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God’s Truth Is Always Simple

Align With Self, Align With Source

Of all the New Year’s resolutions we can set for ourselves, what would be the one underlying quality that would help all of them? What one factor would help you achieve a better diet, a more appropriate exercise regime and more joy in daily life? Being more aligned...

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Divine Justice: Striving for Higher Ground

atching the news lately has made me wonder whether our justice system is working to bring us toward the light or helping to keep us where we are. Does Divine Justice look anything like human justice? The concept of justice from the viewpoint of the...

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Just Breathe

i All, Here are some ideas to lessen acute stress. These ideas and others are discussed more in both the I AM CREATOR® workshops and Eminent Reiki™ workshops being taught this spring and summer. Enjoy. JUST BREATHE. I AM Lori Suggestions to Lessen...

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