interesting. By being in Divine Surrender, the Christ was feeling his complete Divine Power. Ginger Withee, another friend of mine shared with me that when she tried the same experiment, she felt expansion, freedom, and deep connectedness. Comparing notes, Ginger and I realized that Divine Surrender is the exact opposite of what human surrender feels like. It is through Divine Surrender – surrendering to the Divine Will within ourselves, that we have the power and the freedom to be and experience what is in the highest good of all. Anything less than this and we are limiting ourselves.

How does this apply to my 11-week old lab, Ruby Sunshine? Obviously, Ruby is very young and we are just starting to train her. Pat and I are trying to be as conscious as possible to not expect her to be more evolved than she is! Having said that, we live on a state highway that has a 50 mile an hour speed limit at our door. We can no longer allow Ruby to be outside of our backyard without a leash. She is too fast for us, already! Further into her training for voice recall, this may change. But, for now, the leash needs to be on for her protection and security.

As you can imagine, at first, Ruby viewed her leash as trying to control her or to confine her. That is how we humans view surrender and even guidance, sometimes. We have been working with Ruby, physically and energetically, to see if she will reframe the way she views the leash from being controlling to being her freedom. Just like the Christ showed me, Divine Surrender to Divine Will, (aka being willing to walk on her leash) will allow Ruby to go anywhere, not just stay in the backyard, and be safe and secure while she is on the leash. Her universe will no longer be limited to her backyard. Her universe will include walks, hikes, new experiences, and new smells, all because she is willing to surrender to her leash.

The other day, Ruby was still fighting the leash on what I assume is personal conviction! Therefore, Pat and I had her in the backyard. However, she could see us in the garden which is not in the backyard. She kept running to the fence and looking like she wanted to join us in the garden. Deciding to give it a try, I put her on the leash and without much resistance, she was willing to be out of the backyard. Please bear in mind that the walk we went on was not a classic “at heel” walk at all! It was definitely all about how far she could run to the next smell. She did great! I believe this smart little creature is starting to realize that the leash is the key to her freedom.

What do we need to do to realize that surrendering to our own God-self, our own inner wisdom, and guidance, will lead to our freedom and our true power?

Conscious Puppy: Training vs. Discipline

Conscious Puppy: Training vs. Discipline

It is puppy time! My husband, Pat, and I welcomed Ruby Sunshine into our home on March 13. She is a Labrador puppy. Wow, the learning curve for me has been steep! As I have mentioned before, I have not had the experience of babies or pets in my adult life. I was quite content having my own time and own routines, or no routines. However, Pat’s and my collective guidance was that it was time for us to add this bundle of joy to our home. Ruby is joyful, fun and cute. I believe she will be a wonderful companion for us. She is however, a real live being with needs, fears and her own personality. She has her own will and her own teeth!

As I mentioned in last month’s blog entry, I knew I would need to stop judging myself that I would mess up Ruby’s life. Well, I guess I had not totally crossed that off my to-do list when we picked her up at the breeder. I am grateful that Pat has had experience with pets as the first couple of days found me second guessing everything I was doing, or feeling bad about it, even when I was doing what the books on puppy behavior recommend.

At a particularly low point for me, Pat told me that the only way we could truly mess Ruby up would be to abuse her, which is not in our nature. I was meditating on the topic a day or so later trying to clear through my reluctance to follow the recommendations for Ruby. I heard from my own guidance that Pat was right, but in addition, the other way to mess up Ruby would be to not train her. That was my “ah-ha” moment.

Instead of looking at the actions to modify behavior as “discipline,” I was be guided to look at the actions as training. For me, this is a very important distinction. If I look at what I am doing and what all the books say to do as training for Ruby, then it is no different from how I would look at raising a child to eat with a fork or learn the alphabet. What a disservice it would be to allow a child to be lawless and uneducated. That would ruin the child’s life. The same would be for not training Ruby to be a well behaved Labrador.

I also heard from my guidance and these behavior books that I needed to not anthropomorphize animals. I need to honor them for who they are but remember that they are part of Source and not a victim to the whims of a feckless deity who made them be animals. Being an animal is just another great experience here on earth. Ruby is a pack animal and needs to be trained and loved the way a pack animal needs to be handled. Treating her as a human is not fair to the essence of who she is. Treating her as a human is not fair to who she truly is. Thus, training is on the agenda!

Fortunately, I can couple the physical training with the energy work and resonances which are part of my service to my clients and to humanity, as well. I am seeking guidance as to how to balance Ruby’s needs individually with the needs of the family unit, as well. I continue to work with the feeling states of Harmony, Cooperation, Unity and Oneness for Ruby, Pat and me. This is how Pat and I will attempt to raise a conscious puppy.

Where in your life would you benefit from looking at a situation as needing training v. discipline? We might look at our exercise regime and think we need more discipline. Or we might look at our meditation practice and think we need more discipline. But, doesn’t the idea of more discipline sound daunting? Sometimes the idea of more discipline makes me think I am being punished. What if I changed the way I look at the situation from discipline and punishment to training and the rewards of that training? The rewards of more exercise might be that I feel better and I am able to fend off colds and viruses more effectively. The rewards of increased meditation time might be that I feel more at peace even in the midst of the chaos that I see all around me.

The energy of training allows me to see the benefit of the end state. The energy of discipline sometimes feels like it is the avoidance of unwanted characteristics. It is the difference of looking at something as the carrot vs. the stick. Let’s say that thirty more minutes of meditation is the goal. If I look at the thirty minutes as training to make myself better, I will go into the training with a positive attitude and a higher energy frequency. If I look at the thirty minutes as discipline, it is possible I will have a lower energy frequency and resent the time. The time will still be spent, but the intention and the attitude of one will give much better results than the other.

Ask yourself to evaluate in your life where you would benefit from looking at the energy of more training vs. the energy of more discipline. Allow yourself to focus on the end state and the benefits of not believing yourself to be a victim of the circumstances around you. Instead, view yourself as training yourself to be the best version of yourself you can be. Let the training begin!



Let Yourself Be Love

Let Yourself Be Love

In the English language, “love” can be used as both a verb and a noun. In our physical experience, the mental body tends to perceive love as the verb. We love another person for certain qualities, we fall in or out of love, or we actively express our love by baking pies and giving hugs. We have reasons for our love and then we act on them. But Divine Love is more of a noun, a feeling state. It has absolutely no defining parameters or limitations. Love Is, pure and simple.

As physical beings, we often feel the need to direct our love to a person, object or activity. We might say, “I love you” or “I love this coat” or “I love this view”, but our love always has a specific focus. We rarely say, “I love” or “I am love.” In Divine Love there is no need for a recipient of our love because the love is not an action, but our inner feeling. We may take actions which are expressions of our love, but the experience of Divine Love is within. It does not change depending on who receives it or how it is received. It is not bound by any outcomes. Divine Love Is.

In the third dimension, we are often asked to give specific causes for our love. We see it as something rare and, therefore, something that should have a specific reason to set it apart from all of the other experiences we do not feel love. If we say we are in love with someone, we might be asked what made us fall in love. If we say we love that mud puddle, we may even get strange looks because a mud puddle is certainly unloveable. In the spiritual realms, we do not make the choice to love one specific thing or person, but to allow ourselves to be the essence of who we are, the love that we are. There is no need to justify the love for certain reasons because our feelings of love are not caused by anyone or anything outside. Divine Love is who we are.

In the physical experience, love can also have a time limit. We fall in love and then sometimes we feel as though we’re falling back out of love. At that point, our physical relationship with another may end. But in Divine Love, there is no black line marking the endpoint. We may find that our paths diverge and move in a different direction from a loved one, but in the spiritual realms you can never lose love. Divine Love is not finite but eternal.

Divine Love is love without expectations, conditions or consequences. Divine Love is not limited nor the consequence of anyone or anything. One cannot do Divine Love. But we can all allow ourselves to Be Divine Love. It truly is as natural as breathing to the physical body. It is not a choice, it is not work and it is not complicated. Relax, surrender and discover that Love has been there all along.

Welcome Ruby Sunshine: Healing Separation Anxiety

Welcome Ruby Sunshine: Healing Separation Anxiety

My husband and I are excited to welcome an 8 week old yellow Labrador into our home in two weeks. We have decided to call her Ruby Sunshine in deference to her yellow lab mom and her red lab dad.

As a woman without biological children and no pets in her adult life besides some Koi fish, which are pretty low maintenance, this is going to be a big transition for me. I know it is going to be a happy transition, but big changes are coming, nonetheless. I can already see some of the issues / mirrors that the situation is presenting to me that I haven’t felt the need to address prior to this welcomed addition.  I have a feeling this will not be the last blog post where Miss Ruby is front and center.

The biggest mirror for me thus far in preparing for Ruby is the mirror of separation anxiety. I realize that there are more immediate physical / 3D concerns with a puppy than separation anxiety, which I have been lead to believe is more pronounced with older rescue dogs. However, this is the mirror I see, so it is the mirror I will investigate!

How will I manifest the intention that Ruby feels loved, safe and secure no matter whether she is with us, being boarded or being safely left at home? The first step I am being guided to take is to clear my own anxiety, nervousness and attachment. I need to be able to not judge myself that my actions are going to make a mess of Ruby’s life even when my actions are not quite as “Cesar Milan-ish” as I would like them to be. Fortunately, I have energetic tools at my disposal to send energy to Ruby to let her know of her safety and security, regardless. Sending Ruby energy is a recommended step to making the transition to a new home easier.

However, the ultimate mirror for me is how loved, safe and secure I feel in my own life, in my own skin. That is the true mirror for separation anxiety, the separation that I feel from Source, the ultimate divine energy. If I have the false belief that I am separate from Source, I will attract a dog who has the energy of fear of separation in her, as well. She will be my mirror. This is how the Spiritual Law of Like Attracts Like works. Thus, the best way for me to help Ruby to not feel separation is for me to not have the energy of separation in me. With everything in metaphysics, we must help ourselves before we can help others. As we have said before, the flight attendants tell you to put on your own mask first before helping others with their masks.

In the third dimensional illusion, I could look at a frightened dog as that the problem is hers alone. However, the illusion and the experiences we are having in the illusion are simply reflections of how we feel about ourselves. The more I feel oneness and security with Source, the more all my experiences and relationships will reflect that back to me.

Clearing my own separation anxiety will raise my frequency and because we are one with all and each other, that will raise the frequency of those around me, as well. This will bring more joy and peace to us all. As Gene Hill said, “Whoever said you can’t buy happiness forgot little puppies.” Welcome, Ruby Sunshine.

Everything is Awesome

Everything is Awesome

I usually take note when I get a song stuck in my head or it keeps repeating on the radio because that is often a cue that my Soul is communicating with me. Lately, however, I’ve been missing my cue to a great message in the form of The LEGO® Movie theme song, I’ve found myself singing “Everything is Awesome!” on several occasions, most likely because I’ve been feeling lately that everything isn’t. I’ve been focusing on what could be improved or how things could be done just a little bit better, rather than enjoying the sheer miracle of the whole creative process. As Jim Rohn has suggested, “Don’t get frustrated, get fascinated.”

To help me through this piece, I’ve been guided to look at some of my judgments about how things are unfolding for humanity and how various individuals are acting or re-acting in relationship to these changes. While I know that I’m a creator of my own experiences and others are the creators of theirs, I haven’t been focusing on the value of creating collectively. Any time we interact with another, we have the opportunity to learn and grow from that experience and vice versa. These opportunities expand exponentially the more people we include in our experience. We don’t have to meet all of them personally, just to hold the understanding that they are all aspects of ourselves, aspects of the greater One, who are learning and growing and creating just as we are.

In The LEGO® Movie theme song, the opening lyrics go like this:
Everything is Awesome. Everything is cool when you’re part of a team.
Everything is Awesome. Everything is cool when we’re living our dream.

Seen or unseen, everyone has key pieces in the puzzle. Simple items like sticky notes and more complex things like smart phone apps help me in my own work and service to enhance others’ lives. Likewise, watching how someone handles a situation or hearing their personal story is also an opportunity for me to benefit. The important piece is not in figuring out how it might have been done differently, but in marveling at the beauty and imagination of how it was done. I never would have thought of doing it that way, but I’m glad someone did! Without that person’s unique contribution, I would not have been able to accomplish what I did.

When we’re each creating from our joy and sharing our creations with others, we are indeed living our dream as part of a team. When we live in pure wonder at this amazing, giant creation of ours, then everything is truly awesome.

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